It looks like there’s a gang in Oniru, Lekki who specialize in setting up gay guys (pictures below). They operate out of Trinity House, a church opposite an estate and close to Landmark Towers. Gay Lagosians who have no problem visiting potential hookups are cautioned to beware anyone asking him to come over to Trinity House.

Spread the word. Let us be warned and continue to stay safe.

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  1. Pjay
    September 04, 07:56 Reply

    Cryptic post. What is their modus operandi? Have they actually set someone up? How did they do it? Please let’s have the full story.

  2. bixxy
    September 04, 08:02 Reply

    with faces like dat… I wonder who agrees to meet up… scary and ugly… not judging sha… just my observatory self taking over…

    • Rehoboth
      September 04, 08:22 Reply

      Can we stop with this beauty contest anytime a kito alert is posted here. You won’t agree to meet them unless they’re adonis; keep it to yourself. Some will go. It’s those ones we are sounding a note of warning to.

    • Johnny
      September 04, 10:35 Reply

      Funny enough you are this ugly boy I know. Mtcheww.

  3. trystham
    September 04, 08:07 Reply

    Is that blush??? 2nd and 3rd picture

  4. TeeJaye
    September 04, 18:51 Reply

    Wow, the third guy just messaged me on Hornet. I’m not a bit interested in the dude anyway sef?

  5. The one
    September 05, 09:43 Reply

    Wow. Can you imagine this Idiot sent me a message on Grindr. The last two pictures are what he sent I quickly told him I’m not interested.

  6. Kenny
    September 05, 09:43 Reply

    One of them is in Ibadan now, his name is Ojo Afolabi on Facebook. 0806 460 8419 this number will bring up his profile on Facebook and he has a picture with one of the guys in this kito post there. He operates in Ibadan and ikorodu area of Lagos. He lures people through grindr.

  7. TeeJaye
    September 05, 11:40 Reply

    They are always lowlife scums. If they keep looking like that, I don’t think I can fall into a kito situation. ?

  8. Blackmage
    September 13, 18:32 Reply

    So I am new here but I just want to offer a bit of helpful tip. If a guy tells u to meet him somewhere be it a public place or his place, use google map to survey the area. Once you get the address of the place u can use it to get a pin on the place. On the lower left corner of the screen will be a box showing the live view of the place. Click on that and it will show u the street or area in general. U can scroll forward or backward into or out of the street or area as the case may be. I know this may not be much but it might help someone when planning to meet a potential hook up or whatever.
    No information is useless in my book.
    Let’s be careful guys… Can not stress this enough. Even with all the planning shit still does go down so just be careful and safe
    Thank you
    PS: many thanks to the pink panther for opening up this site for us to share and learn from. I appreciate you.

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