The National Youth Service Corps is a period of serving one’s fatherland. Corpers are usually exhorted to be industrious in this service, making sure to be very dedicated in all you do, and endeavouring to bring satisfaction to both you and your community.

I simply LOVED serving my fatherland. I served him well.

I embarked on my NYSC in 2009; I was posted to Nassarawa State. My place of primary assignment was in a secondary school, and I was assigned to teach Biology to SS2 students. But then, I had my eye on one SS3 boy named Daniel. He got my attention by the sheer force of his size. The guy was the biggest in his set, a veritable hunk. He was nineteen then, but looked like a twenty-five-year-old in size. About 5″10 tall, broad shouldered, dark-skinned, with a large chest the size of a small football field. He was that kind of chocolate bar you just want to keep nibbling and biting and licking all day long. And he was also very respectable and down-to-earth.

I wanted to have him as a friend. I also knew I had to have him. I acquainted myself with him after a few months of being in the school. I started off by giving him some of my clothes I had no use for, secondhand gifts he greatly appreciated. Then, he became a regular face at the staff quarters where the corpers were lodged; he often brought water for me in the evenings. The school had scarce electricity, and Daniel made it a duty every evening to escort me into the nearby village market square where I charged my phone and hung out till late in the night.

During one of those nights, as he accompanied me back to the staff quarters, we decided to sit in the gutter by the road side and continued conversing. The night was calm, and its breeze had just the slightest chill. It was a night that made promises and fulfilled them all at once.

With my heartbeat slightly elevated, I dropped my hand over his oh-so casually. He didn’t flinch from my touch. He didn’t take his hand away. We carried on with our chitchat. Getting bolder, I proceeded to caress his arm, running my fingers leisurely up and down his hand. Our conversation slowly petered to a stop, and he remained immobile, sitting and staring at me.

By this time, my dick was fully erect, and it strained against the calf-length shorts I was wearing. This was going to happen, I told myself. This was actually going to happen!

Without thinking anymore, I lurched forward and planted my lips on his. His mouth opened and welcomed mine, and I began kissing him with unrestrained passion. He kissed me back, albeit a little clumsily. I placed my hand on his crotch and rubbed at what felt like a rod-shaped rock. His dick was throbbing fiercely against his trousers.

I broke our kiss just long enough to lead him out of the open space we were seated, to a secluded spot behind a tree. Once we were sufficiently concealed from the sight of any would-be passersby (I doubted there’d be any, given how late it was), I pulled down his trousers to reveal a thick and slightly curved black cock with a mushroom head and two large low-hanging balls. I got down on my haunches and nibbled at the head, flicking my tongue over it and teasing him. His legs quivered and he groaned. Then I went all the way down to the hilt, taking his entire dick inside my mouth. And then I was deep-throating him and sucking the balls intermittently. He moaned harder and began grinding his hips against my face, meeting each bob of my head with his thrusts. This went on for a short while, and then, he started shaking and panting harder. He was close. No sooner had I thought that, than he began shooting his cum into my mouth. He expelled a harsh breath as I slipped my mouth from his dick. A few moments passed as he regained his breathing and composure. Then, we cleaned up and he escorted me back to my lodge.

The singular encounter gave birth to subsequent hook-ups. Our sexcapades occurred in every place we could manage – in the bush, at his house whenever I slept over (because by then, his parents had gotten to know me as the fair corper who was their son’s friend). Before very long, I was able to coax Daniel into surrendering his muscular butt, and as a show of my gladness at his willingness to be my lover, I expended more generosity toward him, kind acts that included completing his NECO registration fees.

Till date, I still keep in touch with Daniel. He currently works as a security guy in a new generation bank in Port Harcourt. I visited him about thrice this year and funny enough, he’s still so naïve to the point he hasn’t had anything sexual to do with any other guy, although he has a girlfriend.

And that is the story of how I served my fatherland.

Written by KingBey

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