“Let us pray,” he said, in the darkness of his room that had the silver strings of moonlight peeping through the openings of his curtains.

His request for bedtime prayers wouldn’t have been awkward at all; not in anyway. In fact, morning and night prayers were regular where I came from. But this was different; he’d just been moaning and begging me not to stop when I had his dick in my mouth some seconds ago.

Of course I didn’t protest and he went ahead with his prayer. And then he got to that part, that part we always say to get rid of the guilt of the day. “…Lord, anyway we have sinned against you today, please forgive us.” At that point, I imagine God doing the face palm and rolling His eyes at our request for forgiveness. Yeah right, I imagined him saying.

His name was Dan (not real name). He was my first hookup after almost three years in school (yeah, I am slow like that). I actually thought I was the only gay guy in the entire school (yup, you read right. Imagine the level of naiveté). Well, all that changed when I got off the geek squad train and downloaded the raging social app then, 2go. It was the floodgate of revelation I needed. Not only did I meet and discover guys in my school at that time, I found guys right in my hostel. Talk about “what you are looking for in Sokoto being in your Shokoto.” I was overwhelmed – adding, accepting, and promising to visit and all you would expect a kid to do with his very first piece of cake.

I finally decided to quit my promise-making charade and actually meet one of my contacts. He resided some fifteen minutes’ drive away from the school, which was okay for me. Not too close for discomfort and not too far away for pleasure. And oh! Did I forget to say I was a virgin then (yay!), and I was really not familiar with the protocols of first time hookups, which made me nervous as fuck.

I got off at the bus stop he instructed me to, and there, I met him. The moment he saw me and knew I was the one he’d come to pick up, I could see the lust in his eyes. He was sizing me up from every inch of thread that made the fabric of my clothes. The sexual tension was palpable between us as we shook hands and introduced ourselves. We took a short walk to his house and we tried to talk (keyword: TRIED). He must have been horny as fuck as he couldn’t hold it anymore, moving from side to side of his room to verify if everywhere was safe and locked in anticipation of what was about to go down, with the huge bulge protruding from his crotch following him wherever he went. I was still halfway through narrating something when he grabbed me so tight and started kissing me all over. It was the type that reeked with hunger and lust. It was deep and warm, as he held me tight to him and felt every inch of my mouth with his and his tongue.

I gave back in return, doing all I’d learned from the several porn and adult flicks I had seen. I could swear he loved me from the first day. He wanted to keep me. It wasn’t the type of claim people made when they’ve had sex with someone that fits their specifications. His was for real. He actually came to pick me from school with my property and said I should move in with him. I couldn’t imagine my luck. A working-class, independent guy literally begging me to move in with him. Of course, I declined the offer, but with how frequently I passed the night at his house, it would be safe to say I was already living with him. We did everything together. Cooked, did laundry, I met some of his family and church members.

Yes, church members.

He was the choir leader and somewhat a minister at his church. This was the only strain to our relationship – his constant battle with guilt. Sometimes after his evening church service, he would refuse to let me touch him. He would be so ‘spirit-filled’ that he would rather sleep on the floor than lie in bed with me. Other times, he would be talking about how he would quit soon and get married, showing me pictures of the ‘sister’ he was hoping to marry. I remember one night when a vigil was held at his house, one which he officiated. I remember how people were moved by the spirit from the words he spoke and the tongues he delivered. That was a high level of awkward for me, especially when I found myself avoiding our eyes from meeting during the course of the vigil.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. The constant battle he had with guilt, his off-and-on desire for me, and his ‘Father’s work.’ I started feeling like I was putting a strain to his desire to serve God. So after my first visit to the USA, I never returned to his place or met him again. Do I miss him? Yes, I do like crazy. Do I regret leaving him? Well, everyday, I learn new ways to answer that.

Written by Ace

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  1. gad
    December 02, 05:10 Reply

    “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us” “if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the father,Jesus Christ, the righteous, He is the propitiation for our sins” We allow guilt most times to drive us away from God,s love and presence but He is willing and ever ready to ALWAYS forgive us.

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 02, 05:59 Reply

      Gad: quick question

      Do you keep breaking your leg because the doctor can fix it?

      It’s funny when people try to strut the two highways! I have been with guys who moan in the night and speak in tongues in the morning (while I stifled a laugh). This hypocrisy is what sickens me, because they are never truly able to love themselves or accept themselves! They are sinners in god’s eyes and are hell bound.

      Check through the 66 books of the bible (am I correct?) you will never see a validation of homosexuality! So if you are gonna be christian and all that, you may have to make a choice. I have realized that most of these people are pursuing god with so much vigor so he can “change” them and make the feelings they have go away and ofcourse they all fall flat on their faces.

      Even the courts have stiffer penalties for “repeat offenders”, am sure god has such rules too (lol).

      This is why you should evaluate the things you believe, and if not for anything get rid of the guilt.

      ***passes mic to khaleesi***

      • A-non
        December 02, 06:42 Reply

        @Dennis, I do not think there are any hard and fast rules to these things. I for one was brought up in a very religious family and it will be almost impossible for me to wake up and think I can do away with that part of my life with a snap of my finger.

