The World’s Hottest Teacher Complains He’s A Victim Of Male Objectification

The World’s Hottest Teacher Complains He’s A Victim Of Male Objectification

When a student posted an image of heartthrob maths teacher Pietro Boselli on a social media site, it sparked an internet frenzy in the weeks that followed. The handsome Italian model with a PhD was widely celebrated for being the perfect mix of beauty and brains.

However, it seems such attention comes with a downside. Boselli is now claiming he’s unhappy with the way his looks have all but dwarfed his academic capabilities…and that some women can’t keep their hands to their selves.

The 26-year-old originally from Brescia, Italy, writing in Grazia magazine, claims he knows how Games of Thrones actor Kit Harington feels when he says he’s been ‘objectified’ by women.
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Harington said recently: ‘To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning…in the same way as it is for women.’

Boselli said his rise to fame has seen women grab his bottom, which made him feel uncomfortable, adding: ‘If a guy did to a girl some of the things I’ve been subjected too, everyone would agree how out of line they were – yet it’s often accepted the other way around.’

Boselli, who has been modeling since he was six years old, originally tried to keep his modeling a secret from his colleagues at the University College London (UCL) where he taught, for fear they might ‘look down on him’.

In an interview with the Times earlier this month, the advanced maths lecturer said that when he was trying to establish himself as a teacher, he didn’t want to include his work for fashion companies such as Abercrombie and Fitch on his CV and was less than proud of his alternative career.

He added that he didn’t want students in his classroom or his teaching peers to know, saying: ‘I think, in a way, I was ashamed. I thought people in academia would look down on me.’

Although Boselli admits that his new-found fame has plenty of upsides, he also adds that he now has to be careful about his male friends because often they ‘just want to hang out with me as they think I’ll attract the best-looking girls. It’s made me defensive because I have to prove my personality.’

Growing up in Italy, the young Boselli was scouted by Armani Junior, which started off a double life of studying hard for his exams and posing in front of the lens whenever he could. He calls himself a ‘nerd’ and says that his studies were his priority growing up, forcing him to turn down lucrative jobs that would take him away from his books.

His students at UCL, where he taught while studying for his PhD, did eventually discover the fitness fanatic’s secret, after Googling him. When one maths student, Arief Azli, discovered his 6ft 1in lecturer’s Instagram account, which has now amassed more than 480,000 followers, and has plenty of images of him in varying states of undress, he tweeted: ‘That moment when you realise your maths lecturer is a top designer model.’

Azil posted a picture of his lecturer scribbling equations on the whiteboard next to one of him shirtless with the caption: ‘Only at UCL #MechanicalEngineers? #ModellingandAnalysis #Bromance?.’

Other students soon followed suit and posted pictures of him taking classes, with one saying: ‘This is why I never miss a class’.

Boselli says he knew his students had cottoned on when they started to take ‘sneaky’ images of him while he was at the front of the lecture hall.

Now the secret’s out, the model, who has signed for top agency Models 1, says he’s not worried about them seeing him posing topless.

‘People ask me “why are you topless in pictures? Why don’t you have any clothes on?” But training is a big part of my life. I started going to the gym when I moved to London and, like everything I do, I’m very focused. I train once or twice a day and I’m happy to get recognition for having a good physique.’

Boselli has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and is hoping that the money he earns from modeling will help him to establish his own engineering company in London.

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  1. Mandy
    May 01, 04:09 Reply

    Even some shameless KDians objectified him, lusting thirstily after him. While all I could see was a very smart, very brawny — sorry, brainy man.

  2. DeadlyDarius
    May 01, 04:41 Reply

    Oh no what a tragedy…..he’s being objectified *crying a river*

  3. pete
    May 01, 04:59 Reply

    you can’t be a model & complain of being objectified

    • Chris
      May 01, 06:05 Reply

      true talk, but cum, no, come to think of it, put it this way,
      objectify me on the runway but visualise me as just another male species when not on the runaway

  4. Masked Man
    May 01, 05:26 Reply

    PRIVATE LESSONS TEACHER. And I’d keep failing sef.

  5. Absalom
    May 01, 05:49 Reply

    Err, this is probably sexist but… I don’t know that the objectification of men is as bad or threatening as the one women go through daily (even when they are not models). The objectification of women is driven by male privilege and a cocky sense of entitlement that women exist for the pleasure of men. Music videos.

    I get that the attention he is getting now is distracting him from his academic interests, but I find it difficult to believe he is “not proud” of his modelling work. Really? He is breaking a stereotype here about beautiful-brainless people, isn’t that something to be proud of? Did he think he could keep his “alternate” career a secret forever?

