Random Questions: About Denying Your Service To A Homophobe

Random Questions: About Denying Your Service To A Homophobe

Someone posed this question in a Facebook group I belong to, and the responses ranged from swift affirmation to guarded indulgence.

“Would you deny a homophobe your professional services?” was asked.

“Yes, I would,” a group member said resolutely.

“Depends. Does he know I’m gay and directed the homophobia at me?” someone else opined. “I think it’s right to refuse to serve an abusive customer, whatever the form of abuse.”

“If he were directly abusive toward me, that hardly constitutes an environment for me to render a service to him, does it?” someone else commented.

The general tone in the comments section of this post was the same: no LGBT person would be predisposed to offering his service to a homophobe.

And the questioner put on the garb of the devil’s advocate and wanted to know what then we would say if a homophobe decided to deny us service based on no other grounds but our sexuality.

So I suppose it’s two random questions that I have for y’all:

“Would you deny a homophobe your professional services?”


“Do you think a homophobe should have the right to deny you his service based on his bias against your sexuality?”

Drop your answers in the comments section.

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  1. Simba
    September 05, 05:05 Reply

    The baker that refused his services to the gay couple got the court backing and celebrated. I can can refuse to touch him even in emergency as a Dr, but unfortunately I will go to jail and my license withdrawn. And that is why, we are called minority. GoodNight.

    • Francis
      September 05, 06:14 Reply

      Can one be prosecuted for refusing to see a patient for the patient’s good? Asin you are so biased against the idiot, that you know you won’t offer him the best care and would most probably work towards killing him? 🤔🤔

  2. Francis
    September 05, 06:18 Reply

    Would you deny a homophobe your professional services? A big yes especially if I can get away with it without legal action

    Do you think a homophobe should have the right to deny you his service based on his bias against your sexuality? Yes. Just as I should have the right to return the gesture.

    P.S: Bikonu look into our comment notification system again. Thanks

  3. Swan King
    September 05, 07:50 Reply

    As a professional, Yes and No.
    As a person, Yes.

    As a professional, if it were an emergency I will not deny him my services as a doctor. If it weren’t an emergency, say regular clinic consult and he makes a homophobic comment at me, immediately I’ll tell him, “I’m sorry sir/ma but I feel a certain bias towards U that have clouded my Judgement and hence I cannot be objective in my interaction with U. It is in Ur best interest to see another doctor”.
    If someone who’s a known homophobe like Tunde Eggnog or Linda Ikeja were to come to my practice, I will be very professional with them. I will answer their questions and do what is best for them, medically. Until they decide to insult me, then all bets are off.

    As a person, I encounter homophobes everywhere. The whistling, the subdued conversations that end when U enter a room, the mock gesticulation, even the idiots that have the guts to attempt to tell me “how to be manly”, these I do not suffer gladly. Basically, I will not insult U. But if insult me whatever happens afterwards is on U. Be it stupidity, homophobia, racism, ethnicism. As long as it is aimed at my person, I’ll take it and give it back to U in full measure.

    That said, U can be homophobic but if U are
    a consummate professionall, I can and I will do business with U if there’s no option as good/better than U. If it’s personal, I will not interact with U.

    • Francis
      September 05, 08:11 Reply

      Insightful comment. So basically the attack has to be direct before you take offense and launch defense. Thanks man

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