        Truth is in the darkness of my teens years as I grew to understand what had happened to me as a child and come to some terms with my sexuality, knowing God helped me maintain some level of sanity….the belief that He had a better plan for my life than me being dead reduced the amount of suicidal attempts.

        But as I understood, I stepped down from all my church leadership positions, changed church and have refused to be a worker again because that for me smirks of hypocrisy!

        Going to church keeps me grounded, motivates me and helps me remain focused and for these reasons I go there.

        Interestingly, the first person I told about my sexuality as an adult is in my current church. He is very straight, married with kids and is today a very close friend – in fact, I spent most of my Sunday with he and his extended family (his siblings and their spouses and kids) at a family lunch where I was the only non family member.

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 06:53 Reply

          I have a problem with the notion that just becos you’re gay, the concept of true Christianity is automatically lost for you. Note that i said Christianity and not religion. I refuse to buy into the fact that becos i’m gay, i cant be a Christian becos the bible purportedly disapproves.

          • gad
            December 02, 09:45 Reply

            Pinky, are you the one that made this comment or a hacker or …? I ask this because this comment is a far removal from your positions on Chritianity,s view of homosexuality as far as I understand or can remember

            • pinkpanthertb
              December 02, 10:10 Reply

              *sigh* i was waiting for that gibe. Lol. Gad im not anti Christianity. Im just opposed to the touting of religion as what Christ stands for

      • Team
        December 02, 07:27 Reply

        I used to think they were hypocrites but now I just believe they are delusional

        • gad
          December 02, 09:54 Reply

          Do we call this a promotion or demotion @ team

      • chestnut
        December 02, 07:30 Reply

        One can be a christian and be gay. True,d bible doesn’t endorse homosexuality in any of the 66(Dennis,I hope u’re right) books, but then,if I look away from what is written in d bible, and look at my own life journey,I’m convinced I was created this way,(and only one Person creates us). I had gay fantasies from as little as 5 years; I wasn’t exposed to it on d media or in real-life;those fantasies were just in me,at that young age,from nowhere. Does it mean I was created by the devil? No; God made me. It’s contradictory with what’s in the bible,yes, and I won’t run the risk of blasphemy by saying the bible is a lie; I can only focus on my own reality in knowing that I was CREATED this way by Somebody.
        At this point,I don’t see anythng wrong in being a christian, I won’t stop christianity because of the “homophobes” who go to church (afterall,I’m there for GOd and not for them…I hav no reason to disclose my sexuality to them and the God I’m in church for,knows me and knows best,what to do with me).
        Praying to God is VERY important, but my days of saying the prayer: “God pls forgive me for my homosexual thoughts and actions,and make me straight” are over.I can pray about every other thing,but that,cause it would be a tantamount to asking God to turn me into a white man…or a kangaroo…or a traffic light! He definitely has the power to turn me into any of these things,but He wouldn’t do that if He feels I don’t need to be any of those things,no matter how much I pray for it.
        Pinky,you’re right in saying one can be a gay christian, but I think what Dennis is saying(and I agree with him) is,u can’t be praying to God to forgive and “heal” u of the “sin” of homosexuality, when u know that right after that prayer session, u will go on Manjam to look for quick sex,(and subconciously telling urself that after the sex,u’ll push the person away and pray for “healing” and forgiveness again)…it makes no type of sense. Falling into UNFORSEEN / UNPLANNED temptation as a christian,is very different from making concious effort to go searching high and low for the “sin”(and trying over and over again until u finally find it) just because at the back of ur mind,u’re telling urself that u will pray for forgiveness afterwards.

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 07:52 Reply

          Chestnut im not arguing the right or wrong of the part where you sin, ask for forgiveness and go back to sinning again.
          What im saying is: if im a Christian, gay, in a committed relationship, faithful to my man, a good person, what gives any heterosexual bible-toting person the right to come and tell me the promise of heaven has been denied me becos im gay, hmm?

        • gad
          December 02, 10:04 Reply

          Chesty, I thank God for your wisdom but I must point you to one thing about Dennis comments. In your innocence you thought he was attacking the hypocrisy of consciously sinning and asking 4 forgiveness but far from it. He is saying that you can’t be a gay and Christian! That’s why he dis-fellowshiped himself from church attendance and is now considering hinduism or is it budaism. Uncle Dennis kindly correct me if I had mis-represented you

      • FKA Chizzie
        December 02, 07:52 Reply

        Bia Dennis, how abt u stop picking on Gad. if the majority of the folks here can put up with ur overtly active imagination, ur ability to run into someone u met on Badoo while they are being lynched, battered and bruised and still be able to instantly recognize them, ur knowledge of people in high places who also know other people in high places, and the uncanny ability for u to be a pharmacist today and be on an interview panel the next and work for an NGO the terminal day. Then likewise u should put up with Gad’s comments regardless of how self contradictory and ambiguous they may come across as

        and @Gad continue to raise the i- am -gay- and-a-bible-believing-Christian flag high and proud, its very amusing, im sure Jesus chuckles every now and then, as does the Devil.

