I wasn’t one of those kids who went to parties and did wild things. How could I when I came from a very Christian background, the General Overseer kind of Christian?

But then my life began to change when I traveled overseas for further studies at 18. I had heard many stories of Nigerians abroad and most were in the negative light, so I was ready to be uptight and defensive should I encounter any Nigerian students during my sojourn abroad. I travelled with some friends, three of them, so I wasn’t left on my own and this was advantageous in so many ways. Upon arrival in the new country, we had an airport shuttle take us to our city, and that was when I met my first Nigerian abroad, named Lex.

Lex was your more-than-average looking guy, tall, dark and handsome. I consider myself as someone who doesn’t have a type. But if I had to choose a particular type, I’ll say I’m attracted to brown-skinned, average height and normal looking guys. But Lex was too striking and too tall for me (he was like 6″5). Plus he painted the picture of a clear-cut straight guy; I mean, my gaydar was picking zilch from him. So I advised my entire being to steer clear of developing any attraction for him. He took us to a hotel and got us settled in, showed us where to get food and told the other Nigerians about our arrival so they could help us find apartments and all of that stuff. This was already about 5pm, so I was hella tired.

At about 7pm that evening, I heard a knock on our door. I went to open it and standing in front of me was the guy that would change my life – Jay! He was the kind of thick-in-the-right-places kind of guy and more than average-looking, and he got all my hoe-ly signals in overdrive! Unbeknownst to me, my friends had made contact with the other Nigerians and that was how they got to know Jay. He was sharing a flat with his friend and he offered for us, four of us, to come stay at his place, albeit temporarily until we found our own place. This would prevent us from paying too much hotel bills. This came as a surprise to me, considering all I’d heard about Nigerian students abroad; his generosity was unexpected to me.

Jay was a nice guy, and in the short time we spent in his place, he took good care of us – especially me. You see, when it comes to the aspect of looks, I consider myself below average, so I didn’t expect any preferential treatment. But he took note of me alright. Every one of my friends had to sleep in the living room, but he insisted I sleep in his bedroom, and while we watched movies, he always sat next to me and would rest his head on my shoulders or lay in my arms. I found this all unsettling, because nothing had happened between us, nothing to indicate a shared sexual interest.

And nothing was to happen between us for a year, a year during which time we kept in touch and I grew to like him more and more.

The year passed and I finally mustered the courage to ask him if he was gay. I didn’t just blurt the question out of the blue, you must know. That day, he’d gone grocery shopping, and on his way back, he dropped by my place to pick me up so I could join him to his. While we were taking out the groceries, a small bottle of lube fell from one of the bags. With all the porn I’d seen, I sure as hell knew what that shit, and I knew that not many straight guys used it (Straight guys just don’t know how good that stuff is, smh). Knowing what I now knew, I was fired up to know more. I liked this guy and I wanted him with every fibre of my virgin being. (That’s right, I was 19 and I was a virgin).

It wasn’t until the following Sunday, after church, while I was walking home with him, that I dropped the question on him.

“Are you gay?”

The Holy Spirit was rich in me that afternoon.

And in him, too, because he gave me an unflinching yes!

And that started our conversation into how he knew I was gay from the first day he met me (and there I was, thinking I was doing a good job of masking it). This conversation and the knowledge of just how alike we were deepened our friendship.

A couple of weeks later, on another Sunday, Jay didn’t come to church, and being the good Christian that I was, I went to check on him. I met him at home, looking sinfully sexy in his briefs. He said he’d just being too lazy that day to get ready for church. As I watched him talk and move about the house, I didn’t know what started going on with me. I was incredibly horny all of a sudden. So much so that when he suggested we watch a movie and asked which one I wanted to see, I told him we should watch porn. He didn’t flinch from my unusual request. He logged into one of the paid porn sites and we snuggled up to watch.

One thing had to lead to another, of course. Because of my inexperience, I did not know what to do when the chemistry lit up between us. But Jay knew what he was doing, and armed with the knowledge of my virginity, he was ever so delicate with me. Within minutes, our clothes were flying out into the air and dropping to the ground, and we were grasping at each other, locked in fiery, almost combatant kissing.

As we panted and grasped and caressed, overcome with desire, I felt a slight nudging in my mind – the awakening of my greatest fear. Penetration! This fear was compounded when I beheld his dick; Jay was well endowed, width and lengthwise. The thickness kept bobbing and jerking, a furious snake seeking to drive pleasure and pain inside me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” Jay said to me when he noticed my fear.

And I believed him. I held firmly on to that faith in him as I watched him fetch the lube and protection from the night stand. He sheathed himself and lubed me and him very generously. Then after some more kissing, he had me on my back and driving his way gently into my hole. The pain was instantaneous and exploded throughout my entire body. It hurt like a bitch.

But he remained gentle, giving me time to acquaint myself with this foreign body. With time, I was in bliss and he was pounding away. Within minutes, he was cumming all over my body and I felt so fulfilled because, in his words, “your ass was so good.”

And this was just the beginning.

Written by Waber

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