It was a Friday night and we were doing publicity for a show coming up in a couple of weeks. The plan was to go into different hostels as a group and when we get into the hostel, we would break into smaller groups and go door-to-door to share flyers and inform occupants of the show. You wouldn’t normally find me at this sort of things: I am not that outgoing a person and as a student, I was definitely too lazy to go from hostel to hostel and door to door.

But that night, for no apparent reason, I was hyper excited. I wanted to be part of the crew on this one, especially since I didn’t really do much to help put the show together. So, I went with them to one of the female hostels in the school. I was with them as we moved from floor to floor, door to door, from the ground floor all the way to the fourth floor. I knocked on doors, put a smile on my face and injected excitement in my voice. By the fourth floor, I was beyond exhausted. This was the most energy I had exerted in a while.

We’d finished with the publicity and were all headed downstairs, shouting at the top of our voices to let those standing around in the corridors or the stairwell know about the show, and that was when I saw them. I saw him first and only noticed her after I’d walked up to him. He was my very close friend and course-mate. So, expectedly, I walked over to chat and, at the same time, covertly separate myself from my group of excited publicists. This was when I saw her: a slim, light-skinned beauty with a very low, almost inaudible voice. As a gentleman and someone who, for all intent and purposes, was straight in the eye of the public and school mates, I said hello and proceeded to crack a joke about how a pretty lady such as herself shouldn’t be seen out with a guy like my friend because of his reputation. She laughed. He forced out a laugh too. I dropped a few more cracks and excused myself. By the time I got to my hostel to rest my cheeks from all the fake smiles I’d had on all evening and my voice from all the shouting, I’d forgotten about that encounter entirely.

But she apparently didn’t.

When Monday came around, I got dressed and went for my lectures per usual and halfway through my day, I was stopped on my way to another class by a very low “Hello”. I turned and I was staring at a beautiful face.

“Hey…” was all I could manage.

I didn’t know who this beautiful woman was, and I was waiting for her to say why she stopped me.

Instead, she said, “Are you done with your classes for today or you are heading to one?”

I was confused. Here was someone I didn’t know trying to have a conversation with me like it was a usual thing between us. I have always been terrible with remembering faces because of my poor eyesight, so I knew I had to play along until she said something that’d help me remember her. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait long. My friend, the one I saw standing and chatting with her the night I first saw her, came bounding along, asking why she was talking with me. That was when it clicked. And I remembered her from the female hostel.

The three of us walked toward my lecture venue together, and my friend and I went in for our class while she branched off to head to her hostel as she was done for the day.

It was after that day that I began noticing her around school. Funny how we had both been in the same faculty for years and I didn’t take note of her. But after we met twice, it was like she was everywhere: I saw her on my way to class, in some of our joint faculty-wide lectures, going for lunch, on my way to the hostel. Literally everywhere! And the more we saw, the more we talked. We grew from coincidental meetings to actually planning to meet and hang out. Then the plans moved from just plans to us actually meeting in the evenings and taking long leisurely strolls within campus.

I had always known I was gay, so all of this was not me trying to see what the other side felt like. No. I didn’t even have the patience or interest for heterosexual romances. She was fragile and reserved, and at the same time very insistent. So, I decided to just not turn one more female attention away. It didn’t even seem like I had a choice; the few times I tried to stay away, she’d push and persist until I gave in.

Our strolls grew from just strolls and hand-holding to sitting in gardened spaces within the school premises to have deep conversations. We would cuddle each other as we sat on the cement benches that lined these gardens in school as we talked, her head on my chest, my fingers either tucked in her hair or on the flat of her tummy. After these talks, I’d see her off to her hostel and say goodnight. Usually, for other (straight) boys, this was the point where they’d kiss “their girl” goodnight and then saunter off, feeling like men while she’d blush her way into her room to gist her roommates. But for me, all I’d ever say was just goodnight as I let her hand go. She would linger a bit and I knew why she was lingering. But I just couldn’t get myself to kiss her. I didn’t want to. To do that would just set the slippery slope to more intimacies I definitely didn’t want. So, I would only say goodnight and walk away.

Then one night, she asked me, in her very low voice, her eyes turned away from me and focused on the back on another cement bench, “Why won’t you kiss me, Uche?”

