A Timeline of the Tonto Dikeh-Churchill Olakunle Marriage Controversy, and all the ways Tonto Dikeh is not here to take any prisoners

A Timeline of the Tonto Dikeh-Churchill Olakunle Marriage Controversy, and all the ways Tonto Dikeh is not here to take any prisoners

The social media has been boiling over with all the drama surrounding exes Tonto Dikeh and Churchill Olakunle. The couple have been divorced for about a couple of years now; however, the bad blood running between them doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

Following a string of interviews that Churchill recently gave on his marriage, where he badmouthed his ex-wife, the actress went on a retaliatory exposé, where she revealed unattractive details first to Daddy Freeze in an interview, and then on her Youtube channel. In the interview, she revealed that Churchill suffered from premature ejaculation and could only last seconds inside a woman. A veiled reference to his homosexuality, which she had alluded to in previous rants against her ex-husband.

According to her, he lasted for one minute when she conceived their son.

She also talked about his numerous cheating sprees with “dirty” girls, saying she’d once caught him at a hotel where they were lodged, dry-humping a “very dirty girl”.


In a string of videos on her YouTube page, Dikeh called out Churchill for being a fraud, saying he is into Yahoo Plus, and claiming she once caught him in the midst of red candles with a laptop in his laps, and several red clothes and pants on his waist.

Of course, these revelations led to a huge row on the social media, with several celebrities weighing in and taking sides. Regarding those who came after Dikeh for expressing her resentments, if you thought she was not capable of taking them on, you would be grossly mistaken.


First in the battle ring was fellow actress, Funke Adesiyan, who took to her instagram to shade Dikeh about her inability to move on.

“Some partners are toxic,” Adesiyan wrote. “Their toxicity will destroy you, your core and existence. May God not let us fall victims of “oloriburuku” partners. Amen! #disgracetowomanhood. Don’t know why it’s so difficult for her moving on!”

Reacting to this, Dikeh promised Adesiyan a broken nose.

Of course, Funke Adesiyan clapped back with a revelation that she has a black belt in Taekwando.

“@tontolet I want to believe you don’t mean it when you said you’d break my face,” she said. “I weigh 110 kg of solid body muscle, darling. I have a black belt in Taekwondo (ask around). However, I don’t fight unnecessary people. I pick my fights and ignore little people thus you not hearing my name here and there.

“I’ll tell you what I think of you, you are a depressed woman who hangs unto every straw of attention to remain relevant. True relevance come only when you stop seeking validation from people. You say you don’t care about what people think of you but it’s a big fat lie. You do care. That is the reason you grant countless interviews about your ex.

“My dear, there’s so much you can become without the shadow of your ex. Break free and abound. The future is so big. One advice for you, don’t come for me when you see me, you’d be sorry.

“P.s my only response to you.”

But Dikeh had said what she said.

Even her BFF, Bobrisky, jumped into her defense, attacking Adesiyan in the process.

“Hey Funke do u think ? is about your weight ? Is fighting by weight ? You are just a useless woman with shapeless body goal. Reasonable people are talking in the industry pepper seller like you too wanna trend……Get Tonto gist off your dirty mouth pls.

“Must all of you female cows trend on people news? Firstly it was Regina now pepper seller looking too wanna trend on Tonto gist. She has her mouth and she is free to say anything with her mouth.

“If you are tired of her gist vacate from social media….. you all wanna talk about people but failed to mind your own business…. I know after dis you will want to come for me. Trust me I will drag you to the dirty pit of hell ????.

“Yes you weren’t calling my name on dis but trust me you just messed with my friend and no one mess with KING TONTO when am still alive. Keep your weight and the same energy when you see her like she said. Is then you know Igbo women are way stronger than fat looking bitch like you. Signing out”


And apparently, her ex-husband is not the only person whose receipts Tonto has, as she proved when she clapped back at actor IK Ogbonna, who waded into the controversy by admonishing the actress to think of her son.

