Remember Irvin Randle aka Mr. Steal Your Grandma? The 54 year old Houston schoolteacher broke the internet a few months ago with his good looks and impeccable fashion sense. Women all across the world were going crazy over Grandpa, but it’s looking like Mr. Randle may be checking for the men!

Randle did some interviews during the internet furor surrounding his fashionable good looks, and appeared to be pandering to the ladies. He even posted on the social media, slamming claims that he was gay.

Well, leave it to one of the kids to out somebody. Some messy Houston native by the name of Ahmad Booth took it upon himself to claim ole grandpa and put him out there.ahamad-booth-irvin-randle-mr-steal-your-grandmatemp_regrann_1474013452577

What are your thoughts on this?

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