I knew the question would come one day, and I was prepared. And my answer was as close to the truth as I could manage.

“I have OCD, Amaka,” I said.


“Yes, OCD. I have this fear of kissing when people have lipstick on. My mind keeps thinking of all the colourful chemicals I’d be licking off her lips and ingesting, and it makes me want to throw-up.” I tried to put some humour in my voice as I said this, so it wouldn’t come off too serious. I did have OCD and I was worried about ingesting lip paint, but I guess I was also gay too.

She was silent for a while and I thought she didn’t believe me. Then she smiled and said OK and I felt that was it. For then at least. We talked some more and then I saw her off per usual. Thinking about it now, years later, I’m surprised at how I came up with that excuse, and even more, how she believed it.

The next time we saw, it was a very cool evening. It had just rained and everywhere was cold, the perfect “weather for two”. She called and insisted that we see. I was about to retire to bed; this sort of weather, for me, was “weather for me and my duvet”, not me and another heat-emitting human body. But I got up, threw on some jeans and a sweater and went out to meet her. We didn’t walk too much this time and the ground was wet and lined with puddles. We sat at one of the bus stops in school where students get cabs to the school gate. We sat in silence for a while, then she requested for my sweater because she was cold. I gave it to her and then we sat in silence some more.

Then she said, “Kiss me.”

“What!” I blurted, startled.

“Kiss me. I don’t have lipstick on today. So, kiss me.”

I kissed her. And kissed her some more. I enjoyed it and I guess she did too, because every other time we met after that, she never put on lipstick.

Written by UC

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  1. Sim
    May 18, 07:10 Reply

    There is a thin line between the divides in human sexuality- nothing wrong in being open to find oneself. I consider myself gay but sometimes wank to straight porns looking at vagina. I prefer to stick my dick into a vagina but definitely prefers males company and energy.

    • Pink Panther
      May 18, 07:20 Reply

      I prefer to stick my dick into a vagina but definitely prefers males company and energy.

      I don’t understand this please.

      • Sim
        May 18, 07:56 Reply

        Means I can randomly hook up with a female but will prefer to know a male- meaning will prefer to date a male.

        • Delle
          May 18, 08:38 Reply

          Then you should not have used the words “prefer to stick my dick into a vagina” because when you say “prefer” that automatically chooses a side over the other. A side your proceeding words do not agree with.

          “I like to stick my dick into vagina” suffices.

      • Higwe
        May 18, 12:05 Reply

        Simply put , he’s a bisexual .
        Who prefers having sex with females but values the company and energy of men….

        So in his barometer :

        Casual flings – ( preferably) women

        Dating or longer lasting (sexual ) relationship – (preferably) men .

        Hope it’s clearer now ??.

        • Pink Panther
          May 18, 15:05 Reply

          I didn’t ask you for clarification though, Higwe. And I happen to know Sim beyond Kito Diaries. And I know why I asked what I did.

          But sure, be an expert in someone else’s life.

          • Higwe
            May 18, 15:49 Reply

            And I happen to know Sim beyond Kito Diaries.

            Hohohoho ?????

            This has to be the funniest shit I’ve ever read .
            Please how is this information necessary or even relevant ?

            You know who you know …that’s definitely your business .
            Good for you .
            All I did was explain in clearer words , my understanding of what he was trying to say…. because you asked !

            This wouldn’t be the first time in kitodiaries someone jumped into a comment not meant for them – I mean you do that all the time –

            But sure, be an expert in someone else’s life

            Now this is all kinda baffling ??…. an expert in his life , because I explained a comment he dropped himself ?
            Lmfao ???

    • Higwe
      May 18, 12:24 Reply

      You’re not gay ; you’re a bisexual ….and that’s very okay too .

      I have sex with women, but I’ve never achieved orgasm (with them ) without imagining I was pummeling a dude .

      That’s the difference between a gay man that has sex ( sporadically ) with women and a bisexual .

      Watching straight porn for me would definitely be to check out the guy’s cakes and jugs .

      If the sight of vagina entertains you and even makes you cum….you’re bi.

      Embrace your tag …there is absolutely nothing wrong with it .

