Yesterday, I got mentioned on the Facebook post below, an alert to someone (who turned out to be on my friend list) who had basically named and shamed a gay man publicly on his timeline, a gay man who had come on to him and whose desire he’d encouraged for the purpose of extortion. And when the man couldn’t pay up the money he’d demanded, he outed him in a public post.fb1

The name of this wicked individual is Jevison Archibong. (Check Facebook profile HERE).

The name-and-shame post was vile and cruel, even showing screengrabs where the gay man, with fore knowledge of what he intended to do, was begging him not to go through with it. That makes you wonder at the deliberate cruelty of human beings.

Mercifully, the post calling my attention produced a lot of outraged Nigerians who teemed to the Facebook authorities to report the post (since demands to Archibong to take down the post went unheeded).fb2fb3fb4fb5

Facebook eventually took the post down. And following all that, Archibong posted the following:fb10

Well, now we know. Here are his pictures. This is in case anyone here should come across him; just know he’s dangerous and humanely bankrupt.11329820_10153249382390071_5881450944002950164_n12495067_10153902607855071_6924702079372953878_n13533125_10154129285195071_1453275597676894299_n

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