Kito Scum and Their NEW Instagram Catfishing Strategy

Kito Scum and Their NEW Instagram Catfishing Strategy

It would seem as though kito scum have devised a new way of catfishing their targets.

The usual method is to open an Instagram account filled with the stolen pictures of some handsome stranger who probably doesn’t even know his identity is being used to target queer men. They will routinely update this profile with these pictures, add up followers and engage with people on the app.

We have worked exhaustively to expose these pictures that they use to catfish community members.

However, they have devised a new method: and that is to give the target the social media handle of an innocent (and good looking) Instagram user, and then encourage the target to not interact with them on Instagram due to one reason or the other. The idea is for you to see that “they” are active on Instagram and be so convinced of their legitimacy because of the social media presence, that you won’t bother investigating them by texting that Instagram profile.

Here are two accounts from community members who experienced this catfishing attempt:

Account 1

Account 2


And speaking of catfishes, we have recently learned the true identity of one of the catfishes that these kito scum use.

His name is Sam Harvard, and he is an entrepreneur, and the founder of Learnoflix Affiliate Program, a digital skill university and the fastest growing affiliate network from Africa.

He describes himself as a wealth creator. Well, it’s safe to say that he is creating wealth indeed. Just for the wrong people!

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