      • gad
        December 02, 09:25 Reply

        A good analogical question Dennis but our thoughts and line of reasoning are different from God,s. His foolishness (if any) is wiser than your wisdom or that of any mortal. Dennis,the problem we have is that we approach this all knowing God intellectually. When your wisdom faces God it dissolves into stupendous folly. Forget about your wisdom and learning,approach God,s word in simplicity,only then can it make sense to you and redeem you from yourself etc. God needed a sacrifice to be @ peace with man.He became the sacrifice because nothing else could suffice. He is both the Priest and the victim.Does it make sense? No,but that’s the mystery of faith.Dear Dennis,I prefer to foolishly accept God,s free offer of salvation by simply asking 4 d forgiveness of my sins through Christ than wisely reject it and be eternally doomed

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 02, 09:37 Reply

        @gad eternally doomed you say? That would mean something to me if only I believed in such fables! Seeing as I don’t believe in fairy tales I will move on from that!

        Now to me it doesn’t make sense to seek forgiveness from a “sin” you will still commit again and again and again!. It doesn’t add up to me tho! But if it helps you sleep better @ night, sweetheart go for it!

        I am wondering where collosus is
        *looks around for him*

      • Chuck
        December 02, 11:54 Reply

        Pinky, Christianity IS a religion.

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 12:14 Reply

          Yes but one can be RELIGIOUS without being CHRISTIAN .

    • chestnut
      December 02, 07:33 Reply

      @Gad:I’m curious…when u pray, do u constantly pray for God to forgive and heal u of homosexuality in particular? And if ‘yes’, how often do u sleep with guys these days, and how do those encounters come about?

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 02, 07:54 Reply

        One of my best friends who sleeps over at my house often fits the bill!

        While we are having our morning coffee, he is reading rhapsody of realities and speaking in tongues. Right after that what does he do?

        You guessed right: manjam and grindr!

        Lol! His favorite worship song is “cast me not away from your presence o lord….”

        He will read this, so I am officially dead


      • A-non
        December 02, 08:06 Reply

        @Dennis,now that is a classic!

      • chestnut
        December 02, 08:08 Reply

        @Pinky, we’re saying the same thing. U and I both believe u shouldn’t leave ur religion just because of ur sexuality!
        @Dennis: why would u laugh at the friend who reads rhapsodies of reality and visits manjam? I don’t know the content of his prayers, but if he is praying/preaching against homosexuality and at d same time,trolling for flesh on manjam,then u can laugh at him. But if,like me,his prays about everything other than homosexuality( because I’ve come to believe I was created and born this way), then he hasn’t done anything out of place…maybe he’s looking for love on manjam? U never can tell…

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 02, 08:14 Reply


        Haba na! I am not laughing @ him ooo, neither am I judging!

        It just makes me chuckle how you moan and grind in the night, and then speak in tongues in the morning!

        Shebi I am allowed to laugh small na eh Alobam!

        *cant stop giggling*

      • chestnut
        December 02, 08:41 Reply

        Lol. Dennis,don’t laugh at someone because he had sex at nyte and prayed in d morning o. His morning prayers might have absolutely nothing to do with the sex he had the previous nyte. You don’t have to pick only one option (either have sex and NEVER pray, or pray and NEVER have sex). The only time he would seem foolish is if he’s praying for Forgiveness for the sex he had(except if he’s sure that he will never ever have sex again after that prayer). When I have sex now,I don’t feel I need to pray for forgiveness because I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

      • chestnut
        December 02, 09:01 Reply

        @pinky: er…”THIS morning”? I see what u did there o…continoo.lol

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 09:20 Reply

          You see? Someone will innocently be saying something, and peeps be thinking which colour of shade is in there

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 02, 09:33 Reply

        “Full of wisdon this morning”

        Can someone switch on the lights pls!

        It’s suddenly dark in here!

      • chestnut
        December 02, 09:52 Reply

        Gad,I asked u a question,and it wasn’t an indirect attempt to mock u or ridicule ur views;I honestly wish u would respond; maybe that would help me understand ur perspective better.

      • gad
        December 02, 10:13 Reply

        Chesty, I don’t pray such foolish prayers. My prayers anywhere and anytime goes thus, ” we have sinned against you and against our neighbors in manifold ways. I have done what I’m not supposed to do and left undone the things I’m supposed to.For d sake of your son Jesus Christ who died for me,forgive me all that is past…etc”. No mortal man can be perfect and sinless. We can only attend perfection when we gain immortality in Christ

      • chestnut
        December 02, 10:27 Reply

        Haha…ok,thank u Gad,for responding,but u still managed to side-step the answers I was looking for,somehow, so I’ll ask a more direct question: do u think being gay is a sin? (A simple “yes” or “no” answer would confuse me less.) Pls respond.tanx

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 10:28 Reply

          You just love putting a brother on the hot seat, doncha chestie? 🙂

  2. Kryss S
    December 02, 06:04 Reply

    Don’t we all feel guilty sometimes? Even d hardest amongst us does! I hope its a true story Ace, it is nice.
    Oh! I Still think am d only person like me in my street nd church! Am always like “am not d only one”, nd u need to see me staring/checking out guys as if I would see a “gay tag” sticking out their shirts! So frustrating!
    Gad, accept d hard truth nd give urself peace! Haba!!

