Daily Mail Claims Two Male Olympians Hugging Is Unmanly and the Internet Reacts

Daily Mail Claims Two Male Olympians Hugging Is Unmanly and the Internet Reacts

“Steady on chaps! Britain’s victorious synchronized divers hug for joy after winning gold – while China’s bronze medalists settle for a manly pat on the back.”

So reads a recent caption in the UK’s Daily Mail, clearly inferring that the hug shared between synchronized divers Jack Laugher and  Chris Mears — who scored gold for Team GB with a 3-meter synchronized dive — was effete, wimpy; not the stuff that makes a man.

Needless to say, this was more than enough to (rightly) send social media over the edge:daily 1daily 2daily 3daily 4daily 5daily 6daily 7daily 8daily 9daily 10

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  1. Mandy
    August 12, 06:13 Reply

    This stupid narrative that ridicules the softer sides of men. Mscheeewwwww!!!

  2. Dubem
    August 12, 06:17 Reply

    Top: Please baby, can you rim me?
    Bottom: Why do you want me to rim you? You’re not supposed to be rimmed.
    Top: But baby…
    Bottom: Or have you been lying to me all this time? Are you really a bottom fronting as top?
    Top: No, baby, I’m top.
    Bottom: Then you’re not man enough for me!

    • DI-NAVY
      August 12, 11:40 Reply

      Chai. Dubem you are hilarious . Many tops enjoy being rimmed that doesn’t make them less man enough . rimming is among the fore play. Just as guys who find it awkward that most submissive guys enjoy their dick being sucked .

      • Masked Man
        August 12, 07:48 Reply

        Abeg shift oh! Rat poison and acid are real oh. Leave my British lover for me.

  3. ambivalentone
    August 12, 07:03 Reply

    Her sarcasm was rich abd she laid it on very thick. I’m in love with that Rebecca Reid

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    August 12, 07:18 Reply

    We should give gold medals to the companies making the speedos! They leave very little to the imagination!

    #ImHereForThat ???

  5. bain
    August 12, 08:20 Reply

    This is everyday life ooh,ask a guy (that’s ur friend),how was your night,he will go ” don’t ask me dat,its gay”…….oya na……..walkin on d road n u put ur hands on his shoulder,he will go ‘stop jorr are u gay’……ur watchin game of thrones with ur sister n ur pitying arya as the waif beats okro soup outta her, in her blindness,n a tear slips tru,sister goes ‘stop crying joor its unmanly’,…….even a guy winking is naw considered unmanly,or pouting (dah may be girly buh cristiano ronaldo pouts)………..I tire for nigeria ooh.are guys supposed to stand stiff all of der lives in the name of being manly.

    • Pink Panther
      August 12, 08:25 Reply

      My brother eh, this thing called Man is simply exhausting to be.

  6. Chandler B.
    August 12, 10:12 Reply

    Nna eh, they should simply stop saying ‘Be a man’, instead they should say ‘Be an inanimate object’. We’d understand that better. Mstchew.

    By the way I saw ‘casual homophobia’ from @WayneDavid… Is that a thing? Do we now have stages?

    • Pink Panther
      August 12, 10:40 Reply

      Lol. My brother, I’m currently having it out with someone who’s trying to educate me on how not all homophobia is bad. Apparently, when all you’re doing is hate the sin and not the sinner, you’re good to go.

  7. Mitch
    August 12, 13:12 Reply

    I think retards like this should be given a look at the dictionary definition of “man”. Rubbish!

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