Say NO To Hookups In Ojo, Lagos!!!

Say NO To Hookups In Ojo, Lagos!!!

This cannot be stressed enough. Granted, anyone can get kitoed anywhere in Lagos, but when you have recognized a place that poses a constant risk to gay men looking to hookup, YOU STAY AWAY!

Recently, a KDian reached out to me. He stays in Okokomaiko and he was frustrated with his efforts at hooking up. Apparently, anyone who he told where he lives would cuss him out and block him and just generally refuse to meet him. And he wanted to know if there was any measures Kito Diaries can take to conscientize the community in a way that will favour those actual gay men who live in these red zone areas.

But as much as I commiserate with situations like this, I cannot do that. The risk of running into those looking to victimize gay men far, far outweighs the chances of meeting a genuine hookup.

PS: It looks like when it comes to gay people, the Christian God is okay with sharing a common ground with the gods of our land.

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  1. Absalom
    May 23, 05:41 Reply

    Also, if you’re reading this, the National Assembly has released a statement calling on gay Nigerians to delete Grindr from their phones.

    Speaking to newsmen yesterday, Senate President Abike Dabiri said it was time for gay men all over the country to realise that konji may be uncomfortable but it never killed anyone.

    This is Absalom, reporting for BBC Africa.

    • Mandy
      May 23, 08:18 Reply

      LMAO. You could’ve fooled me. I swear you were reporting live from Bisi Alimi Network News. He’s the one who told us to cancel Grindr.

    • Mandy
      May 23, 08:13 Reply

      Lol. I know, right? If it actually exists.

  2. Mandy
    May 23, 08:15 Reply

    This chat is evidence that Kito Diaries is doing its job. Let’s keep staying wary and wise. ???

  3. Delle
    May 23, 11:27 Reply

    This one is an animal o. “We are everywhere”

    That’s just dirty. Makes me think of a couple of sea lions out to feed. Ewww! We would annihilate them all. He’s an idiot! Stupid fag that can’t come to terms with who he is. God has rejected your scrawny ass. Stop using him to propel your evil deeds!

    God I hate the confidence of that mongrel. The entitlement. I hate that he hasn’t been caught and mauled. Don’t worry. Only a matter of time.

  4. ROCK
    May 23, 11:54 Reply

    If you have a weapon,go with it.Maybe by the time one person gets seriously injured…their eyes will clear.

  5. Pankar
    May 23, 17:08 Reply

    PS: It looks like when it comes to gay people, the Christian God is okay with sharing a common ground with the gods of our land.

    A fool just spoke and I see no need to ‘read’ him seriously. Focus energy on his wickedness

  6. Pankar
    May 23, 17:12 Reply

    PS: It looks like when it comes to gay people, the Christian God is okay with sharing a common ground with the gods of our land.

    The fool just spoke what he feels and I see no need to read him seriously. Focus energy on his wickedness jor

  7. Bee
    May 23, 17:14 Reply

    Nigerian gay men need gun licenses.

  8. NaijaTGal
    May 23, 18:09 Reply

    I want to thank and commend Pinky for the work he and his team are doing here and I want us to never underestimate the extremes these people are willing to go in their irrational acts motivated fear/hate of/for the LGBTI community.

    Those if us who have fallen victim must come together to fight against this menace and I am saying this outside the context of becoming an ‘activist’.

    Let’s get more organised against these degenerate bastards who are fueled by their bitterness and internalised homophobia.

    We are not going to achieve anything concrete by cowering away each time an attack happens, there’s a lot we can actually do as a community.

    I am so tired of this… *sigh*

    May 24, 08:28 Reply

    This is just terrible. Why not attack the attackers? May seem real dangerous for someone to act as bait and all that but I mean, wld we continue to live in fear? If such a come back can be staged, it would send a strong message that enough is enough. My two cents

  10. Brian Collins
    May 25, 22:57 Reply

    Ewooooo. I come back from the obodo and this is what I see. “kito family are expanding”. I’m sorry, but that is super hilarious.

  11. ROCK
    May 26, 16:01 Reply

    Would be nice to set up the set up.
    Use a guy as bait while ten other guys are chilling in a car nearby.
    Once the kito shows up and shows out,DEAL badly with them.
    They will have a rethink.Remember,these guys are actually cowards that feed on our fears.

