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Random Questions VI

And the award for the Greatest Thirst goes to…? 😀

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Call for Submissions | An Anthology of Nigerian Queer Art

You are invited to submit your work to a new anthology celebrating LGBT life and community in Nigeria. Here are the details: On January 13 2014, the administration of Goodluck

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Downton Abbey, Mrs Maisel, And The Nigerian Gay Clime

Awhile back, I watched two Western television back to back. One was Downton Abbey, the movie. And the other was the third season of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. And it


  1. ambivalentone
    June 03, 06:40 Reply

    I reserve my comment before someone somewhere will say trash about my intense dislike for certain ppl. Good morning

    • Pink Panther
      June 03, 06:52 Reply

      Hehehee! Since when have you ever censored your opinion on the MGM ministry?

      • Francis
        June 03, 07:19 Reply

        He’s in a warreva mood today ????

  2. Delle
    June 03, 08:55 Reply

    Can someone please put up an epistle on what being humanist means and then tag some certain people to it? Clearly a lot of people do not understand what humanism means.

    That said, I’m so glad my morning blog is back. I feel ‘full’ again.

  3. Bloom
    June 03, 12:51 Reply

    I find it ironical that his name is ‘Bright’, when his head is dark. PHCN probably powers his brain

  4. Quinn
    June 03, 22:20 Reply

    Oh look! yet another ignorant fuck…next!

  5. Bryann
    June 03, 22:40 Reply

    Haven’t tou noticed people wear tags they do vaguely understand. A homophobic humanist, that okays rape. Seriously this is too much.

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