Instagram vlogger jeers at IK Ogbonna over his sexuality, and actor reacts by threatening to sue her

Instagram vlogger jeers at IK Ogbonna over his sexuality, and actor reacts by threatening to sue her

A video blogger named Joyce Boakye, also known as Bold Pink, recently took to the social media to mock Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, over his often-speculated homosexuality, lambasting him for having a wife when he ought to come out of the closet and live freely like Bobrisky.

In her video, the vlogger, who identifies on her instagram account as someone who “drinks paracetamol for another person’s headache”, accused Ogbonna of being gay and charged him to “please kindly come out of the closet.”

“You married your beautiful wife, kept her in the house but you’re still looking for Nollywood actors to sleep with… You cannot be deceiving yourself… We know you’re gay, you are gay.”

Ogbonna, who is married to Sonia Lareinaa with whom he has a son, has in recent times been dogged by rumours of marital issues. Taking to his social media platform, the actor reacted to Boakye’s claims with an intent to sue for the defamation of his character. In a statement drafted by his lawyers, Ogbonna is demanding for an apology and a retraction from Boakye.


The post came with an insightful caption which read: “A free platform created for promotion and marketing has given people cheap voices to speak cheaply about people’s hard earned integrity.

“Most of those who wants us to come out with “who we truly are” as they claim, have themselves nothing to show to anyone. The noises are mostly made and heard from the empty barrels. We give attention to what is of value not what takes our attention from what is of no value.

“And very soon, society must weed out the tares that prevent the wheat from standing out. If u come with allegations, pls come out of the closet with prove to ur allegation,” he wrote.

The document proceeded to state that if the vlogger fails to tender an apology within 7 days, a lawsuit would be filed against her at the Lagos State High Court.

The vlogger is yet to comment on the legal document that was issued to her.

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  1. Higwe
    April 18, 07:23 Reply

    He just gave the low-life what she was seeking for – attention .

  2. Kvng
    April 18, 09:31 Reply

    I don’t know how his sexuality is any of her business. He comes out or not, she has nothing to gain. I don’t know how some pple just like drinking paracetamol on someone’s headache.
    He is gay or not, the wife no complain, i no no wich one come b ur own matter, bobrisky shud even sue him sef so she will have the attention she nids. All these low lifes seeking attention sef, they will do anything to get it, u came out to call someone gay yet u have no proof, no evidence whatsoever, just empty words, mtchheeeeewwww.
    I pray she no try am with me wen am i bcum a star, i will sue her broke ass for money and an apology, nonsensical nonsense.

  3. Delle
    April 18, 10:23 Reply

    I thought we’ve moved past the stage of indulging petty, attention-driven stunts? The best way to react to an unnecessary show of shame such as this is by ignoring the vermin.

    This is too much defense 🙄

  4. Bushbaby
    April 18, 12:50 Reply

    I will be counting the days.
    I hope hanti is gathering evidence, else, I pray the fine hits her like trailer.

    Nonsense and ingredient.

  5. OgheneTobore
    April 19, 14:06 Reply

    The best way to clap back on people’s stupidity is by giving them a resounding deadly silence! Nothing irks people more than making them feel Irrelevant.

  6. Peskyme
    April 19, 15:21 Reply

    Ik should have just reacted to the post with a meh emoji😒 .. simple

  7. J
    April 19, 21:58 Reply

    People don’t like minding their business, as if they will accept him with open arms if he decides to come out 🙄

  8. KingBey
    April 20, 06:13 Reply

    It’s about time he shut people up for good! If you have no concrete receipts to back up your gossips, zip it! He should go ahead and sue her silly ass for every penny

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