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A few minutes after my return to the bonfire, Cloud came over to me to tell me he’d be sleeping over at my place and that he wanted me to handle our modeling workout and training at daybreak, by 7am at the stadium. And just like that, plans changed. I had to go find Vinny to explain that I wouldn’t be returning with him to his lodge. I however promised to come over in the evening. He had no problem with that and we said our goodbyes. Shortly after that, Cloud and I left for my place to get rested.

By 7 am, we were already in the stadium, jogging while waiting for the others to arrive. And then, I saw Miss P. Miss P is a super-energetic, ultra-flexible, extra-slim dancer, and a model friend of mine. She’s also a lesbian. Our similar backgrounds, sexualities and interests made us really close friends. The moment I saw her, I jogged up to her and enclosed her in a hug. Shortly after, we were gossiping at our dancers’ section of the stadium, trying to catch up with our lives.

Needing clarity, I told her about the proposal I got from Vinny at the bonfire and how confused I was about it.

Miss P looked me straight in the eye and said, “Darling, as much as you like that boy and as easy as it would be for you to fall in love with him, don’t do this. Let him stew because that’s the only way you’d know whether he wants you for sure.”

“Why would you say that?” I asked.

“He sounds like a late bloomer or a bisexual who’s been fighting himself for quite some time. And trust me, you do not want to be the one that gets to make him realize who he really is. Most times, he’ll end up hating you for it. And darling, with how much you like him, this one would seriously crush you. I don’t want that for you.”

“Well, I didn’t see it that way…” I tried to counter.

“How you see it isn’t the issue here. Okay, try this: let him stew. Agree to his suggestion but don’t go there today. His reaction will tell you everything. If he keeps coming on to you, then you’re safe. If he doesn’t, just know I’m right,” she concluded.

I agreed to try what she’d suggested, but my mind couldn’t go back: it had already been made up, apparently, even before I sought out Miss P’s opinion. I was going to give in to Vinny’s suggestion and have sex with him that night.

After all our workouts, I went to buy some laxatives. (Due to a heart condition, my metabolism is a total mess. I usually use laxatives whenever my digestive system gets blocked and that period was one of such times). When I got home, I took the laxatives and around 4pm, I ate. Much later, I prepared to go to Vinny’s, and my crazy roomie, Delle, made some silly quip about me getting the cobwebs cleared out of my ass that night, and I concurred in jest.

On getting to Vinny’s house, his kid brother, his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend were all around. Vinny wasn’t around. I opted to wait, seeing as I called him prior to my arrival to alert him to my arrival. After about two hours, around some minutes past 8, he came in, greeted us all and told me he was coming as he had to see some guys within the lodge. That began the second round of my waiting.

During this time, I watched a lot of Nickelodeon with the cousin’s girlfriend. Around 10.30 pm, Vinny came in and asked me to come with him. We both walked down to the ground floor of the building (he lives on the first floor) and he knocked on a door. A girl answered and he went in.

At this point, I was in my mind like: What the fuck! I sure hope he isn’t planning to make me get down with this girl.

He wasn’t. He simply wanted to get a key to another room from her. After getting the key, we went to the room. The occupant had clearly been absent for quite some time, judging by the amount of dirt and dust in the room. Vinny asked me wait a little while, so he could go get all we’d need from his place. As soon as he left, I took a broom and went to work on the room, dusting and sweeping and then making the bed. And then, finally, I could relax. I took my shirt and trousers off and was clad only in my briefs. I waited a few minutes before Vinny returned. He had with him a pack of condoms and body lotion. He asked if I wanted the light on. I replied in the affirmative while he set the things down by the bedside. Then he took off his shirt and moved towards the bed where I lay.