    • gad
      December 02, 09:33 Reply

      Kryss, which truth? Talking about peace,i have that type of peace that is greater than “sallam”. The peace that the world can’t understand. If you experience half the things I have passed through within the last 2yrs,I’m sure you would be a hypertensive patient b4 now but anytime my BP is checked, medical personnel always express disbelief and shock because it has always remained normal. I think it’s the result of casting ones cares on the burden bearer…the Christ

  3. Kryss S
    December 02, 06:06 Reply

    Nd Pinky, you need JESUS for that title! Holy Fuck! Which fuck is unholy biko? Lol!

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 02, 06:38 Reply

      See me see trouble o. Did you see my name there as the writer? Mbok heaven is my portion. Right next to gad and king 🙂

  4. Just James
    December 02, 06:11 Reply

    This sort of reminded me of an episode of sex in the city where the red head was sleeping with a Catholic who would shower after every fuck cause he considered sex unclean. And Gad, aren’t we supposed to repent from those sins we are forgiven… Not indulge in them?

    • gad
      December 02, 09:36 Reply

      James, that’s a man’s logical reasoning.

  5. #TeamKizito
    December 02, 06:11 Reply

    Hmm. (Some things you’re not telling us, Ace..)


    • Ace
      December 02, 12:32 Reply

      Hehehehehe trust me this is a well abridged version of all that happened. Subscribe to my newsletter to get more info.

  6. Paul
    December 02, 07:30 Reply

    This is a Topic I’d never get clear on!
    D battle between sexuality,Love for God, Christianity,Guilt ,a balance and d Desire to make Heaven.
    I get tired of asking for forgiveness (tho I feel forgiven most times) but sometimes I put myself in God’s shoes n I cn imagine hw he sees me weneva I come back again
    D bible too says Shall we continue in sin dat grace may abound”
    Dennis made a perfct example- wuld u # a leg over n over cz a Dr wuld fix it?
    And there r those who say “we r not sinning coz sexuality and desires r natural
    But Pinky rightly said nt 1 account of d bible validates homosexuality
    I love to serve in church. I giv ds flimsy excuse dat I’m shy weneva pple ask me Y I aint in d choir singing- d real truth is I cnt stand d hypocrisy. I may jst run out and confess like a witch in d church 1 day.
    I’m sorry to generalise but most of d wonderful guys in the choirs of our modern day churches r Gay.
    I know a lot of dem. I ask my self -How do they sleep @ night? -(I’d neva know )
    D oda day in church- D Pastor Said d Church is a “Clinic”- but who continually takes poison jst cos there’s a clinic on his street.
    I am honestly tired.
    God help us all.

    • A-non
      December 02, 08:04 Reply

      @Paul, we seem to go to the same church. Which of the services did you attend on Sunday?

  7. Masked Man
    December 02, 07:31 Reply

    The thing with these choir people.
    This made remember one particular choir guy. *lips sealed sha*

      • Max
        December 02, 08:27 Reply

        Amebo pinky.. Always ready for a hot and nasty Kiki…

    • #TeamKizito
      December 02, 07:44 Reply

      Masked man, you have a problem with Choristers, eh?

      • chestnut
        December 02, 07:50 Reply

        TeamKizito,don’t tell me u’re a chorister…although that would explain all the humming (“Hmmmm”…)

    • chestnut
      December 02, 07:46 Reply

      Y’all made some beautiful music together?lol

      • A-non
        December 02, 08:17 Reply

        Choristers o! Alter servers o! Ushers o! Sexual sins have always been rampant among these set of church workers for as long as I can remember so nothing new there.

        Have had something with one of the ‘senior’ ushers in church…today he is married with kids but still hit on a mutual friend recently.

        I make sure to greet him well any Sunday I see him on duty. I still wave am from afar this last Sunday even though he wasn’t on duty

        *runs off*

      • Paul
        December 02, 08:32 Reply

        pls dnt jst remind me of Ushers.
        There’s ds 1 dat has a mission to kill me and drag me to hell jst bcos of lust.
        In retrospect,in short all of dem.
        Hv u seen tight pants wit accentuated crotches and cakes everywhere?
        All I’d say is,Its well even in d well!

      • A-non
        December 02, 09:52 Reply

        @Bro. Paul, I am ‘extremely’ convinced that we both go to the same church.

        Red dey your church logo? Was a major renovation just done at the altar of your church + new sound systems?

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 02, 07:56 Reply


      Well they are good with the “microphone”, so go figure!!!

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 02, 07:58 Reply

        Hahahahahahaa! Shared your microphone with one or two choristers, have you?

      • Paul
        December 02, 08:03 Reply

        They also play those twin drums with drum sticks from behind!

      • Max
        December 02, 08:29 Reply

        Hahahahahahaha @microphone..

      • Legalkoboko
        December 02, 09:12 Reply

        Microphone sharing? chisos! that was freaking hilarious!!

  8. Dominic
    December 02, 08:04 Reply

    I believe people can combine homosexuality and spirituality. Christianity too, yes! See the christianity they practice now is a pick and mix of what works for them. The only down side is as a homosexual your own version of christianity won’t be popular as the popular versions condone hatred, adultery and the rest but not homosexuality.

    • Paul
      December 02, 08:09 Reply

      Dominic my question is simple.-HOW?

      • Dominic
        December 02, 08:37 Reply

        Sir, there are many christian gay churhes like Jide Macauley’s kind of ministry. If you want the winners, BLW etc then you are oyo.

