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Straight Hollywood Stars Pose As Gay Couples To Show ‘Love Is Love’

A bold and powerful photography project is bringing celebrities together to pose as same-sex couples and families as a way to combat homophobia and provide positive images of recognizable figures

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‘Why I Lost My Gay Membership.’ Bisexual Porn Star Logan McCree Wants Us To Know

Thoroughly-inked German porn stud Logan McCree, who mostly disappeared from American porn in the last few years and shacked up with a woman in Scotland, is legitimately bisexual — as

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“We are not gay!” Adam Zango and other Kannywood actors swear with the Quran

Kannywood actor, Adam Zango, has denied speculations circulating in the Hausa film industry that he was involved in gay activities with some of his colleagues in the industry. Zango denied

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  1. Black Dynasty
    May 11, 07:01 Reply

    I genuinely feel pity when I see this level of ignorance being spewed.
    The man is not comfortable enough in his skin to be himself but seeking validation from other men on what it means to be a man…. whilst not realising the irony.

    Whilst reading Brene’s brown book: Daring greatly, a survey (by the American psychologist association) sought to seek qualities of masculinity and hating gay men in particular was one of the characteristics. Basically anything perceived to be weak was on that list. So someone like this man will certainly spew raw hatred of gay men.

    Ps if you’re looking for how to live unapologetically, i highly recommend that book & the power of vulnerability…. same author. Audiobook is even better.

    • J
      May 11, 17:00 Reply

      Thanks for the book recommendation, I downloaded a PDF. Hoping to start reading soon 🤗

    • Usamah Luck
      May 12, 08:21 Reply

      i totally disagree with all of these, I don’t think there is anything wrong with any of these aside for the context placed, there is nothing like toxic masculinity only misguided people.

  2. Mandy
    May 11, 07:38 Reply

    I actually feel sorry for him. All these rigid rules on how he is expected to be. Can’t be a fun or interesting way to live. Actually, I feel more sorry for any women who’d marry him and the kids they’d have.

  3. trystham
    May 11, 09:21 Reply

    What is a ‘Cinderella voice’ btw? I still think Ariel or Pocahontas is better

  4. Delle
    May 11, 10:08 Reply

    Football brings out rugged masculinity!? 🤣🤣🤣
    Tell that to the many gay men I know that go to viewing centers just to take in full, deep breaths of the pheromones hanging in the air AND to check the ‘bounce’ of those playing. Ruggedness my pert behind! 😂

    Check his history, he’s most likely a victim of constant bullying owing his one-time soft features, had to ‘toughen’ up and ended up a brick instead.

    He’s in my prayers.

    • Malik
      May 13, 05:27 Reply

      Wallahi. Rather than debate his ignorant, idiotic posts, we should just have organized some form of prayer meeting. I’m not sure human beings can help this guy. He seems too far gone.

  5. Higwe
    May 11, 11:52 Reply

    Been wondering when someone would explore this angle 😂😂😂

    The Twitter millennials and feminists *
    The half assed gay advocate *
    Crossdressers *
    Funny guy *
    Unpaid political analysts *

    All hackneyed at this point ….

    Finally an uncharted territory ….

    Watch as the idiot breeds a fandom of loyal verminous dogs ….that will lap up all his nonsense .

    Boom !
    Another internet celebrity is born .

  6. Rex
    May 11, 12:58 Reply

    This guy is as stupid as they come… I remember a flatmate that constantly harrassed me because of football but pne day I was fed up and I had to put him in his place. The idiot was saying men that dont watchful ball arent men but alas the idiots father doesnt watch football. I cant even stand fools like this. Ewwwwww

  7. Net
    May 11, 13:07 Reply

    Haha someone should tell him “real men” don’t spell their names that way

  8. Usamah Luck
    May 12, 09:24 Reply

    there is no such thing as toxic masculinity only misguided people

    • Tobi
      May 18, 03:09 Reply

      I’m sorry to say this but there’s indeed a thing called toxic masculinity. Inasmuch as it is proffered by Ignorant Individuals, It still exist and that’s pitiful

  9. MGMHater
    May 12, 10:33 Reply

    100mutual friends with the fool. looool. IH

  10. Jinchuriki
    May 12, 13:43 Reply

    This one that slid in my dms? Let’s ignore this boy.

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