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Photo Of The Day XLVI

When a KDian says ‘My Ass is perkier than yours’, what do you get? Saturday breakfast to all ye lovely KDians. #OkBye 😀 Related

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Man Crush Monday: Mehcad Brooks

Khaleesi got me all hot and bothered yesterday when he introduced me to his man crush, Mehcad Brooks. I’d seen the dude just one time on the TV screen when

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LMAO!!! Related

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  1. Heiress
    February 19, 04:11 Reply

    Eww gross lol. Good humor though haha. Like really a mortar and a pestle !!!

  2. Homely
    February 19, 05:06 Reply

    c’mmon, he should be pounding with his two hands.
    I can’t cee him sweating it out either…
    Concept well understood sha…Lol A.b.s.a.l.o.m

    • Gad
      February 19, 06:58 Reply

      He is obviously a power top. Too much energy on one hand already.

  3. Pete
    February 19, 05:16 Reply

    Who wears pant to pound fufu?

  4. Colossus
    February 19, 05:22 Reply

    Hahahahahahahaha. Oh this really is funny

  5. Lord II
    February 19, 05:40 Reply

    Yeah power bottoms….the characteristics of about 80% of those who comment here..! Yeah….bite me!

    Hmmm Dennis I have even started suspecting you with Oduanya sef…..too much association with power bottoms makes you a…..erm!

    • Colossus
      February 19, 05:50 Reply

      Apparently there is no time frame. 24 hours a day, there is no off switch.

      • trystham
        February 19, 07:40 Reply

        lol. I saw this. smh. You are evil

    • Max
      February 19, 05:56 Reply

      Attention seeking dweeb. Let’s take away what he wants. Which is attention.

    • Lothario
      February 19, 06:10 Reply

      Don’t you think it’s a bit too much Lord? Now I know you do this on purpose….. lol

    • Khaleesi
      February 19, 07:13 Reply

      This comment is as idiotic as its offensive … and rendered 5x more so when you consider who it comes from … smh … its tempting but lets not dignify this flake of scum with attention he doesn’t deserve …

  6. Mercury
    February 19, 06:21 Reply

    LMAO!!!!!, I just can’t deal, biko……what the hell Absie, youre such a mess.

  7. Deola
    February 19, 08:06 Reply

    Why is he wearing roller skates?

  8. Lanre S
    February 19, 08:34 Reply

    A furious looking top and an unopinionated bottom who submits to vigorous pounding. Absalom for President.

  9. Ace
    February 19, 12:29 Reply

    Why did I find this a little uncomfortable to look at. Lol! Good job Absalom, looks like what an African gay 50 shades of grey would look like.

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