My dear adorable son, I love you very, very much. My love is without condition and I honestly hope that you’ll forever know that, no matter your age or how stubborn you’ll become, I’ll always love you unconditionally.

A recent incident has prompted me to write this open letter to you, and I do hope I’ll have trained you well enough to read it with an open mind.

While you were barely two years old, I went to a children’s birthday party with you. And feeling like a proud father, I took pictures of us and posted them online. A ‘friend’ saw the picture and gave me a call – two friends actually, but I’ll focus on the first. He said and I quote, “Guy, your son is too fine, way too fine. You better not send him to a boarding school. Send him to a day school, so we don’t get another gay convert. We already have enough gays; we don’t need to add your son as one more.”

Now, son, I don’t want to go into how stupid that comparison of schools is, but I was not proud of my next reaction; I simply laughed and told the caller that I wouldn’t send you to a boarding school. However, on the way home, I was bothered by the call. The cheek of the caller started to vex me, and I had to change my earlier ‘gentleman’ agreement. I thereafter sent him a message, and here is an abridged version of our conversation.

ME: Knowing how hard it is to be gay in this country, I wouldn’t wish it upon my son. But if it happens, then my son would be the luckiest guy in the whole world to have me as a father.

HIM: Calm down, I was only kidding. I did not say your son is gay.

ME: My boy is barely two years old. His sexuality or anything pertaining to sex should not be joked about. But when he starts dating, male or female, I hope he is comfortable enough to tell me, so I can protect him from the likes of YOU.

HIM: What do you mean from the likes of me? So you’ll be happy if your son is gay?

ME: I did not say I’ll be happy. I won’t be sad either. I’ll only do what is right by him, and that is to love him unconditionally, no matter what. It is what I’m supposed to do; it is what all parents are supposed to do. Love your child unconditionally.

Now, listen to me, son, the message I want to you to take away from this is that I’ll always be here for you through the good times and the bad. Life will be tough. People will not be what they claim to be. You will meet the good and the bad. But, realize that I’ll always be here, should you want to talk about it. When you start dating – and yes, I fear that day – but when it comes, please treat her right and make her feel special. Should you discover your feelings are for a boy, treat him right still.

That’s right! You heard me. Treat him right. People will frown upon what you feel, but know that I’ll still love you unconditionally. I pray I’ll be the father you’ll forever be comfortable to talk to, because with me in your camp, you’ll always be ready to take on the world.

This message also goes to your sisters, you all have to band together, for nothing can tear you apart when you do, not the world and their talk of who any of you sleeps with. It will not make any of you poorer, richer, better human beings or better looking than you already are. What matters is your heart. So, make it happy by doing what is right, living right and treating people right. Love whoever you want, but love them right and you shall be loved right in return.

Remember this: I’ll always love you unconditionally, whatever your sexual choices end up to be. Daddy has your back.

Written by Colossus

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