      Infact, it’s a thing of beauty …that one can love so wantonly and passionately … irregardless of gender .?

      • Sim
        May 18, 15:02 Reply

        Higwe ??, let’s talk. Could you inbox me ur contact or should I request from Pinky?

        • that dark-fair guy
          May 18, 17:55 Reply

          Dr Sim, my chief. Forward your contact to Higwe already. You don’t have to ask all the time, ahn ahn na… It is taking too long. Uhm, PP please give your blessings.?

          • Sim
            May 18, 19:37 Reply

            Thanks Jare, I’m still waiting for his contact.

      • Pink Panther
        May 18, 15:03 Reply

        It’s interesting how you’re telling someone how he should identify even after he has already identified as something else. Really interesting.

        But I’m sure Sim will of course see this comment made by his new best friend and suddenly realize that yes, he is in fact bisexual. Lol.

        • Higwe
          May 18, 16:05 Reply

          If he enjoys having sex with women as much as he does with men (or even more so ) according to his own words.

          He’s definitely a bisexual.

          A lot of people are scared to embrace who they truly are because they’ll be thought -less gay (if that word exists )

          But there is absolutely nothing wrong with bisexuality …just like there is nothing wrong with just being gay .

          Let people be who they’re .

          Unless there is something else you know ??‍♂️…. unlike you , I don’t have the PRIVILEGE of knowing him beyond kitodiaries .
          So I’m going with what we usually go with here …his words !

          • KingBey
            May 20, 04:21 Reply

            I always look out for your comments. ?

            Can we get to fuck….sorry, talk already?

          • Horace
            May 21, 06:24 Reply

            I don’t think you’re the one to define a person’s sexuality for them. There’s a host of things he could be besides bisexual. Let people explore and decide themselves.

      • James
        May 19, 21:00 Reply

        Hello higwe, I have been following ur comment section and am a big fan. Plz inbox me ur Gmail, would like us to be friends.

    • trystham
      May 18, 21:25 Reply

      The English student in me had a head cold trying to understand this

  2. Delle
    May 18, 08:39 Reply

    Am I the only one that feels this story isn’t complete? Are you both dating now?

    • Ray
      May 18, 09:41 Reply

      You’re not the only one. I feel like it isn’t too. Yeah, UC, are you two dating right now?

    • UC
      May 21, 18:35 Reply

      No, we never dated. We did go beyond just kissing eventually, nothing memorable enough to write about though.

      • Delle
        May 22, 11:03 Reply

        Will you say you’re Bisexual now?

  3. Mandy
    May 18, 15:11 Reply

    So did the kiss make you realise you’re no longer gay but bi? What happened thereafter? Did it slide down the slippery slope to those other intimacies? Was there sex? Was the sex good? Did y’all date? Are you married to her now?
    Can you explain why you ended the story with this nasty cliffhanger? ??

    • UC
      May 21, 18:39 Reply

      LOL. Too many questions.
      We did not date. Things did slide down the slippery slope to sex, but nothing memorable.
      The kiss made me realize that I am very much gay.

  4. that dark-fair guy
    May 18, 17:45 Reply

    I’m sorry but isn’t there supposed to be ellipses and “to be continued” attached to this story? Please UC, help my curiosity, it ended quite abruptly.

  5. Teekel
    May 19, 17:01 Reply

    @Higwe, please what do we call a guy that have sex with women but for him to reach orgasm,he has to think of himself dicking a guy?

    • Delle
      May 21, 14:56 Reply

      Nna m, he’s a homosekshua

  6. Astar
    May 19, 20:36 Reply

    She’s indeed “very insistent”. Most girls would rather make an attempt than request. If you don’t comply, they will try some more and give up.

  7. Temi
    May 20, 15:31 Reply

    No come on this guy is bi…
    Are you now dating?
    anyways nice story remembering of how I was lost in the kissing fantasy last Saturday❤?❤. Awwwww this guy keep calling me over and over I’m expectant of anything ???

    • UC
      May 21, 18:32 Reply

      Since sexuality is a spectrum, I guess that a little part/percentage of me might be attracted to ladies. I identify as gay though.

    • UC
      May 21, 18:31 Reply

      LMAO. Get an ice pack!

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