Photos Of The Day: Bring on the Thirst

Photos Of The Day: Bring on the Thirst

fab1So I was on my own, minding my business when a friend drew my attention to the dicklicious — sorry, delicious photos of model Fab Igwilo, looking all wet and tantalizing under a cascade of water. I mean, talk about having the instrument to quench a brutha’s thirst. The instrument being the water, that’s what I mean o, the water. I’m thirsty and he has water right there for me to drink. 🙂

More pictures of the model below.fab3fab4fab5fab7fab6fab8

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Lol. I’m guessing this isn’t the problem of a power bottom, yea? Related

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  1. gad
    December 03, 04:30 Reply

    Sometimes I wonder if this dutiful display of pictures of oneself are some form of advertisement.

    • #TeamKizito
      December 03, 05:49 Reply

      Yes, some sort of advertisement for “Fish Imagez”…

  2. Dennis Macauley
    December 03, 04:33 Reply

    I sha know him! All I will say is that photoshop does wonders!

    As per the “meat”? Yep that’s all him alright!

    And Pink Panther you and me both know you ain’t talking about water!!!

  3. Kryss S
    December 03, 04:40 Reply

    *Fans self* The thirst is real! This is a tall drink of water! Choi!! Brother Fab is hot nd smoking! Is it just me or is someone else seeing that cap he is wearing down there? Hian!! Someppl would just b walking about with Sun hat as a cap instead of a regular headwarmer! A ticket to second degree tear!
    By the way, his brother(Austin Igwilo) who is d present Mr Ideal Nigeria is way hotter! After seeing this pix on LIB, I went stalking on Fb nd I luvvvvvvvvvvv what I saw!

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 03, 04:50 Reply

      Oh yes he is.
      Way hotter, i mean.
      The things I’d like to get on with with the brother ehn…
      Good looks must run in their family. If i was a visiting gay cousin, na die be that

  4. Legalkoboko
    December 03, 04:42 Reply

    perfect water no doubt, though the underwear isn’t that great.
    Pinky are you colonizing dis wan too?

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 03, 04:47 Reply

      Oh no. He’s up for grabs. I remain ever faithful to my man — men.

  5. Kryss S
    December 03, 04:45 Reply

    @Gad…….. Just call nd ask him d number of phone calls nd texts he received yesterday, then you would know if its some sort of ad!
    @Dennis…….. I like you oh! U seem to know everybody in dis business! Is he what I wish he is?

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 03, 04:56 Reply

      ***sips tea***

      He is pretty popular around lagos! Snoop around instagram you will find him, and I believe instagram has a direct messaging feature!

      Meanwhile he IS reading this!!! So if anybody wants him, make a strong case!!!

      ***runs away***

      • Ace
        December 03, 12:53 Reply

        Please i want ooooooooo! I don’t know how to make a strong case all i know is that I FREAKING WANTTTTTTTTTTT! You guys have thirst, me na dehydration i dey now. Lol

    • gad
      December 03, 05:32 Reply

      @ Kryss, I don’t have all that time. The time I devote to follow this blog is enough. Thanks for the suggestions still.

      • Legalkoboko
        December 03, 06:00 Reply

        gad you wrote:
        ” Sometimes I wonder if this dutiful
        display of pictures of oneself are
        some form of advertisement.”

        Someone now suggested you follow up your curiosity, do a little investigation by making a few phone calls. It was only then you realized you don’t have time.
        So you had time to cast aspersions on a cute and adorable hotty by wondering . But you don’t have time to cross check things just in case you turn out to be wrong?
        It is too early to start throwing shades this morning. If you too are as ugly as I am, the least you can do is to stand aside and applaud the pretty ones.
        Nuf said.

        • gad
          December 03, 09:17 Reply

          How dare you rank my ugliness with yours?

    • Ace
      December 03, 12:51 Reply

      I swear kryss, i was like “is there anybody DM
      Doesn’t know?” Talk about a walking directory of Alternative lifestyle men.

  6. Masked Man
    December 03, 04:50 Reply

    Nicely built. He’s packing so much underneath too. Don’t know why he chose for it to be this visible. Well, I don’t mind xmas holiday treat with him.

    • trystham
      December 03, 07:28 Reply

      ‘so much’ abi ‘TOO MUCH’? That cap is warning enough. I hope he is not a ‘Buff Briana’ or ‘Macho Mary’. That wud just spoil EVERYTHING

      • Ace
        December 03, 12:56 Reply

        Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha what in the world?!!!!! God! Macho mary is definitely going into my vocab. Damn!

  7. xpressivejboy
    December 03, 04:54 Reply

    *chokes on my green tea*

    OrganoGold, you just have to go get this thirst quenching and healing recipe different from ganoderma.

