Is There Any Justification For Somebody Being Kito And Victimizing Gay People?

Is There Any Justification For Somebody Being Kito And Victimizing Gay People?

Is the presence of hardship in a person’s life an excuse for him to turn around to victimize his fellow human being as a means of creating a better life for himself? Is economic starvation a justification for attacking and victimizing people over their sexual orientation? Is a tough upbringing enough reason to try to make somebody else’s life tougher?

A KDian (named Hausdorff Space El, whose story as a gay man living in Asaba’s toxic gay bashing environment will be coming here soon) recently got into a conversation with his friend following the recent apprehension of kito scum in Asaba. These two Delta natives were talking about the upsetting situation of rampant victimization of gay men in Asaba when Hausdorff’s friend referred to a kito perpetrator they both know not getting “the best childhood.”

“You don’t wanna imagine what you would’ve become if you were exposed to what that guy was exposed to,” this friend said.

To which Hausdorff responded, “We’ve all had our fair share of life’s predicaments. Still doesn’t justify our wrongdoing. In the end, it comes down to whether or not we understand the choices we make thereafter.”

The conversation went on with this friend trying to make a case for understanding of kito criminals and why they do what they do because of their conditions or what they’ve been through.

But Hausdorff says something profound: “You dey try to do good everyday no mean say you no abi do bad thing. Na daily choice wey we choose to dey do.”

Check out their conversation:

I remember when this story, In The Eye Of A Criminal (Knowing Utali Ekwensu), was published, a KDian came to me privately to talk about her reaction to the title when she saw it. “I saw the title ‘Knowing Utali Ekwensu’,” she said, “and I remember thinking: No! I don’t want to know this murderer. I don’t want to understand where he’s coming from or that he might be human. Because he’s not. He’s a monster who killed an actual human being.”

Of course, the story wasn’t about humanizing Utali Ekwensu (the guy who killed a gay man in Anambra in March). But it was interesting to note the reaction to any hint of a justification of someone being a kito perpetrator.

How about you guys? What do y’all think? Is there room for justifying why one man can turn into a monster because of how deprived his life has been?

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  1. Mitch
    August 18, 07:44 Reply

    We’ve had this conversation before, you and I. You know that nothing, absolutely nothing, would ever make me sympathise with kitoers. I can pretend to see reason with and educate you over homophobia. Kitoers will never get that from me.

    What kitoers deserve is to be drenched with boiling hot tar! All of this nonsense mercy is the reason we’re in this mess of a country.

    Kill the motherfuckers!
    Maybe then others would start having sense.

  2. Dillish
    August 18, 07:47 Reply

    If we begin to make excuses for kitos as to why they began setting people up, we are gonna have to excuse many for their wrongdoings on the basis of “the background” they came from. If you are not able to get a job maybe because of lack of skills or degree, you can fuck for pay and there are people who will gladly pay you for your service. But you chose to go the criminal way by stealing, conniving and sometimes killing innocent folks because life isn’t fair to you? Miss me with that BS abeg

  3. Zoar
    August 18, 08:07 Reply

    With that logic. Then all humans should automatically turn violent against another human because of a sad Experience.

    Everybody has one tale they’ve had to endure as humans and still life continued to move on. That’s what maturity is, facing stuffs and still rising above them all while still holding on to your humanity!!!!

    Anyone caught involved in a crime should be treated like a criminal.

  4. Black Dynasty
    August 18, 08:42 Reply

    Context is everything but as adults we have choices to make. I can understand how they got there, but how they got there is never the reason for why they did it. They made the choice to do it. You’d have to be a high level sociopath or a psychopath to not feel wrong for doing it… and even that is not an excuse.

    The hurt someone has been through is never justification to hurt other people…. ever (except maybe the person who harmed you).

  5. Silvanus Lule
    August 19, 16:00 Reply

    That is not an excuse, some of us have been through hell and back, we literally ate the bread that the devil himself kneaded , but still we did not resort to heinous crimes to get by, we used those experiences to lift ourselves up and become better people. I do not agree at all with this upbringing story it’s just an excuse for evil people to do evil things …….

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