Say NO To Hookups In Ojo, Lagos!!!

Say NO To Hookups In Ojo, Lagos!!!

This cannot be stressed enough. Granted, anyone can get kitoed anywhere in Lagos, but when you have recognized a place that poses a constant risk to gay men looking to hookup, YOU STAY AWAY!

Recently, a KDian reached out to me. He stays in Okokomaiko and he was frustrated with his efforts at hooking up. Apparently, anyone who he told where he lives would cuss him out and block him and just generally refuse to meet him. And he wanted to know if there was any measures Kito Diaries can take to conscientize the community in a way that will favour those actual gay men who live in these red zone areas.

But as much as I commiserate with situations like this, I cannot do that. The risk of running into those looking to victimize gay men far, far outweighs the chances of meeting a genuine hookup.

PS: It looks like when it comes to gay people, the Christian God is okay with sharing a common ground with the gods of our land.

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  1. Absalom
    May 23, 05:41 Reply

    Also, if you’re reading this, the National Assembly has released a statement calling on gay Nigerians to delete Grindr from their phones.

    Speaking to newsmen yesterday, Senate President Abike Dabiri said it was time for gay men all over the country to realise that konji may be uncomfortable but it never killed anyone.

    This is Absalom, reporting for BBC Africa.

    • Mandy
      May 23, 08:18 Reply

      LMAO. You could’ve fooled me. I swear you were reporting live from Bisi Alimi Network News. He’s the one who told us to cancel Grindr.

    • Mandy
      May 23, 08:13 Reply

      Lol. I know, right? If it actually exists.

  2. Mandy
    May 23, 08:15 Reply

    This chat is evidence that Kito Diaries is doing its job. Let’s keep staying wary and wise. 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Delle
    May 23, 11:27 Reply

    This one is an animal o. “We are everywhere”

    That’s just dirty. Makes me think of a couple of sea lions out to feed. Ewww! We would annihilate them all. He’s an idiot! Stupid fag that can’t come to terms with who he is. God has rejected your scrawny ass. Stop using him to propel your evil deeds!

    God I hate the confidence of that mongrel. The entitlement. I hate that he hasn’t been caught and mauled. Don’t worry. Only a matter of time.

  4. ROCK
    May 23, 11:54 Reply

    If you have a weapon,go with it.Maybe by the time one person gets seriously injured…their eyes will clear.

  5. Pankar
    May 23, 17:08 Reply

    PS: It looks like when it comes to gay people, the Christian God is okay with sharing a common ground with the gods of our land.

    A fool just spoke and I see no need to ‘read’ him seriously. Focus energy on his wickedness

  6. Pankar
    May 23, 17:12 Reply

    PS: It looks like when it comes to gay people, the Christian God is okay with sharing a common ground with the gods of our land.

    The fool just spoke what he feels and I see no need to read him seriously. Focus energy on his wickedness jor

  7. Bee
    May 23, 17:14 Reply

    Nigerian gay men need gun licenses.

  8. NaijaTGal
    May 23, 18:09 Reply

    I want to thank and commend Pinky for the work he and his team are doing here and I want us to never underestimate the extremes these people are willing to go in their irrational acts motivated fear/hate of/for the LGBTI community.

    Those if us who have fallen victim must come together to fight against this menace and I am saying this outside the context of becoming an ‘activist’.

    Let’s get more organised against these degenerate bastards who are fueled by their bitterness and internalised homophobia.

    We are not going to achieve anything concrete by cowering away each time an attack happens, there’s a lot we can actually do as a community.

    I am so tired of this… *sigh*

    May 24, 08:28 Reply

    This is just terrible. Why not attack the attackers? May seem real dangerous for someone to act as bait and all that but I mean, wld we continue to live in fear? If such a come back can be staged, it would send a strong message that enough is enough. My two cents

  10. Brian Collins
    May 25, 22:57 Reply

    Ewooooo. I come back from the obodo and this is what I see. “kito family are expanding”. I’m sorry, but that is super hilarious.

  11. ROCK
    May 26, 16:01 Reply

    Would be nice to set up the set up.
    Use a guy as bait while ten other guys are chilling in a car nearby.
    Once the kito shows up and shows out,DEAL badly with them.
    They will have a rethink.Remember,these guys are actually cowards that feed on our fears.

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