      • chestnut
        December 02, 09:30 Reply

        @ paul: I assume ur question is ‘how can u be a gay person and a christian at the same time’? Well,the answer is in YOU. You decide whether ur sexuality is a sin or not. Look back at ur life;do u honestly feel u were born this way,or did u pick it up as a “habit” when u were a teenager?Why do u think it’s a sin? Because the bible says so? Well, I’m not about to discredit the bible,but like I said in my earlier comment, even though I’ve heard and read what the bible says, I can’t ignore my own reality. What I mean is,going by what the bible says, one would assume that God would never create anyone to be gay,right? So it would be assumed that it’s a sin/habit that is learned or picked up along the way. But my own reality (and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of us) is, in my childhood,I never saw two men kissing on tv(gay-themed shows were not existing then,to the best of my knowledge), or in the street or anywhere else, I was never “touched” by any male relatives or classmates, the only intimacy I ever saw was kissing between a MAN and a WOMAN on tv. Now as little as 4 or 5 years of age,if I would re-enact those kissing scenes in my head,it would be between two men,or me and one of the males in the movies.nobody told me to think like this at 5 years old,nobody knew I was thinking about this and I didn’t even think it was wrong or weird; I just thought anybody could kiss anybody and that it was normal,until I got older.
        So in retrospect, knowing that God created all humans including me, and knowing that I didn’t have any actual form of male intimacy until I was in my twenties(not even a single experience in secondary sghool!), I can only conclude that when I was created (by God),these feelings were already somewhere in there,since I never saw or heard about things like that on tv or in real life. The bible says homosexuality is wrong,but where did I come from?who created me with those feelings?surely not the devil! And God makes no mistakes. This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that who I am is not a sin (even though the world cannot understand it because they are not living my reality and passing through my personal journey from childhood till now). This is why I can comfortably be a christian without feeling that my sexuality is is a sin.(regardless of what the world believes and understands). I did not create myself; nobody created me except GOD,and He makes no mistakes.

      • Paul
        December 02, 09:51 Reply

        Standing Ovation 4u chestnut!
        Tnx 4 dat piece.

      • Khaleesi
        December 02, 11:05 Reply

        Omg! Chestnut!!!! I want to kiss you – everywhere! !! Please say yes!! Omg!! **swooning and falling in love with this man’s brains*** you’re every sapiosexual’s wettest and wildest dream! And i daresay, you’re as smart as you are because you have cast of the opium pipes, you have thought with a clear head uncluttered by the potent opiate fumes and hence your intellect functions as it was rightly designed to!!

    • gad
      December 02, 10:42 Reply

      We dwell so much on the acts of people around us to the extent that it starts affecting our faith. Christianity is a personal decision. Christ is the only mirror. Not st Paul, St Mary,clergy nor the laity. Accept Christ and your sins are forgiven reject Him and your sins holds you fast and take you to hell.

      • Legalkoboko
        December 02, 11:01 Reply

        but gad I’m still waiting for ur answer to Chesty’s question. The sins you talk about, does it include gay sex?

        • gad
          December 02, 14:34 Reply

          I’m sure that being gay is NOT sinful. My advice to those who feel it is a sinful aberration is to quit. That’s my position @ Legal

      • Khaleesi
        December 02, 11:07 Reply

        Akuko udele (tales of the vultures) … keep marinating your brains in ancient jewish fables and folktales – much good may it do you!

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 11:16 Reply

          Hahahahahahaa oh Khaleesi. How did I ever think you were religious before?

        • gad
          December 02, 14:38 Reply

          Seven fold Amen

  9. Max
    December 02, 08:13 Reply

    Hahahaha hahahaha… Never go to church/church functions with anyone you’re fucking …. Its awkward as hell…. Hahahahahaha .. I also get the whole on and off thing is so off putting… Annoying as hell..

  10. simba
    December 02, 08:52 Reply

    I think what Christianity is against is premarital sex… so no smooching and fucking until marriage… hoping the marriage ever comes

      • simba
        December 02, 09:22 Reply

        My dear, thts where I tire and get confused..cus we sabi fuck and love to fuck… infact if ur celibate, ur ain’t gay… but if gay is totally accepted and marriage is universal, I think some can stride it, and wait until marriage… but since no marriage, we go thru the back lol

      • Ace
        December 02, 14:59 Reply

        I agree with you Simba. I feel that it is because of the fact that no one sees a serious and concrete end to gay relationships that makes gay guy live for the moment.

    • Khaleesi
      December 02, 11:13 Reply

      Pre-marital sex is sinful and gay people can NEVER get married in the church … means they are condemned from the get-go to living a life of sin and condemnation … beats me why anyone would allow any bunch of religidiots so depreciate his/her self esteem …. ***BBM talk to the dainty manicured hands smiley**** ***rolls mascaraed eyes from Capetown to Cairo***

  11. #TeamKizito
    December 02, 09:29 Reply

    Very, very straight and serious face. [God has your phone numbers..]

    Keeps on listening to choir renditions..

  12. Legalkoboko
    December 02, 09:49 Reply

    What the church urgently needs now is a re definition and a re imagination of human sexuality. The old formula has become anachronistic, out of date and even downright cruel.

