I call him Cherie and that makes him blush. He can get on my last nerve, making me want to rip off his epiglottis sometimes. But then he always has the power to calm me back down.

Living with him makes me feel like a toddler who is just learning how to walk. I have never envisaged living with someone I am dating. I prefer living apart but in the same city, you know, enough space to be an individual but just close enough to be a couple.

That makes this arrangement of living with Cherie a serving of new experiences for me. I have my anxieties over how many things that could go wrong with us being this together, primarily because I know I can be unpredictable. My star sign is Cancer and we Cancerians can change like chameleons when you least expect it, and that’s not a very endearing quality to have. And then I hear people say when partners live together, they get used to themselves and eventually, they start to get bored with each other.

I can tell you the honest truth: a relationship becomes a really big deal when you’re staying under the same roof with your partner. A lot of things might go wrong and fester if you two don’t work at it. And I get that. Cherie gets it too. Ours is a journey of two imperfectly perfect people, building up a bleeding patience and tolerance as we go.

It’s starting to be obvious to me that Cherie might have OCD. I clean the house, and when I’m finished, he’ll clean it again. It’s as though the house isn’t ordered until he has done it himself. And this, coming on the heels of the work I’ve done, can be really annoying. He is so prim and proper with specific needs about cleanliness. Ah! Biko, it’s too much. Lol.

His jealousy nko? That trait is unpredictable. You might think he doesn’t have time for your mobile phone, and then he’ll remember you when you are snoring heavily at midnight. He can take his time with perusing the conversations you’ve had online. The other day, I woke up to find the fitness pictures I’d uploaded on my instagram page deleted. When I brought it up, he rolled his eyes while saying, “You cannot be sampling that body for the world to see and get thirsty over. Don’t you know you can still exude sexiness without showing your flesh? You are married biko!”

Lol. Chai!

Did I also mention how eagle-eyed he can be? He can sit some centimeters away and tell you word to word who you’re chatting with and what you’re saying in the chats. A friend sent me a message while we were in church and I quickly replied before the service started with a smiley. When the service ended, Cherie asked, “Who was that guy you were busy sending orishirishi mushy smiley to? Does he know you are married?”

That actually made me laugh very hard, especially when I imagined him stretching his neck to see what my business was on my phone.

We both have a love for cuddling. After the day’s wahala, we always end up cuddling each other in bed. And that right there is my comfort zone. We can’t go to bed mad at each other, because that’s just a recipe for misery.

One of the reasons I believe we work is because our relationship goes beyond the sexual. We are actually friends. We gossip together, talk to each other, and just generally fool around together. In the end, there’s just too many persons in him for me to love. Lover. Brother. Friend. Confidante. Partner in crime.

Just too many of him for me to never stop loving.