Somebody should have told Ogbonna, that following his recent scandalization in the hands of social media troll Joyce Boakye, he should stay away from antagonizing anyone in his industry with a knowledge of his privacy. Because, Tonto Dikeh reacted by going in HARD!

“Make I no talk on top your matter, bros. e go bad,” she warned in a since deleted Instagram post, whose caption ended with: “My own is that I will sue you and demand for your butt x-ray. Don’t play with me, IK. And don’t ever mention my son.”


Another person Tonto dragged: Comedian Funnybone. Who she crushed for daring to tell her to move on, when he apparently didn’t have the same thing to say to her ex-husband following his own interviews about her.


Other celebrities who weighed in on the controversy include Comedian Bovi, who came to her defense in response to a tweet by music blogger, Ovie, who intimated that Tonto Dikeh knew what she was getting into when she married Churchill.

“A lot of babes know they’re dating/married to scammers, criminals etc,” Ovie tweeted, “but won’t say shit cos they’re enjoying the money, getting “flewed” out, expensive toys/gifts, living the good life. When things go south, suddenly the guy is the ‘worst human being ever’. Good morning o!”

To which Bovi responded, saying: “Naaah. It’s because love is blind. Many babes date idiots, lazy bones, relics, liars, etc.”


Former Presidential spokesperson and all-round social media busybody, Reno Omokri, of course had something to say as well, his concerns supposedly lying with the son of the warring exes. According to him, the value of a child is inextricably linked to the value of their parents. Reno admits that one is partly right when they think they are devaluing their ex by washing their dirty linens in public, but added that they would also be devaluing their children in the process.

“Never wash the dirty linens of your ex, with whom you have kids, in public,” he tweeted. “You think you are devaluing them. You are partly right. But beyond them, you also devalue your children. A child’s value is INEXTRICABLY linked to the value of their parents #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets.”

We are still anticipating Tonto’s withering response to this.

In the meantime, this is what my favourite feminist, Ijeoma Chinonyerem, had to say to all those who concern themselves with “what about the child?”:

The fake concern for Tonto’s son though. People be saying “at least let her shut up for the sake of her son” like they actually care about the boy.

That is emotional blackmail aimed at shutting her up. They don’t care about Tonto or her son. They just want to keep quiet by any means necessary.

You think her child would watch those videos of her in pain and anguish and hate her? You think her child will applaud her father for not ever paying his fees or child support? You think the video of her venting and trying to clear her name will make the child dissociate himself from her?

What of people like Kim Kardashian whose sex tape is there for her kids to eventually meet? You think her children would hate her too abi she for no born?

Suddenly everyone don turn to emergency child therapist talking about “her son will be scarred for life”.

Taa rijupu nshi onu ebe ahu fake wokists!

Her child will be just fine. It is better Tonto’s son watches her vent on YouTube than to watch her get beat up by his father. The boy will grow up to love and respect his mother all the more.

You think our parents are perfect? You think they played by the books all the time? It would shock you to know the embarrassing things they did. But do you hate them? No.

But you dey there dey talk say Tonto son go watch video where him mama dey fight for am and piam, hatred and depression and embarrassment. No be Anini pikin dey talk say he dey proud of him papa? Una be learners o. Unu na amu amu.

So that your “consider your son” angu wey you wan use silence the woman na BS. Find another angu. That one don cast.

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  1. Mandy
    May 03, 07:14 Reply

    If anyone ought to understand the menascum vengefulness of the scorned woman, it should be gay men. Because we stereotypically keep the same energy. IK Ogbonna should not have come anywhere near this controversy to try to shut Tonto down. I’m glad he was so spectacularly burned.
    Biko, Tonto, serve his tea!!!!!! ??

    • Law
      May 03, 07:51 Reply

      That Ik’s tea is what I am waiting for. He of all people should know better. I like that Tonto is taking no prisoners

  2. Jay Armstrong
    May 03, 08:22 Reply

    Ijeọma for president!
    I hate the fact that all this is happening, but I Stan with Tonto. There’s a danger in Single story. Churchill has been spewing crap since, no one said anything. Now Tonto is clearing her name, suddenly people are concerned for the welfare of the boy. Fuckin hypocrites! We’ll all be alright lass Lass.