As he got to the bed, I got off my back and knelt on the bed. He came closer, held my jaw, tipped my face up and, bending down, he kissed me. Sparks blew up in my head as I leaned into his kiss. The kiss was great and lasted for quite a while. Then he held me and went straight for my left nipple. (My nipples are one of my most sensitive G-spots). As he sucked on my nipple, I nearly fell over, so liquefied was my body. He licked, bit, sucked and blew air on the nipple, such that the sensations nearly drove me insane. After some time, he turned to the other nipple and worked it as well as he’d worked the first. Then I went for his cock, sucking both the shaft and balls intermittently and fondling the balls. Much too soon, it was time for the main thing. After putting the condom on him and lubing his cock up, I went to work on myself. Afterwards, he directed me into the doggy position, but somehow, he was unable to breach my ring after a few attempts to penetrate. I decided to take control. I directed him to lie on his back while I slowly lowered myself onto him. Shortly after, I was riding him with my hands on his chest. I was so filled by him that it took all I had not to moan out loud.

Then I looked down at him and what I saw interrupted my pleasure with a crack on my suit of passion.

Vinny was looking down at his cock, which kept revealing itself as I bounced up and down on the erection. He was looking down at it, not with an awed “I’ve got to hit the right spots in this ass” expression, but with a bored “What the fuck am I doing” expression. My motion began faltering to a stop as I tried to form the words to either ask him what was wrong or tell him we had to stop.

But before I could speak, he grabbed my waist and began to thrust up into me with such vigour. With his renewed pounding, it became increasingly difficult for me to think straight, let alone speak coherently, and I soon stopped trying to. Next thing I knew, Vinny had me in the doggy position (Did I mention how much I hate that position?) and was ramming deep inside me. Grasping my waist and holding it firmly in place, he hammered away at my ass. I moaned, blubbered, groaned and was generally out of my mind with cresting passion. After a few minutes of this, I felt Vinny tense up and his thrusts became jerky. Seconds later, he ejaculated inside the condom. He instantly pulled out of me, rolled the condom off his dick and set it down. Then he dressed up and told me he wanted to get something from his room and that he’d be right back.

I waited from then, about 11.30 pm, till almost 2 am. By then, it was abundantly clear that Vinny wasn’t returning, so I put the light off, locked the door and went to sleep. The next morning, I woke to someone knocking at the door. I quickly put myself in order before opening the door. It was the girl Vinny collected the key from yesterday; she wanted the key back as she was about to go to church. I hastily cleared out our things, including the used condom and the cream, locked up and returned the key to the girl. Then I went up to Vinny’s room to meet him sleeping.

I had already decided that we would have to talk about what happened the previous night the moment we were alone. However, we didn’t get a chance to talk till late in the evening.

“Vinny, I hope you don’t mind if we talk,” I broached.

“What about?”

“Last night. What happened? I mean, I understand some of it, but definitely not all of it.”

“Honestly, I don’t want to talk about it,” he deadpanned. I was about to react when he said, “Truth is, as soon as I entered you, I knew I wasn’t gay.”

I stared at him, slightly open-mouthed.

He continued, “I merely got curious about it, possibly too curious for my own good.”

I was exasperated at this point, so I asked, “Wait a second. If that’s how you felt, why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you stop?”

His answer chilled me to my very core. He said, “It was so obvious you were enjoying it from the look on your face. I decided to see it through just for your pleasure, just to make you happy. Now, I think I’m done talking.”

And that was it!

I haven’t seen Vinny since that day because I feel guilty. Guilty of using a friend, however unknowing I was of that fact. Guilty of being a predator while seeing myself as an evolved gay man. But most of all, guilty of letting my ass think for me instead of my head. So this is my story, a story of the state of my union with Vinny, a story I’ll forever regret, the story of my life’s biggest fuckup!

Written by Mitch


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  1. bruno
    March 23, 06:47 Reply


    “as soon as I entered you, i knew i wasn’t gay”

    you bought that??? and i thought everyone everyone here was well versed on matters of sexuality, denial and internalised homophobia.

    whatever you do though, don’t fall in love with him except you enjoy the psychological trauma that would come with that.
    please you need to stop being guilty too… it is a standard m.o of dudes in denial. he can’t accept that he is gay (or bi) so he is going to directly or indirectly pass the responsibility of the action to you. i was in a relationship with one for almost a year. one of the worst decisions of my life.

    so mitch dear, lose the guilt please. you’re better than that. from your story, he clearly solicited for sex from you. he’s not some straight dude you seduced. he’s a stereotypical late bloomer who is using you to find his feet.