  12. urgent
    July 11, 14:22 Reply

    the real name of Emmanuel Ben 09086538848 (ring leader of ojo, Ikotun, igando, iyana school) setup is chidebere Michael opara. his Facebook address is ebere much fundz. his grilfriends name in facebook is love anabel. in her friends list, you will see 2 more setups there such as; sammy banks and oluwaseun emmanuel. as we speak he is currently in owerri setting up TBS. pass this message to all Tb social media accounts in owerri and warn them. his gang now uses guns and kidnappers victims, calling their families outing them as gay, and demanding for Ransom money. they are all members of black axe confraternity. any time any Tb is set up, he should trace them and file hand them over to law enforcement agencies. he is under police survelliance, as he has a pending kidnapping case SARS Enugu and a recent one in Lagos before running to owerri. VERY URGENT WARN TBS IN OWERRI. him that has ears, let him hear.

  13. Shallams
    July 17, 00:34 Reply

    The picture used is actually a friend of mine. This is so sad.

  14. Jay_son
    October 05, 10:23 Reply

    OMG, I’m really sad now, why didn’t I see dis earlier, thanks kito dairies for this exposure, at least dis miserable twat can be avoided
    I met dat good for nothing, miserable thing early this year(feb) on badoo, he told me the exact same thing about being married and his family being in Texas, and with the exact photos on his badoo profile, he told me he stays at ojo or so, and requested for us to meet, he even said I should come with my friends in a taxi that he would pay for it,
    On Saturday, I seriously don’t know Wat got into me ,I agreed to meet with me, my instincts weren’t okay with it, but I chose to ignore them(reason why I still blame myself), I got to iyana school bus stop as agreed, because he said when I get there I should call him and he’d send his driver to pick me up, when I got there, he then sent a text giving me directions on where to meet him, another sign which I chose to ignore again(i feel so stupid, to have fallen prey to this…(I just can’t find the hateful words to describe him)
    When I got to d location which he sent(which looked a bit deserted, but had a church close to it, which made me feel a bit at rest, how naiive I was,
    Then I called him and he sent someone to come get me,(d guy had tattoos on his hands,indictating he’s likely not responsible ) seriously thinking about how these signs played out loudly in my ears, makes me feel so stupid for ignoring them, I know myself and with those signs I shld have avoided the meeting or cancelled it, but I just don’t know Wat got into me, was it d money he promised to send ???or the fact that I had just spent close to 1k to get there, hoping to get the money back from him and probably much more or maybe I was under a spell that clouded my reasoning I seriously dont know
    Now back to the story,the guy that came to get me took me to a building that somewhat looked like a deserted hotel,(why didn’t I just turn back, why!!,I just followed like a lamb to be slaughtered)
    He took me to a room, and then before I knew it some other guys(four) started trooping in, then it dawned on me that I had been set up, they took d bag I want with and searched it found my ATM card(something told me to drop it at home before I left, but I took just in case an emergency came up)
    My phone was taken for me, I had the mobile banking app on my phone, so they tried transferring the money Frm my account into theirs, but it didn’t go, something that usually goes smoothly and my internet connection was strong cos my online messages were trooping in (if only it had gone, I would have been able to track them, it was as if all odds were against me)
    Then two stayed with me whilst the other two went to withdraw the money using my ATM, 1
    As those two guys were with, the things they said they’d do to me if I gave them a wrong password, was out of this world, they said they were gonna strip me naked and video me, call my parents and they even asked me to call my other guys to send me more money, worst of all, I was asked If I could take the four of them round(like give them bj), I was already crying my eyes out, thinking of all the disease I could contract Frm them, cos two of them had bloodshot eyes,with black lips from smoking( which they were currently doing), and looked disease strickened
    Thank God none of the above happened, although they tried calling my parent, thankfully the call didn’t go through,
    I was rough handled, thankfully,I wasn’t left with any bruise,the other two came back, after withdrawing the money from my account, they gave me my ATM back and told me If I should try any thing funny, they’ll report me to the whole neighborhood as being gay and all,
    One of them escorted me out of the evil den, and told me to go, then I said I didn’t have transport money on me(cos they had taken everything Frm me, including my phone), he gave me some money, called a bike for me(acting all kind and nice after being the devil few minutes ago),told d bike man where to drop me and left
    As I was on the bike, so many thoughts flashed through my mind,( all the thoughts of the previous signs I had talked about earlier and how stupid and naive I was to have chosen not to take heed to the warnings)
    Well, my friends that’s my story, my advice to y’all (is there really a need for it?? Cos kito dairies is really doing a great job here and I’d be saying the same thing, they had advised on)
    Let me just say this at least, when u meet someone online, first and foremost request for his number, then go straight to truecaller and try to identify that number, (if nothing comes up on that number, dat shows something is fishy), then go over to facebook messenger and search for that number, (most people have their facebook account linked to their numbers, so u be able to get him), if nothing comes up on facebook, then something is definitely not right, and if u are lucky to have his details on facebook,dont stop there, go through his profile on facebook, if there are hardly any pictures of him and pics of him with his friends, they u need to flee from him
    Well, if after ur investigations,u feel convinced, request for a video call via Whatsapp, to confirm the pictures u saw on facebook,
    Never, and never agreed to meet in a place u are not familiar with, let alone his house or an hotel, if he suggests his house, request for a change of location to an open place like a restaurant that u know of very very well(if possible let the restaurant attendants know u sef, ?? ), if he complains that he doesn’t have enough money,(show him dat uve got some class, bitch and say u’d be paying for ur own meal)
    If he still disagrees, then right there, end everything u have to do with him, Dont even hesitate