    That cap really fits and most definitely will be filling.

    Oh Dear! I need Canon Extra ‘cos my head aches.

  8. A-non
    December 03, 04:55 Reply

    Is it strange for a bottom to be more aroused by a guy’s butt than his cock?

      • gad
        December 03, 05:39 Reply

        Are you confirming that you are the spokesperson for the league of btms? @ Pinky

    • Kryss S
      December 03, 07:53 Reply

      Ah! Not @ all oh! Most especially if its d David Macintosh kind of butt nd is wearing tight dress trousers! I want something to dig my nails in while either urging him on or telling him to slow d pace.
      OAN: Fabulous Igwilo, if u r reading dis(I wish you r!), work on ur legs nd butt! Looks too puny 4 ur torso size! Squats, backsquats, leg raises, bridges, lunge, donkey kicks etc would do you good. Thank me later #wink#

  9. Masked Man
    December 03, 05:06 Reply

    He’s reading this, @DM?
    OMG! Sweet lady Gaga.
    *where’s my powder? Pouts lips

    • Kryss S
      December 03, 07:56 Reply

      #TeamKizito…. All this ur “hmmn” “hmmn” eh! Me no code oh! I dara ogbi? Speak biko! Or maybe u always have a microphone to or in ur mouth! Lol

  10. Kryss S
    December 03, 05:58 Reply

    OMG!! Dennis, He is reading this?! *adjusts clothes nd clears throat* Chigozie George “Fabulous” Igwilo, you have a huge admirer here oh! Just quench a brother’s thirst biko!
    Nd Pinky, we think alike!

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 03, 06:03 Reply

      Oya wait wait!

      Here is how this will go down!

      I will be auditioning on his behalf!

      Bring your “goods” for “inspection”, after “thorough examination” and “satisfaction” by the judge, you will be passed on to meet him.

      Oya who is first!


      • Kryss S
        December 03, 07:46 Reply

        See Dennis oh! U want to dash me kito this morning abi? U want Mrs M to use me for Sushi! I shall pass this temptation! Get behind me Dennis! Not “behind” me oh!

    • Mrs Macaulay
      December 03, 09:06 Reply

      To the “testers” and the “testees”, please bear in mind that owing to my line of work I am very handy and fast with sharp (and often dangerous) tools. Bear this in mind while you people are testing!

      Mrs M

  11. Just James
    December 03, 06:00 Reply

    Fab Igwilo? Is Fab short for Fabian or fabulous? *strikes chin beard*

    He’s a hottie.. Many things I’d like to do to him.

  12. Brian Collins
    December 03, 06:26 Reply

    OMG!!!!!! Do I know him…. I have crushed on him for years. I become breathless whenever we see, which is not very often these days. He used to called me little man. As for that bulge, it is real, saw the ‘print’ sometime before his career started.
    @ Dennis, photoshop or not, I think Fabulous is the hottest person I know personally. Abeg just tell me that he plays for our team.
    And I don’t agree that his brother is a finer specimen than he is.

  13. Masked Man
    December 03, 06:46 Reply

    Ah ahn! Dennis, how will you be sampling and inspecting my goods on Fb’s behalf? Ehn? Am not cool with that.
    Fab, if you are reading this, kindly quench a brutha’s thrist. Mbok!

    Kizito, you and this your ‘hmmm’ this morning. Or are you Fab?

    • Brian Collins
      December 03, 07:10 Reply

      I wish. Most of kizito’s comments are defined by a simple ‘Hmmmm’. He kinda is like Groot with ‘I am grooot’. A lot can be said with a simple Hmmmm

  14. FKA Chizzie
    December 03, 07:18 Reply

    ok have to admit he’s hot…I wouldn’t mind a shag. although we might have to use alot of lube, and a sound proof room.

    • Ace
      December 03, 13:02 Reply

      The comments this morning eh? Lol. Chizzie finally gives a compliment, that is all the confirmation i need. I hope David McIntosh will forgive me for derailing a little.

  15. Mr Reese
    December 03, 08:19 Reply

    Brother knows he’s hot…. He killing me *i done dead and gone to heaven*

  16. Max
    December 03, 08:50 Reply

    Gaydar going all crazy here!!!!

  17. enigmous
    December 03, 10:27 Reply

    Nwa nkea nwere ihe doctor si kam na eri…dayum *singing Barry White’s “practice what you preach”* to myself

  18. simba
    December 03, 14:08 Reply

    Hahahahauauuauauahahahahahahh today’s comment is quite the funniest… Congratulations Mr Goz,) : .. God made u beautiful

  19. Khaleesi
    December 03, 14:40 Reply

    Yum yum yum!!!! ***dives into the crowd of thirsty bitches with nails,heels and small knives flying in all directions***

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