Journalist Who Used Grindr To Out Gay Athletes In Rio Receives Backlash

Journalist Who Used Grindr To Out Gay Athletes In Rio Receives Backlash

A straight journalist is under fire for using Grindr to essentially out closeted gay athletes in Rio.

Nico Hines has been covering the Olympics for the Daily Beast. As part of his reporting, he thought it would be hilarious to create a fake profile on the dating app, and then see just how many gay athletes were cruising for sex between games.

Hines was shocked to learn that Rio has become, in his words, “a hotbed of partying athletes, hookups, and sex, sex, sex.” Particularly gay “sex, sex, sex.”

While he didn’t call out any of the men by name, Hines did share quite a bit of identifying information about them, including what sports they played and what countries they were from.

Naturally, a lot of people weren’t pleased with Hines’ stunt, calling it homophobic, irresponsible, disrespectful, and dishonest:hom tweet 1hom tweet 2

Bobby Finger at Jezebel called the article a “breathlessly written account of someone who appears to think gay sex is as mysterious as the prehistoric origins of Tilda Swinton.” And Mark Joseph Stern at Slate called it “a uniquely disgusting and irresponsible entry into the tired genre,” accusing Hines of taking pleasure in “luring in these Olympians then outing them to all the world.”

“But the offensive purpose of Hines’ article is really the least of its problems,” Stern adds. “Far worse is the actual damage it will likely cause to real, live human beings—inevitable consequences that Hines blithely ignored.”

That outrage sparked the Daily Beast to update Hines’ article by removing the athletes’ identifiable information and issuing a statement that reads, in part:

“A number of readers complained to The Daily Beast after the publication of the original iteration of this story. We take such complaints seriously because a central part of The Daily Beast’s mission is to fight for full equality and equal treatment for LGBT people around the world. Publishing an article that in any way could be seen as homophobic is contrary to our mission.

“Some readers have read Nico as mocking or sex-shaming those on Grindr. We do not feel he did this in any way. However, The Daily Beast understands that others may have interpreted the piece differently.

“Accordingly, we have made some editorial changes to the article, responding to readers’ concerns, and are again sorry for any upset the original version of this piece inspired.

For his part, Hines has yet to respond to the controversy.

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  1. Mandy
    August 12, 06:25 Reply

    You’ll just be somewhere and trailer will just coman jam your closet and scatter it to bits, when you did not even call for a demolish man.

  2. Colossus
    August 12, 07:04 Reply

    Even the apology is weak. Why not pull the article in its entirety?

    • Peak
      August 12, 08:20 Reply

      That “thing” they put out is in no shape or form near an apology. It’s more of a casual statement dripping with ignorance, arrogance and self absorbed state of mind. Yanking it down and keeping the poorly thought out statement, should have been the way to go.

    • bruno
      August 12, 08:23 Reply

      did you read the edited article? why exactly should it be pulled out?

      • Chuck
        August 12, 09:03 Reply

        What’s the relevance of the article? What does. It bring to the table?

    • Peak
      August 12, 09:25 Reply

      @ Bruno, No I didn’t. I went in search of it after ur query and found the editor’s note in its place. I’d like to say more about the matter, but since I don’t have the original body of evidence to pry and probe nor the edited and revised version, I will simply rest my case.

      As for ur question about why it should be pulled down, Dimkpa’s argument when a KDian took Deola’s meme piece and used it in another mainstream blog are some of the things that comes to mind. I would love to give a proper lecture, but since there is nothing to draw citations from, I will give it a rest.

  3. ambivalentone
    August 12, 07:06 Reply

    Funny, while I do not support forced outings, if they are this many at the olympics, shouldn’t they just make a stand?
    On the flipside, the pressure to win ehn….it will hell. If their countries are like Nigerian parents, dem fit chase dem comot for house-“How will you win medals? When u r chasing men upandan”

  4. KryxxX
    August 12, 10:20 Reply

    “Far worse is the actual damage it will likely cause to real, live human beings—inevitable consequences that Hines blithely ignored.”


    Like they care, right?

    We have the likes of this Nico Hines humanbeing loitering everywhere, looking for who to destroy. Very sad.

    Still trying very hard to keep me from drowning. Grabbing straws. Life has never been same……..very bleak/tasteless
    And oh, suicide actually looks very green/inviting from this side of d fence that I’m on. Messed up big time.


  5. Mitch
    August 12, 13:15 Reply

    What sorta apology is that? Things like this make me wanna break something. Or someone. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh!

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