Kito Alert: There Is An Instagram Account Posing As A Lesbian And Victimizing Women

Kito Alert: There Is An Instagram Account Posing As A Lesbian And Victimizing Women

In the few days since this report was brought to me, the person behind this “Lilian” Instagram account has changed their handle a few times. So, there is no consistency to this person’s Instagram identity.

But their M.O. is basically to follow enough queer online accounts to give their page a legitimacy, update good looking photos, and then chat up lesbians, flirting with them inbox and encouraging interested ones to send nude videos and pictures. And when they have gotten enough of what they are looking for, they turn around to attempt to blackmail the woman with a threat of posting those videos/pics online unless they pay a certain (exorbitant) amount of money.

Please spread the word and again, it cannot be stressed enough how careful we must all be with the exchange of nudes during interactions with online acquaintances. Always be sure that the nude pic or video you are sending is something that, if it is made public, you will not feel embarrassed by.

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  1. Boytoy
    April 20, 08:43 Reply

    It’s been changed to @liliankk12 as I checked this morning
    All recent posts have been deleted(I’m guessing).
    Our sisters have still not gotten over the phony Twitter Lez account and now this?
    I have sensitised my sisters to be wary of the account.

    • Pink Panther
      April 20, 08:45 Reply

      Please tell them to tell their people. Spread the link. The person behind the account keeps switching the handle. And it’s not even just about this instagram account. It’s about lesbians knowing that these kito scum are targeting them just as dedicatedly as they are targeting gay men. And this should make every one of us more careful with our interactions online.

  2. Wonda Buoy
    April 20, 08:49 Reply

    This is scary and scarier when you consider that whatever a man can do, a woman can do, better.

  3. Jay
    April 20, 12:08 Reply

    @Pink Panther, please can you drop your email. I want to send you a message.

  4. Dunder
    April 20, 23:16 Reply

    Animals. Mouth-breathig omoales . No matter how bad your life is right now, be thankful- you are not kito scum.

    I don’t know how someone’s parents can fail so much that this becomes a side hustle. ??

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