    I do not think being homosexual is incompatible with being a Christian. What I think is the problem here is The practice of pretending to posses a higher moral quality than one actually has. That is the very definition of hypocrisy. This is what drives me insane in churches.
    So, if you are gay, accept that fact. Go ahead and worship your God if you believe in any. But do no pretend to be morally superior to anyone when you know you are a piece of shit! (please excuse my French).

    So, at the risk of sounding repetitive, I state again that the church needs to re imagine her ideas on human sexuality just as she didn’t in
    (1) Allowing women to speak in church. heck! women have now spoken their way up to the bishopric.
    (2) watering down the teaching on usury which originally held that it is sinful for anyone to charge interest on any money or thing he lends to another. Now the new teaching is, do not charge EXCESSIVE interest rate .

    We may search the 73 books of the Bible (yup, you read it right. 73) and may not find an express validation of homosexuality. (it was a book of Jewish origins after all, and they had to reject homosexuality just because their neighbours approved of it).
    But the same Bible is replete with stories of God’s unconditional love. No bigger validation is necessary.

  13. Dennis Macauley
    December 02, 10:16 Reply

    @gad you are correct! I am considering buddism, but not because I hate christianity but because the essence of buddism is in line with my own values. To each his own!

    In another unrelated note are there buddist communities around here? Or any body actively practicing? I have some questions I’d like to ask! Absalom?

    • A-non
      December 02, 11:19 Reply

      Most Indians working in Nigeria are Buddhists…they should be of help

  14. Khaleesi
    December 02, 10:49 Reply

    Mtchwww… @Ace, you’re wayyyy better off without that confused lump of whatever in your life. .. i find it hard to get how fully grown adults can still be so steeped in the heady fumes of religious opium as to not know who they are or what they want out of life … organised religion (esp the false brand observed in Africa) is strictly adhered to/followed by either fools who know no better, or by hypocrites who know better but are too scared or too chicken hearted to cast off the mental bonds … i frankly cant stand such people – and yes i used to date someone who was quite like this, well not quite as bad as the guy u portrayed, but this guy had serious guilt issues brought on by his deep religious and cultural convictions. .. well, i wasnt having any of that shit biko ***gay,proud,loving myself more with each passing day but not out – yet***
    You’re better off without him, like you, i still miss him and i struggled, still struggle to flush him outta my mind – its hard as hell, but deep down i know its the right thing to do – for me!

    • Ace
      December 02, 12:45 Reply

      The guilt starts to rub off on you. You start feeling like the biblical hand and leg that is making him to sin.

  15. Chuck
    December 02, 12:12 Reply

    Didn’t God create murderers and serial killers too? Isn’t he/she /it a perfect God?

    1. Is homosexuality the only sin you are allowed to keep on doing? If not, can everyone sin as long as they pray or speak in tongues while doing it? Can I do advanced fee fraud? I promise to buy holy water after.

    2. Christianity is a religion, “a particular system of faith and worship, a belief in the worship of a superhuman controlling power”

    3. How can you decide to disobey a core tenet of your religion yet claim to have faith in that religion?

    4. If you can’t understand how God thinks or works why bother? Why would God create a religion that you can’t follow? He created everything right?

    5. I don’t believe in God. There is no rational or logical basis behind religion. It’s a manifestation of ignorance in our societies. Our ancestors worshipped rain because they couldn’t understand it. Now some of us worship God because we have low blood pressure and cannot understand it. It’s probably in your diet.

    6. Of course, everyone is free to believe what they believe. However, since social codes are determined by the majority or by whichever beliefs can be imposed on the majority, I will continue working towards a society free of religion which exalts rational humanist thought. I believe that would be a society that believes in the dignity and welfare of all its members.


    • pinkpanthertb
      December 02, 12:16 Reply

      You know when I stopped reading this comment? When I saw the not-so subtle attempt to liken murder and homosexuality. Because, of course, murderers were born to be murderers.

      • Chuck
        December 02, 15:23 Reply

        In the Bible, sin is sin. No?

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 02, 15:36 Reply

          I’m not getting into an argument over such semantics with you. You believe what you will about who you are, and I’ll believe mine

  16. Masked Man
    December 02, 12:14 Reply

    Kizito, I was born and raised a catholic. Trust me, they are not as holy as they look. I can fill a whole encyclopaedia with live instances and experiences. But I’d rather not. And yes, they can moan a lot. Why won’t they, when they sing so gloriously?

    • Ace
      December 02, 13:00 Reply

      I read something somewhere i believe it goes like this: If you need religion to tell you to love others and do what’s right, you are just a bad person” (not sure if this is how it goes so forgive my paraphrasing). The point is they are things that are clearly bad, your conscience immediately spells it out to you: when you steal, fight, lie e.t.c while they are others that the church imposes on your conscience e.g paying your tithe (you should see how diligent my mum is with this issue of tithing), coming to church and the like. I would like to believe homosexuality falls in the latter. I keep saying that Jesus commanded that his greatest law is LOVE. It supersedes every other law in the Bible. Infact, it will be a sin for me to marry who i don’t love. If i love a fellow guy completely from my heart (not lust), i would like to believe that God will be ok with it. But then, my opinion doesn’t count in the things of the God.