    • Mandy
      March 23, 07:20 Reply

      But bi-curiosity is a real thing amongst straight guys, you know

      • bruno
        March 23, 07:42 Reply

        lol. i don’t have time for this

  2. miztadiol
    March 23, 06:54 Reply

    Hmmm! This line got to me, one of my life biggest fuck up. I guess we all have that one story we never forget ehn?

  3. McDuke
    March 23, 07:37 Reply

    Hmmm…well for starters I don’t see the reason why you should feel guilt. It’s not like as if you seduced him, he asked for it and you gave it to him. In fact he’s the one being insensitive…that it didn’t work out as he envisaged doesn’t mean he has to abandon you like that nor cut the friendship. Anyway, free yourself from the guilt, we learn from our mistakes…I’m sure this has made you wiser.

    • ambivalentone
      March 23, 08:35 Reply

      I agree. All I see is Mitch caught feelings for Vinny. Prolly was super thirsty for a fresh, just-off-the-rack bf. He wanted sex, you wanted to do spring cleaning…need meets want.

  4. Kenny
    March 23, 08:02 Reply

    And you believed him? Is it until a man puts his dick into another before he knows he’s not gay? Mitch shed the guilt and move on, that guy is confused with a bucket load of IH.

  5. Colossus
    March 23, 08:43 Reply

    Here are the points I got from your story.
    1- He is a hot guy you had a massive crush on
    2 – The guy likes to live in the moment, he literally told you.
    3 – He wanted to sleep with a guy to know if he likes guys or not.
    4 – He didn’t mind the hand job because to him, he isn’t bothered. (He’ll get a happy ending at the end)
    5 – You went ahead to sleep with him even though you felt something was off.
    6 – Your friend warned you (Wise babe by the way, listen to her more often)
    7 – During the sex, you felt he wasn’t really into it.
    8 – You’ve not spoken to him again so can’t really collaborate your guilt trips.

    Why the guilt? I’m failing to see it. Again, why are some of you already branding this as an IH issue? Where exactly is the IH stemming from? A guy wanted to experiment, he did, he said he didn’t fancy it. How then does he have IH? Do you guys know who this said Vinny is?
    IH might be trending, doesn’t mean bi-curiosity isn’t a thing.

    • Pink Panther
      March 23, 08:57 Reply

      Colossus, you echoed my thoughts perfectly!

      To the guys already dismissing Vinny as an IH-ridden gay late bloomer, what about the assertion that being gay is not about who you sleep with, hmmm? So if Mitch tomorrow decides to try it out with pussy, would it please you to then hear the heteros suddenly think he’s liable for change? Would you consider Mitch straight then?
      There is such a thing as bi-curiosity. The Vinny didn’t even mince words when letting Mitch know of his interest in the beginning. He basically just told him, ‘Hey I’m curious about gay sex. Show me.’
      What’s then the standpoint for all these IH remarks getting bandied about?
      Do you guys honestly even know what it means for one to be internally homophobic?

    • Mitch
      March 23, 08:57 Reply

      That’s the point, Colossus. I’m supposed to be mature enough to know that engaging in sex with a bi-curious guy who I like would cause issues for me. My guilt stems from the fact that I saw all the signs and still went ahead to make that mistake. Which begs the question, Do I have a tendency to always want to destroy good relationships? That is my real problem.

      • Colossus
        March 23, 09:48 Reply

        You’ve had the sex, you enjoyed it. I’ll advice you move on and stop beating yourself over it. At least now you know how to prevent this exact scenario in the future.

  6. Geeluv
    March 23, 09:56 Reply

    “As soon as I entered you, I knew I wasn’t gay”
    this was exactly when my dick came down because I was hard already.
    Nevertheless… just forget him and move on but next time, listen to your Lesbian friend. Thank God it happened just once… I had a similar experience and mine was almost for one year… having sex at every given opportunity… only for one day, the idiot came to me and said… “I’ve never enjoyed gay sex… I was just doing it for you and please it has to stop now because I wanna face my gf” heartbreak of my life cus we were suppose to be in a very serious relationship. So babe… just forget him and move on okay?

