On A Kito Note…

On A Kito Note…

Someone recently asked for us to be enlightening each other on the little things to look out for in potential kito situations. Like Gad once said, these pieces of cautionary words may not entirely prevent one from falling a victim, but no information should be underestimated.

So every now and then, as the Spirit guides, we shall be dropping nuggets of wisdom to guide us into what to look out for during online chats.

Like this situation:Screenshot_20170324-225920

Here’s what I believe – it is only these idiots looking to set gay guys up that give themselves high-sounding credentials during the getting-to-know-you stage of a potential hookup. They make themselves sound older and rich, like they believe that’s what turns all Nigerian gay men on.

But what they don’t know is no gay man, especially if he’s older and rich, will announce it when he’s getting to know someone online.

So when the ‘importers’ and ‘exporters’ and ‘supermarket owners’ and ‘businessmen’ chat you up on Grindr or Badoo and promptly begin to reel off his credentials, block that muthafucker!

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  1. Arabian Princess
    March 29, 08:02 Reply

    judging from the pic…this same person asked to meet me and said he’s the owner of a Furniture shop in alaba Intl. and lives in ojo…
    for me, Costain downwards to orile to badagry axis is a no go area…same goes for ketu to ikorodu

  2. Recovery
    March 29, 08:20 Reply

    Lol, I’ve received this same line from a fellow. Luckily for me we exchanged numbers but couldn’t meet cos I was at a function with family. I asked him to come to where I was but he declined saying I am the younger one and that’s should meet him up in a bar. I just knew that he was fake???

    • Mandy
      March 29, 08:28 Reply

      This exactly! This younger person line. I got it from the guy trying to get me to come to Satellite Town. After identifying himself as 40 and an owner of a supermarket. I told him no way in hell am I coming there. That he should come out to Apple Junction in second rainbow. When he started preaching how I’m younger and should do as he says (I’m not kidding, he actually pulled the seniority card), I blocked his ass

  3. simba
    March 29, 08:28 Reply

    The Writer got it right.
    No Homosexual in Nigeria, within that social circle would have their pictures and accomplishment displayed that way.
    Am not one to judge cus kito can happen to anyone, but some of us have penchant for kito than others. Let us figure what we do wrong individually and how to minimize getting blackmailed.

    • ambivalentone
      March 29, 09:08 Reply

      bwahahahaha. Proverbial heads destined to chop knocks. Donning a cap in Kotangora wouldn’t protect u

  4. y
    March 29, 08:56 Reply

    is there a grindr equivalent for lesbians?

  5. Chizzie
    March 29, 09:07 Reply

    The moment ppl give out too much information, it’s a red flag. The average gay Nigerian is cautious, too much to a fault and paranoid to divulge details willy nilly on Grindr.. These things aren’t rocket science, If u are astute enough, you’d spot the phonies

  6. Lorde
    March 29, 10:11 Reply

    Supermarket owner Lol……..is that one an achievement to even pick up niggas?

    • Pink Panther
      March 29, 10:53 Reply

      You’d be surprised, Lorde. At just how many niggas might start envisaging having a boyfriend with a supermarket they can simply pick provisions from.

  7. Delle
    March 29, 10:27 Reply

    Even if you are a shareholder in Dangote’s Group of Companies, I’m not coming anywhere.

    Anybody that wants to meet and refuses to come to somewhere open and alive, just forget it.

  8. Khaleesi
    March 29, 10:36 Reply

    This jerk once hit me up on Grindr with this same profile and the same story of being an importer/exporter @ Alaba, he claimed to be 38 divorced and rich. I found it weird that he would divulge so much personal info to an anonymous person. In any case the pic didn’t attract me so i ignored his messages till he dropped off like dead skin.
    In any case, rich/successful gay men tend to be deeply paranoid because they know they could be a target for both kito/scam artists as well as gold diggers, so they tend to downplay their achievements until you’ve gotten better acquainted.
    Again; as much as possible, DO NOT go to visit or invite anyone over to your place until you’ve met them in a public and safe space and gotten to assess them well …
    Na God go epp us for this country …

  9. Fauntleroy
    March 29, 16:11 Reply

    How this same person has texted most of y’all and yet he hasn’t been brought to book or dealt with is unsettling.

    • Pink Panther
      March 29, 17:29 Reply

      It’s not unsettling. It’s a fact of the gay clime in Nigeria. Brought to book? Lol. You do realize even those tasked to uphold the law are out to get you.

  10. Spectra
    April 01, 01:27 Reply

    This idiot texted me with this same line and I knew immediately that he’s not real. Like who discloses pix, work nd marital status @ first line??

  11. Canis VY Majoris
    April 02, 01:35 Reply

    Pls let the segment contain pictures, numbers and the online profile of kitoers too.

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