  3. Higwe
    May 03, 09:10 Reply

    The thing that irritates me the most is seeing people tell Tonto “because of your child yen yen ”

    Like it’s only a mother’s duty to look out for the well being of a child .

    Churchill keeps granting useless interviews but once Tonto says something , all Jesus ‘ deputies resurrect .

    Tonto might be a hothead but I’d pick her any day over Churchill.

    There is something so pretentious and dishonest about that man that boils to cringe.
    I can’t believe I used to crush on IK Ogbonna …dude be chopping disgrace back to back like any club playing against Messi ??.

    He honestly needs to get it together ……he’s fast becoming a joke and not even a funny one .

    • Pink Panther
      May 03, 09:36 Reply

      Me and you share in that mortification of “what was I thinking when I crushed on IK Ogbonna”. Lol

      • Higwe
        May 03, 10:12 Reply

        My new crush is James Brown AkA they didn’t caught me .

        I just love that guy’s unbotherdness …..

        Jobless Nigerians park on his Instagram page raining insults on him ….yet , he keeps giving them back to back .??

        There is just something sexy about a bended man that refuses to be broken.?

  4. Black Dynasty
    May 03, 09:22 Reply

    I like that tonto is standing her ground, she fully deserves to tell her side of the story too.

    IK should sha keep quiet, his scandal hasn’t finished dying and he wants to open mouth.

  5. Keeva
    May 03, 11:00 Reply

    Please we all want that ik’s X-ray!!! So that unku can sharrapp once & for all.

  6. Peace
    May 03, 11:07 Reply

    Whoa! This video was quite a long one. I’m just short of words.

  7. trystham
    May 03, 12:29 Reply

    Look at how this Pinky described someone’s child? “Former Presidential spokesperson and all-round social media busybody”…terrible something really.

  8. Gaia
    May 03, 15:04 Reply

    biko why is IK wasting time?

  9. ken George
    May 03, 17:24 Reply

    I dont support this crap. If Tonto was my mum i would cringe in horror. For me, i dont care the way parents choose to mess up each other, so long as none of their shit affects their child. I cant imagine my mum screaming on social media that my dad is a one minute man. Like really??? This is a little too much. Even if Churchill is a monster as she claims, their are other ways to deal with him without allowing your son get burned!

    • Higwe
      May 03, 18:10 Reply

      Neither of them is right .
      I certainly would be embarrassed too if I were the child.
      My only kwanta , is that they should keep the same energy for Churchill.
      Tonto seems to be getting the lion share of the blame for something both are doing together- just because she’s a woman .

      Did you watch Churchill’s latest interview where he claimed he never really wedded Tonto and she got pregnant for him in less than six months.

  10. J
    May 03, 21:52 Reply

    Another lesson from love gone sour ?

    I bet you they are both missing each other, that’s why they can’t let go. Someone should please help these two reconcile.

    Please learn to be true and faithful to your partner, love can damage you if you’re not careful.

  11. Peskyme
    May 04, 11:03 Reply

    Imagine if in the future Tonto’s son school people be calling him one minute boy

  12. Mike
    May 04, 13:53 Reply

    Dunno, I like her bold stance, coming from a lady, not many people can rest and negative bash from people, especially from Nigerians.

    but all this seems like unnessary stress, for a person that is clearly not worth it, based on the status quoted by her.

    If I could give her an advice, it would be “you are getting yourself dirty, while wrestling with a pig”.

    There is low and there is really low, don’t go too low, cause getting back up, would be fucking hard.

    I think she should create a women’s right movement for women brutalized by their husbands or something.
    She can still have the same effect, even more than this, trending globally and still be positive.

    • pankar
      June 04, 09:55 Reply

      “…wrestling with a pig..’ Points.
      And that’s positive thinking right there- women’s rights movmt

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