  7. You-Know-Who
    March 23, 10:04 Reply

    Can i have this Vinny’s Contacts?
    I normally run confirmation test for BI-curious, straight guys!
    wait for it guys!
    The best part is….. i do it for free!

    • A-non
      March 23, 10:31 Reply

      This your ministry no get Part Two!

    • Mitch
      March 23, 10:45 Reply

      Brother, no be on top my head you go take dey sell market!

      • A-non
        March 23, 11:10 Reply

        @Mitch, this one pass sell market. E wan build office on top your head.

        • Mitch
          March 23, 11:48 Reply

          Hahaha! A-non, you don see am na

    • Eros
      March 31, 09:38 Reply

      “Ashawo does not rest. If the Ashawo should rest, then the Ashawo will die of hunger and thirst” – Domitilla, 1999

  8. Max 2.1
    March 23, 12:24 Reply

    I don’t know alot of straight guys who would go to the lengths of soliciting gay sex from a gay man. Dude is either gay or bi.. Not even bi-curious. Bi-curious people only go as far as make out and dick grabbing. If I remember correctly, in your last post he said he had tried out stuff with other people when you asked him about his experience.

    Dude is a late bloomer who’s gonna leave . Trail of damaged people in his wake.
    You fucked up, Yes!. But you need to stop beating yourself up about it.. We’ve all screwed up at one point or another. He solicited for sex from you, so you did nothing wrong on that part. People like him have a habit of shifting the blame to you and acting like they’re the victims. Once someone runs off after sex (leaves the physical vicinity of the sex), that’s a red flag that something’s wrong with them. They feel “gay shame” that’s why they run away from where they committed the atrocity (in their book). Also people like this rarely have sex in their own house, they prefer doing it at the other party’s house in order to be able to dissociate themselves from it.

    • Mitch
      March 23, 12:50 Reply

      “If I remember correctly, in your last post he said he had tried out stuff with other people when you asked him about his experience.”

      Never said that! He wanted to experiment because, he felt doing that would make him happy. That’s all

    • Pink Panther
      March 23, 12:51 Reply

      Yes, Max, abeg, at what point did Mitch say Vinny said he’d tried stuff with other people biko? 😀

      • Mandy
        March 23, 13:00 Reply

        I think he was just too much in a hurry to paint Vinny the bad guy, that he forgot the points that actually validated him as a good person.

        • Max 2.1
          March 23, 16:48 Reply

          Lemme go back and read that post again.. Unless I’m mixing it up with another post.

  9. Delle
    March 23, 13:57 Reply

    Mitch made almost the same mistake as I did with Emma. Difference? While Emma was willing to continue, Vinny didn’t. I guess no one is actually above falling for straight guys or bi-curious ones, it’s a matter of not going further than that.
    Sweetheart, did you fuck up, yes. Is it something worth killing yourself over, definitely no (Vinny himself isn’t worth the stress, trust me).

    On a totally different note, how’s Morrison? *picks up tutu and runs away*

    • Mitch
      March 23, 14:12 Reply

      Jus negodu gi!

      He’s very fine. We’ve been swapping stuff since you left. BTW, your boyfriends are asking after you.

      • Delle
        March 23, 19:34 Reply

        Eejit! And yet you want to join me and make heaven abi? Stupid pikin!

  10. SomeoneBorrowed
    March 23, 16:11 Reply

    I’ve been in your shoes and, while it didn’t happen exactly the same way, I don’t see why you should feel guilty about this.
    If you’re guilty because you feel you damaged your relationship with him, if you had said no, the relationship would have become awkward.
    Sounds to me like you had good sex. Revel in the memory and move on. There really is no reason why you should feel guilty. You had sex with an adult who prepositioned you. He wanted to know if gay sex was his thing, now he has his answer. You shouldn’t feel guilty because his answer isn’t what you hoped it would be. Just enjoy the memory.

    • SomeoneBorrowed
      March 23, 16:12 Reply

      Btw, with the jogging and the modeling thing, I think I know what school it is after all.

  11. pankar
    March 26, 01:51 Reply

    Mitch may hav caught a feeling, this usually isn’t vry easy to forgt. But what if Vinny relishes the memoirs most & returns? Which is near definite. don’t do it – if u can

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