50 Cent continues to show how disgusting he is by trolling LGBTQ people on Instagram

50 Cent continues to show how disgusting he is by trolling LGBTQ people on Instagram

50 Cent is taking time away from worrying about the global pandemic to crack a few gay jokes on social media.

This week, the 44-year-old rapper decided to revive some old beef with former G-Unit bandmate Young Buck, who he has been harassing for years over tabloid reports of an alleged relationship he had with a trans woman.

Young Buck has repeatedly denied the relationship, but that hasn’t stopped 50 Cent from revisiting the story every now and then on social media, as he calls Young Buck “gay” and posts disparaging memes about trans women on Instagram.

On Tuesday, he shared a photo of a Pride parade on Instagram, along with the caption: “?Hey is 2020 gay pride parade cancelled? ?asking for a friend, ?young Buck. LOL.”

Not only is he trolling Buck (again), but he’s also trolling LGBTQ people by making light of pride being canceled this year because of coronavirus.

50 Cent’s homophobia and transphobia are nothing new, unfortunately.

His endless harassment of Young Buck includes when he wrote: “Young Buck is almost ready to drop his album. He worked hard on this project, I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual [sic] will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT+ he should be fine.”

In another post, he wrote: “If your [sic] in a relationship with a tranny your [sic] gay. That’s a boy, boy!”

Back in February, he went after Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old daughter, who had recently come out as trans. He dug up a picture of Dwyane Wade at a fashion show with since-convicted sex offender R Kelly, with a speech bubble from Kelly saying: “Heard you had a daughter now?”

In 2015, he complained that Empire, Lee Daniels’ acclaimed LGBTQ-inclusive series about a hip-hip music company, had too much “extra gay stuff.” He wrote: “There are 3 million less viewers who tuned into last night’s Empire episode! Did you watch it? We could not take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night!”

In a 2010 spat with gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, he tweeted: “Perez Hilton calld [sic] me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. Wasn’t his but still made me feel better.”

The same year, he suggested that men who do not sleep with women should “just kill” themselves.

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