  17. Ace
    December 02, 12:29 Reply

    I couldn’t think of something else.

  18. Masked Man
    December 02, 12:38 Reply

    Who says there isn’t homosexuality in the bible. There are insatnces. The word homosexuality wasn’t just coined then. ‘Inverted’ was later used. But what do you describe the affair between David and Jonathan as? Read the book of Samuel for details. They were madly in love. The bible writers were forced to portray this as friendship and brotherly love. But it’s actually a case of love at first sight.
    What do you think Noah cursed his son for? For looking at his nakedness alone? Mba nu! Read that passage in Genesis again with more consciousness.
    Even King James himself (yes, king James bible) went down in history as a gay monarch.
    Abeg, make religion park oneside.

  19. victor
    December 02, 12:48 Reply

    What if I choose not to have sex, u think I still won’t be an homosexual sinner? Ofcourse I would still be cos the thoughts when I see some fine guys would still not be holy and you can sin with from your mind,right?
    And what if I tell myself that homosexuality is not a sin,seriously? In the bible homosexual sex was described as detestable (grab your dictionary). I sit and I wonder how we were created this way yet God didn’t even know it was natural and include our kind in the bible, it kinda baffles me,it makes me question the accuracy of the bible cause I know if I still stay away from sex, I can’t run away from my thoughts therefor I would still be an hell candidate cos no fornicator or witch or homosexual would see the kingdom of heaven.

    • Legalkoboko
      December 02, 13:00 Reply

      Victor, you have seen the inconsistencies, the brick walls and the stumbling blocks. The next step is for you to reject the masochism of allowing yourself to get self bashed by them. Summon the courage, get away from such obviously negative things. That life you have is yours, and no one else’s. You have to ventilate it with a lot of positive breeze.

      • gad
        December 02, 15:00 Reply

        Unlike Dennis you failed to recommend an alternative religion

        • Legalkoboko
          December 02, 15:48 Reply

          man does not live by religion alone. Some men can do without it @gad.

  20. FKA Chizzie
    December 02, 14:47 Reply

    finally had the time to read through all the comments and I was most drawn to Chestnut ‘s.. and here’s my two cents.

    @Chestnut I think its only self deception to get to call ur self a Christian and actively participate in what the Bible dims as sin especially when one has no remorse or isnt putting any effort towards abstaining from said sin- in this case Homosexuality. The Bible classifies homosexuality as sin, the same Bible also emphasises that iniquity (sin) is a hindrance to answered prayers and also warns that we shouldn’t take God’s grace for granted and continue to indulge in active sin…The Bible also makes it explicitly clear that God will not allow himself to be mocked.

    Just because we’ve been made to understand that God is merciful and all ,doesn’t mean one minute we are sucking dick and the next minute we are praying to him and speaking in tongues, without true repentance and abstainance in our hearts.

    Just cause u have gotten comfortable w ur sexuality and have been deluded into thinking God created u gay..doesn’t mean it is any bit right in Bible terms, u can’t contradict the Scripture to accommodate sin..

    if you really want to be a bible believing Christian that prays to God often,then u should stop being gay and make an effort to abstain from gay relations. And if u know u can’t, then u shouldn’t be a Christian,its that simple. no one is obligated to be religious . at the end of the day the choice is urs, be a Christian or be gay. You can’t be gay AND Christian. You are only deceiving urself and giving the devil a good laugh and I dare say making a mockery of the Christian faith.

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 02, 14:49 Reply

      So its safe to say you’re not Christian then, right?

    • Chuck
      December 02, 15:22 Reply

      I agree with you, FKA Chizzie. Don’t pick and choose, a religion is a religion.

      • Legalkoboko
        December 02, 15:54 Reply

        Chuks really? A religion is a religion? No picking and choosing? So, tell me about the silence of women in your church (that is if you still attend). I hope your church people don’t sue anyone to court because the Bible forbids belivers from doing so.

      • Chuck
        December 02, 19:29 Reply

        I’m not a Christian.

    • chestnut
      December 02, 16:42 Reply

      @chizzie: …”Deluded into thinking that God made me gay…”? So u honestly don’t think u were born gay? Tell me, at what age did u decide to stifle ur existing attraction for women, and focus ur attention on men instead? At what age did u pick up the “habit” of homosexuality? Or maybe d whole point u’re trying to make with ur comment is that u don’t believe in God? Or christianity?

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 02, 16:45 Reply

        No, no, no, Chestie, I believe he means to say that God made us straight, and right in the nick of time, right just as your momma pushed you out into the world, out of God’s realm and into the world (the Devil’s domain), some homosexual demon snapped his fingers and your chromosomes rearranged themselves to make you forever afflicted with homosexuality. Because of course, God couldn’t have created such an aberration now, could He?

      • FKA Chizzie
        December 02, 18:53 Reply

        I wasn’t born gay . I remember distinctively, my neighbor and his brothers “having their way with me” as a child… So obvs that gayed me up.

