13 Pictures You Can Relate To If You’ve Dated A Bisexual Man

13 Pictures You Can Relate To If You’ve Dated A Bisexual Man

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that it’s all Bantz. It is not to be taken seriously o!

1. When you first meet him

meme 1

Yes! I see husband Material, let me goan price it!

2. Then he finally asks you outmeme 2


3. Then you show him off to your friendsmeme 3

That’s right, girls! That’s him! I’ll be taking just a few questions on how I landed him!

4. You make sure all your friends are jealousmeme 4

Am I glowing? That’s what love can do!

5. First time you are out and he says “tone down the gayness”meme 5

You need recalibration!

6. Then he introduces his girlfriend to youmeme 6


7. He tells his girlfriend you are his cousinmeme 7

Is that so? ! I wasn’t your cousin last night when you were moaning my name o!

8. He hits on another girl while y’all are togethermeme 8

*Dials Funeral Home*

9. He tells you to get a girlfriend as well, so that you can blend inmeme 9

*Stares at his stupidity*

10. You run into his girlfriend at the mall:meme 10

She’s not even that fine sef. Mtchew!

11. Meanwhile he tells you that you cannot date other guysmeme 11

See this weyrey…

12. He asks you to delete Grindr and yet he keeps Tinder.meme 12

Oya na, talk another nonsense, since that’s the game we are playing.

13. You finally decide you have had enough and dump him.meme 13

Abracadabra and get the fuck out!

Created by Dennis Macaulay and Deola

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  1. MagDiva
    July 11, 06:44 Reply

    †☁DEAD☁† ?

    I’ve been so caught up with the current going ons that it’s good to read something light hearted and be able to laugh.

  2. Francis
    July 11, 06:52 Reply


    Aaaaw, you guys tried no be small. This meme stories can sometimes fall flat but this worked.

  3. Nuel
    July 11, 07:03 Reply

    Yeah quite true,the introduction part and calling you his cousin.

    • ambivalentone
      July 11, 07:12 Reply

      The days of the girl sef are numbered if he cannot call you ‘friend’. Cousin loun loun?

  4. ambivalentone
    July 11, 07:15 Reply

    Looool @ pricing the husband material part. And the expressions…DIVINE!
    Biko, whats happening in the second picture?

  5. Kenny
    July 11, 07:41 Reply

    LMAO. ????
    As soon as I started seeing the memes I just knew that messy Deola would be involved. Relatable stuff(some of them @ least)

  6. Masked Man
    July 11, 08:30 Reply

    Jesus Christ?????
    Why Una mumu plenty like this na???

    Oh dear, this was hilarious. Especially Did a Ritz slaying in that lipsync in the second meme.

    • Deola
      July 11, 08:54 Reply

      That lipsync is Iconic!
      That’s how a a true lip sync should be done. Like get into the song, and have fun, none of that tearing wig and clothes desperation nonsense that people like Milan do. ????

      • Delle
        July 11, 10:41 Reply

        Milan? What wee you now say of Mimi Imfirst and her martial arts? Jinx Monsoon and Detox’s lipsync was an all-time fave tho.

        • Shuga chocolata
          July 11, 12:38 Reply

          Ndewooo ndi RuPaul Drag Race. Ekelemoooo.

          Raven lipsync was the best to me.

          • Masked Man
            July 11, 15:01 Reply

            The best lip sync of all time will always be ChiChi Devanye vs Thorg Thor.


            • Deola
              July 11, 17:35 Reply

              Ummmm no. That particular lip sync is quite hyped.
              It was good but it wasn’t even Alyssa Edwards Vs Roxxy Andrews hood not to talk of Dida Ritz Vs The Princess.

              • Pink Panther
                July 11, 20:10 Reply

                What on earth is all this about lip syncing bikonu? *exasperated*

                • Francis
                  July 11, 20:25 Reply

                  Nna eh, one day we sha join the RuPaul Drag’s Race watchers convention by force by fire.

                  • Delle
                    July 11, 22:29 Reply

                    Didn’t know there are humans on earth that haven’t watched Rupaul’s Drag Race. *shocked to the marrow*.

  7. Ivory Child
    July 11, 10:08 Reply

    They wee nor kee pesin this morning with this post abeg ????????

  8. Ivory Child
    July 11, 10:11 Reply

    The look on that child’s face in number 12, priceless!!!!!!???

  9. Peak
    July 11, 10:19 Reply

    Ok I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    I can’t say I am exactly surprise to see the name of the creators of this torture.
    This is what happens when mess meets messy and decide to collabo.

    I love this plenty plenty. Abeg make una do more, we could use more laughs around here. Well done boys.

  10. Delle
    July 11, 10:39 Reply

    Where is that moment when you poison him for having an active girlfriend?

    This was cray cray tho. LOVED IT!

  11. bain
    July 11, 11:58 Reply

    Funny-yes,but this isn’t all true,its too over exaggerated,if I’ll date a guy or girl,dey would be my only priorities for as long as the relationship lasts,the biphobia iv witnessed here is incredible,#just_saying.

      • bain
        July 12, 10:45 Reply

        Am talkin about d comments; “biphobia iv witnessed here is incredible”.

    • JBoy
      July 11, 13:43 Reply

      The disclaimer was up for a good reason; Bain, take some chill pills ojaree!

      *rolling on the floor*

      My Belle oooO!

  12. Kainene
    July 11, 15:11 Reply

    Lmao!! This is hilarioussss! I swearrrrr and absolutely correct

    • Delle
      July 11, 22:27 Reply

      Pffts! Can you imagine? I’d like to know the details of how you dumped his annoying ass

  13. Novacane
    July 13, 17:22 Reply

    *Feels intense guilt*
    But still Laughs anyway…

  14. Beryl04
    March 20, 10:17 Reply

    I’m currently dating one and I can relate most of the points here.

  15. Alex Dare
    October 25, 04:09 Reply

    LMFAOOOO! This is hilarious …a prototype and mostly true

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