Kito Alert LII

Kito Alert LII

His name (on Facebook) is Azeez Kvnq Lavish Alolupoy.

His number is 07015027932.

And he resides around Itegbin Road, in the Ajangbadi Shibiri area of Ojo, Lagos.

He works with a gang, and their mode of operation is typical of these Ojo kito scum. He lures you over to see him and then his gang emerges to get violent with you.

It is 2020. Let us continue to beware and be safe.

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It has come to our attention that there’s a girl by the name Osifor Adanna Christabel that parades herself as a lesbian just to entrap other people. She would lure


    • Fred
      January 09, 08:15 Reply

      Queen Bisi must not hear this

    • Mitch
      January 09, 08:21 Reply

      Did you jump into my mind to take this out?

    • Pink Panther
      January 09, 09:30 Reply

      LMAO!!! Why are you laidis, eh Colossus? If they come after me with lawyers, best believe I’m handing you over to them.

  1. Higwe
    January 09, 07:52 Reply

    This kid I can asphyxiate with one hand.

    His chest is not even fully developed . ????

    My community members have suffered …Kai ??‍♂️

  2. Delle
    January 09, 08:10 Reply

    Yet another lost soul.

    Just imagine strangling him with that measuring tape hung on his hunger-beaten neck, won’t the world call me a hero? Anu!

    • trystham
      January 09, 11:13 Reply

      He shud be choked and strangled with his tape. Shikena. Ewo wa ni ‘hunger beaten’? My clavicle is deeper than his. What will u now call me? Please, let’s be guided in our insults o.

      BTW, u don’t like threesomes, but u wee like BDSM abi???

      • Delle
        January 09, 20:01 Reply


        Mr Anorexic! You’ll be fine, my dear ???

  3. Mikey?
    January 09, 12:46 Reply

    This is 2020 so we need to go after this guys and teach them a lesson, posting here shouldn’t be enough since they keep emerging everyday. We need to fight for ourselves. So others can learn!!!

  4. Uzor
    January 09, 14:45 Reply

    Wtf is that Durag abeg ???????????????? abi is it scarf?

  5. Sam
    January 13, 23:05 Reply

    I want to report to u about the guy called John cool on grindr.He stays at opic estate at Berger axis. him and his gang rubbed me today.i need ur email to detail my encounter with them.

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