    Thanks for taking ur time to read through my story, hope y’all learn a thing or two Frm it
    Thanks kitodiaries for this exposure

    • Jaywon
      October 05, 15:54 Reply

      If they transferred money from your account to theirs and you are sure its theirs, then its simple get the bank statement of that transaction and file a formal report to SARS Ikeja, on extortion. It will be easy to Trace them and get.

      • Jay_son
        October 05, 16:11 Reply

        Unfortunately the transfer didn’t go through, so they took my ATM card to withdraw the money….
        If it had gone through, I would have tracked them long ago
        Anyways, thanks

        • Jaywon
          October 05, 17:10 Reply

          the money withdrawn, was it via the ATM machine or pos? How much was withdrawn?

          • Jay_son
            October 05, 18:41 Reply

            Oga, u and these ur questions, nawa oooo
            Will telling u give me back my money???

            • Jaywon
              October 05, 23:34 Reply

              Sorry for the questions! Was trying to help you get the culprits pay for their crimes. But your comments and response doesn’t sound like one who was setup sounds more like a kito making a mockery of the lgbt community.

              By the way am not a fan off posting peoples numbers, more so if the number is unfamiliar in our hall of shame.

              • Jay_son
                October 06, 02:33 Reply

                I still don’t get ur point, come to think of it if I’m actually a kito do u think I’d like to waste my time typing the long story of my kito experience???
                And I replied that the way I did because ur questions were becoming suspicious,
                If u had read the Story well u would have seen where I wrote the online transfer didn’t go through and I clearly stated that my ATM CARD was taken and yet u still came to ask questions

                Come to think of it, do u think I wouldn’t have tried any possible way to track those guys Down??
                Bottom line is that, I had actually forgotten about it, and have moved on, my experience happened more like 7months ago, u don’t expect me to still be rolling on the floor about it, do u??
                I just wanted to share my experience, since I haven’t told anyone the truth about wat actually happened that day, and I feel much okay letting it out…… So if u still think I’m a kito, well that’s ur own wahala

  15. Jay_son
    October 05, 10:28 Reply

    About my comment earlier these are the details,
    Ps: the guy in that picture is not d setup, it’s a group of four guys impersonating him, pls let’s all be careful
    +1 (979) 292-5134(dats his Whatsapp number)

    • Jaywon
      October 05, 23:36 Reply

      @urgent, since you know insiders in the kito family can you help us confirm his kito story and expose the culprits.

      • Jay_son
        October 06, 02:46 Reply

        If u think I’m lying try contacting the number which I posted via and see for urself, I still have the number on my phone and his last seen as at now 4:59pm, which means he’s still on the prowl for guys,

  16. Curve
    August 22, 14:53 Reply

    2 weeks ago I got kitoed too at ojo around iyana school area,they took my phone and and my ATM and everything I had on me they even called my dad and asked him to pay some money which he did into an O pay account before they released me

    +2347038369373, that’s the number of the guy that set me up

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