A HOE ABROAD (Episode 2)

A HOE ABROAD (Episode 2)

Most of the guys in Lagos who I’ve had sex with know I don’t take defeat in bed. Sex is an art that should be enjoyed by both partners. Well, if it’s a threesome or an orgy – it should still be enjoyed by everyone biko.

So, sex with that Igbo boy left me wondering if it was me who didn’t give it my all or if he was really that bad. And so, about two weeks or so later, I was horny and he was available, and a date was set for us to see again. My “Hey wassup been a while” and an unnecessary chat later, and we were fixing to see (read fuck) around midnight.

“Please, wait outside so that I don’t have to ring your bell,” he texted at about 1AM. “I will be with you in about 5 minutes.”

I had been douching for about 25 minutes and was almost ready. When he texted to let me know that he was on his way, I went to wait outside. I’d earlier texted to let him know that we had to be quiet, as my housemates could be asleep in their rooms.

All this risk, and the D might still be trash again. #sigh

Uncle soon got to mine, and I led him quietly into my room. As usual, he took down his trousers and lay down with that “Shey na you kuku wan fuck” attitude. I got out of my denim shorts with the quickness and was upon him, taking his dick inside my mouth. I started sucking him slowly and rhythmically as if there was a song in my head; I sucked him for a long while and my jaws began to hurt. I think he sensed this, and the next thing, he was flipping me around. I was on my back and he was on top, reaching toward my rump to insert his finger inside my asshole. It was not tight and allowed for easy access because it wasn’t long ago that my own fingers were in there, cleaning things up.

But some people were sha absent when God was sharing foreplay as a human sexual characteristic. Nipples, you can’t suck. Kiss, you can’t kiss. Earlobe, you can’t nibble. Haba, Uncle, na so you waka come? This was where I gave kudos to my Lagos lovers. Wale, you eh, God will bless you in Jesus name. Uncle, sha put dick inside this thing and let us fuck biko, since that is your only calling.

He must have thought the fingering was doing something magical, because he continued with it until I took his erection in my right hand and stroked it, signaling my readiness to take it in. He caught the hint and asked for lube, and I pointed to the drawer next to my bed. It was closest to him. He picked it up and started squeezing a lot of the liquid onto his dick and into my ass. He was just squeezing globs of the lube on his dick and smearing them inside my ass.

Haba! Uncle, it haf do abeg! This thing is expensive here, and I can’t fit to use my feeding money to buy another lube oh biko.

We fucked in the missionary style for a while and I honestly do not know what happened, but as his thrusts increased, I began to feel very uncomfortable down there. There was a sensation building up that made me feel like I was going to stain him. I told him to pull out so I could go investigate.

He did, and I went into the bathroom. I washed out my hole with some water, and it came out clean. No shit there. I figured it was the much lubricant he scooped into my ass that gave me that uncomfortable feeling.

I went back to the room and he was lying on his back. The vodka bottle by my bedside caught my attention and I gulped down a sizeable amount of the drink before I climbed on this dude’s dick and proceeded to ride the life out of him. I don’t know if he felt like he was about to cum or something, because it got to a point where he stayed the up-and-down bounce of my hips, signaling for us to change position.

I stood up and went to the window near my reading table. Placing my hands on the window sill, I bent down and arched my back, an open invitation for him to take over. He began banging me from behind. It was at this time that we both gave the sex everything, like our lives depended on it being great fuck. Jeez! See me turning my head and pushing my ass back on him, and him meeting me as he furiously rammed his dick into me.


Was this the same person who fucked me the last time ni?

At some point, the guy held my waist with one hand and the window sill with the other hand, while he continued to jam into me mercilessly.

Yasss! Now, that’s how you fuck!

I was so lost in the rush of passion that it was only when he was groaning as he pulled out of me and ejaculated all over my derriere that I knew the end was here. The warm sensation of his cum splattering on my behind felt like the appropriate end to what was a really good fuck.

I passed him some wipes and he cleaned up. I did the same. Then, I turned on the light and he flinched, not prepared for the illumination. For a few moments, he shielded his face – and eyes from the light – with an upraised hand. For the first time, I was getting a good look at him, and he was moderately good looking. I also noticed a leg chain around his stockinged foot.

Wawu! To think I’d initially thought him to be straight and curious. He must be gay, because I am yet to meet any straight guy who wears anklets.

Uncle finished cleaning up and said he wanted to leave. Hustle for your own orgasm, was what he didn’t have to say to me.

What a selfish prick! Biko be going. This alcohol-induced sex was almost worth it after all.

Thank God my rematch was not in vain, and this particular sex might last me for a while. Or maybe it won’t. Who knows?

I followed him quietly to the door and shut it behind him. Once I was back in my room, I climbed into my bed and burrowed under my duvet, now ready to welcome sleep.

Written by Lanrey

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  1. Mandy
    April 25, 08:45 Reply

    These “no suck, no kiss, just fuck” niggas are trash to me abeg. However good your strokes are, if you can’t even bring yourself to indulge some foreplay, then you can package your dick out of my sight. and then to top that with no endeavour to assist your own cum? Yup, this Igbo boy is scum biko.

  2. Mitch
    April 25, 11:04 Reply

    It’s starting to seem like bad sex is a Forte of Igbo boys.

    Nnaa ehn, ike gwụrụ!

    • Manny
      April 28, 11:46 Reply

      That is not true at all. Maybe you met the wrong ones or those who were not willing to go the length you wanted.

  3. Delle
    April 25, 12:17 Reply

    I don’t know how you will allow a guy who doesn’t, at the very least, suck your nipple penetrate you.



    And yeah, let’s totally make sex a tribal thing ???

    • Lanre
      April 26, 00:22 Reply

      Delle e be like say you never see some Konji wey be say you sef no go mind if foreplay no dey. Again I am no tribalism and it’s not a war as I come in peace??

  4. PinkDaVillé
    April 26, 00:31 Reply

    I can’t can’t deal!!!
    Such disrespect to your body.
    How would you allow an emotionless dick bag use you like that. A Nigerian man in the abroad is still a Nigerian man. Trash!! Tueh!!.
    He couldn’t even give you orgasm.
    Anyways he didn’t earn it ..

  5. Keppsi
    April 26, 00:39 Reply

    ????? I enjoyed your story
    But seriously, no foreplay even small ???

  6. Gif
    April 26, 08:46 Reply

    Na wa o, ppl dey sha, me I’m a strict top and i can’t even fuck without romance and sucking dick, even though i don’t rim..

  7. Julian_woodhouse
    April 26, 14:12 Reply

    Haba! Uncle, it haf do abeg! This thing is expensive here, and I can’t fit to use my feeding money to buy another lube oh biko.

    You are a case!!????

  8. Kaitura
    May 11, 16:36 Reply

    To think it was going to end bad …. and u really got the fuck of ur life ?????

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