Previously on, Deola’s meme post dedicated to KDians was plagiarized. And not even brilliantly sef.

And today, here’s the dude’s message on Stella Dimoko’s blog again, the words written without any alteration:


Greetings to you Madame Stella

I feel very honoured to be featured on your blog

The whole stuff started as a result of depression

I didn’t even smile while creating those memes but I thought if I can create something funny someone in my case would be fine, shout out to Deola and KDIANS I would have refrenced you guys but for the nature of your blog and no I’m not davido or something, I’m a long time BV since 2012 and I open the blog @ least once a day it’s like my news paper and I read and don’t forget that’s what  medical school did to us

If y’all want I’ll create memes once a week but for now it’s back to the first struggle  MEDIZIN UND CHIRUGIE

Thank you guys the comments lightened my heart

And here is, I’m guessing, Stella’s response to him attached to the post:

*Please darling do us one more before you go back to reading mode.

BVs can suggest which bvs he shuould make memes of and i am sure he will.I want to see a Jaymoore meme.I want to see James meme in different variations and one trillion too.

Uh, Stella, don’t hold your breath. He isn’t going to do one more for you until Deola does another one for us.