        Since u are so Christian, u should ask ur self where the sense is in God contradicting what he supposedly created. Babies are created by God right? so why would God create gay babies and go on to condemn them in His Word? Have u asked urself that? God doesn’t make ppl gay, the notion of that is ridiculous

        I once read a Christian book that said gay spirits are inherited from parents that once had gay encounters, and that roman catholism is a door way for homosexuality (which might explain why alot of my Catholic friends are gay.) Anyways u r a professing ‘Christian’, u should believe stuff like this

        • gad
          December 02, 19:22 Reply

          “Which explains why most of your gay friends are catholics”. Let me ask, if ones education doesn’t reflect on his reasoning is it not a sin?

      • chestnut
        December 02, 19:20 Reply

        Oh Chizzie, if u read my ealier comments,u’d see that I’m focusing on my own reality, not yours. Yours is dat u are gay right now because u were abused as a child. That’s fine. But how would u explain my case,when I clearly stated that NOBODY ever TOUCHED me and d first time I ever had intimate contact with a man was when I was 24, even though I had been fantasizing about men and not women, for over two decades?; I didn’t learn it from anywhere. Or u think I was abused as a child, but have decided to lie about it? Could u pls explain to me how these feelings came to me naturally, from nowhere, in my childhood?

        • King Mufasa
          December 02, 19:38 Reply

          Hey … me too 24 was my first, and boy was it good.
          Still 24 though.

      • FKA Chizzie
        December 02, 19:53 Reply

        @Chestnut maybe u should read the last bit of my previous comment, the one abt gay spirits being inherited from parents, maybe that would explain.
        Surely u believe in demons and what not…don’t u? Especially seeing as u r Christian. And I did read it from a Christian book, I think it was written by Rebecca Brown. it was a fantastic read…ramblings about demons and witchcraft and werewolves. Very entertaining but hard to believe.

        and then she mentioned (with true life examples ofcus) how “gay spirits” are inherited from parents, who at one time had gay relations…I thought it was ridiculous and intriguing then and I didn’t believe it.

        But in retrospect it makes alot more sense than the notion that God creates ppl gay. Maybe this is the closure u need and it works for u since u r Christian

    • Mandy
      December 02, 16:48 Reply

      i wonder how heterosexual religion can accept LGBT when some of us think of us the way this chizzie guy does.

  21. Anonymous
    December 02, 14:48 Reply

    What I just don’t understand is the need for validation from the church or any other quarter for that matter.
    This need for validation bothers me…

    • Chuck
      December 02, 19:54 Reply

      Thanks for this comment. So many of uschere are trying to bend religion to fit our proclivities. If you’re gay, you’re not following the rules of Christianity. Why bend and distort the religion? Its clearly a coping mechanism. Let’s face facts and let the religion go. be gay and proud, and abandon anti gay religions.

      • gad
        December 02, 20:17 Reply

        @ chuck. Following your line of argument, let’s assume that homosexuality is a sin and as a result,if one is gay he should quit christianity. If we agree that Christianity views jealousy,stealing,lying,slandering,fornication,adultery etc as sins,so anyone that commits these sins should also quit Christianity?

      • Chuck
        December 03, 03:18 Reply

        @gad, being gay is a permanent situation with recurring activity. If one is planning to steal, fornicate, or commit adultery regularly then one is not a Christian. that person should either quit the religion or acknowledge that they have no respect for it’s rules.

        • gad
          December 03, 03:41 Reply

          Chuck, your recommendation is strange to Christianity. Christianity is not a convocation of sinless people but a platform where sinners,the broken,rejected,the empty and all who need salvation are offered hope. In summary, if homosexuality is sinful, a permanent state of sin as u put it,that means all gays ought to embrace christianity. Christianity doesn’t cure gayism but it has all it takes to save the “condemned.

          • pinkpanthertb
            December 03, 03:48 Reply

            He said he’s not Christian, gad. Your efforts are futile.

            Everybody’s efforts to make every other person understand his side of the divide is quite simply futile.

            • gad
              December 03, 04:25 Reply

              I’m aware that he said he is not Christian. I’m not making any effort to make him a xtian. I was only addressing his recommendation that gays should drop christianity. What he did can be likened to someone telling you that the local language of Imo people is not igbo but swahili.with this analogy you can begin to understand my kindness towards this proud display of ignorance

      • Chuck
        December 03, 10:35 Reply

        gad, I can see that your interpretation of Christianity is a natural home for hypocrisy since it allows people to continue to sin

  22. Brian Collins
    December 02, 20:22 Reply

    This is definitely a record. Lemme not say any other thing so that when God’s thunder is firing some people, I will not get caught up too.

  23. Just James
    December 02, 21:30 Reply

    A lot of interesting views and comments have been made but what amuses me is the fact that all of you can argue for Africa over whatever religion you do or don’t believe in… Still nobody’s POV will change. Those that want to believe they’re Christian will believe it and those who are atheists will still be atheists. Sort of makes me wonder what the whole point of this argument is… Oh well.

    I think it’s safe to assume that the only time we will know who was right and who was wrong (or if there ever really was a right or wrong) is when we die. Till then live life as you please as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. And enough with the jabs and shade throwing at some people… I think it’s getting borderline childish.

    *goes back to reading pharmacology*

  24. Colossus
    December 02, 23:55 Reply

    “Religion and the right to FUCK”

    Such a fun topic

    • Ace
      December 03, 12:30 Reply

      Lol! And they said mine was awkward. Ok o

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