    Rather than, uh, complaining, he should focus on showing that being hot and being nerdy do not have to be mutually exclusive. I personally think the expression “beauty and brains” is not a compliment.

    Also he can be stricter with those students. By the time they fail his course twice they’ll stop ogling his rippling arms and pay attention in class.

    • trystham
      May 01, 16:11 Reply

      Uhm…errr…isn’t it the idea to fail the course so as to keep seeing n lusting after him?

  6. chestnut
    May 01, 06:18 Reply

    Hian! Oga ticha, we’ve given u attention,now u won’t let us rest abi? I aint mad at u tho; milk it baby…milk it DRY! Hehe…

  7. Ace
    May 01, 06:43 Reply

    Abeg, I feel he is trying too hard to be modest. For goodness sake you are hot and have a PhD in Mechanical engineering! In your 20s! Please if you didn’t get the memo but I think God after making you on Sunday mistakenly switched your brain with that of Einstein.

  8. Eros
    May 01, 06:55 Reply

    Kit Harington’s hair

    Kit Harington’s fabulously long hair.

    Kit Harington’s smouldering eyes

    Kit Harington’s body


    Lord knows that if Snow fell in Nigeria, I’d be getting 8 inches of it every single day.

  9. kendigin
    May 01, 07:10 Reply

    Someone tell this mumu to shut up. Hes obviously trying to extend his 15mins of fame as long as possible.
    If women r disturbing u, y complain? I thot its supposed to be the other way round….tscheeew

  10. Peak
    May 01, 08:50 Reply

    “Boselli said his rise to fame has seen women grab his bottom” lol boselli luv, you don’t wanna know what I ve to say about that. Just chuck it up and move on

  11. Sinnex
    May 01, 09:43 Reply

    Didn’t know who Kit Harington was until I googled him. Although I am a fan on GOT, but there is nothing spectacular about the guy na.

    Anyway, I dont even see why the guy is complaining. He is even lucky say na girls whey dey ‘objectify’ am, if na man nko, wetin im for do….mtchewww.

    The only thing spectacular about the guy is the fact that he is 26 and already has a PhD in Engineering and teaches in a very nice school.

  12. Max
    May 01, 10:16 Reply

    Oh chimoo, he doesn’t want all the attention. Please does anyone have his number? I need some of that fame, it’ll do a lot of good to my bank account.

  13. pinkpanthertb
    May 01, 12:37 Reply

    LMAO!!! Keredim, your sarcasm sometimes takes awhile. And then it hits me. LOL

  14. Sinnex
    May 01, 13:03 Reply

    @Keredim I have watched a lot of series and don’t even know the names of the cast. Don’t know names of most movie personalities. I watch a good movie and move a way. Just like saying I am a fan of One Republic or The Fray and don’t know their names.

    There is a difference between fan of a movie and a personality….I think!

    Or, do you know the names of the cast of GoT? As in all of them?

    • keredim69
      May 01, 15:57 Reply

      Come on!!! At least the main characters!! The ones central to the story line. He is a key character (albeit dispensable as are all characters in GOT)

      • Chuck
        May 01, 17:23 Reply

        There are indispensable characters in GOT. Martin has just confused most readers about who the indispensable ones are. If you read the books closely enough you will discover the three protagonists

        • keredim69
          May 01, 17:25 Reply

          I am sure there are I am sure there are. We are talking about the TV version.

      • Sinnex
        May 01, 17:40 Reply

        Then maybe I am not a fan.

        I watched Desperate Housewives, OC, OZ, True Blood, Merlin, House of Cards, Originals, Greek, Grey’s Anatomy and many more; and I can tell you for a fact that I don’t know the names of the major cast. It is only when I see them in another series or movie, then I’d say ‘wow, look at the guy in…’

    • Chuck
      May 01, 19:10 Reply

      The TV show follows the books – it is just as clear who the protagonists are. Which characters’ inner conflicts of self -realization are focused on the most?

  15. Teflondon
    May 01, 13:47 Reply

    I remember saying people including Kdains were drooling over him like an hyena on its period.. The other time. I guess I was right after all.. Prolly the only one with a calm titties that day.. As I get people like this all the time. Yes African version.
    I don’t get why he is complaining about getting all the attention he is getting now.. I mean who doesn’t want to stay in the spotlight. I guess this is one of his tatics to remain in the spotlight and probably claim humble and “Righteous” being.

    • Max
      May 02, 06:49 Reply

      Unlike you, not everyone loves “being on the spotlight”.

    May 01, 14:54 Reply

    Lol. Everybody is sha protesting something these days…

  17. GOld
    May 03, 01:29 Reply

    Teflondon do get off ur high horse pls.

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