Persistently, we read quips or jibes about how the LGBT are shoving their sexuality in everyone’s face. It has become a running joke. A persistent sentiment. How we have infiltrated the “liberal” media and are trying to put themselves in everything. The voices are loud and would’ve been perpetually ignored if they weren’t so wrong and damn prejudiced that it would be dangerous to not pop these zits.

So, let’s begin.

When people say the sexuality of the LGBT is being shoved down their throats, it’s not about sexuality in particular. Heterosexuality litters the media. They either don’t notice or do and a good number even like it.

LGBT people are essentially said to be shoving their sexuality in everyone’s face for doing the EXACT SAME THINGS (in much smaller doses, I might add) that straight people do all the time, with no one batting an eyelid and some people even going, “Aww…”

This isn’t about shoving anything.

It’s about the fact that when you’re prejudiced against something, even a little bit feels like too much.

Speaking about LGBT representation on television, let’s divide this concept into four components.

1) Gay people just being on screen. Sometimes, gay characters on TV are made into high-pitched, effeminate stereotypes of the gay man, to hammer home the idea that they are gay – something that apparently offends some people.

2) Gay couples. In the majority of their scenes, these characters are not doing anything special. They’re literally living their lives like any couple, or holding hands, or walking together into a store, or on a date at a restaurant. However, just the fact that this couple is of the same sex is enough to offend some people.

3) Gay kisses. These are actually rare. Unlike romantic comedies which almost always end in a heterosexual kiss and all of the random male-female smooches that occur in almost every movie or television series, you have to essentially crack your head to name a dozen movies or series where gay people kissed. There would be countless high-profile movies just this year where straight people kissed, and it’s not even halfway through the year.

4) Gay sex. Technically not just the sex. This includes naked dry humping and all of the other stuff that happens around sex. How many movies can you name that have this kind of content? How many of those movies or series are mainstream?

Now, how many movies can you name where heterosexual sex is simulated? Your phone crashed trying to get the numbers, right?


These distinctions are important to show that when people say that gay sexuality is being shoved in their faces, they often don’t even mean gay people kissing or being intimate – even though that would still be prejudiced. On-screen physical intimacy between gay people is relatively rare.

These people are simply against any kind of LGBT representation.

Even the sight of gay couples holding hands or raising a child together is gay sexuality being shoved down their throats.

For a number of them, even the presence of effeminate gay men (I maintain that Hollywood’s need to almost always represent gay men as high-pitched, effeminate stereotypes fails to capture the diversity of the LGBT community and as such creates a certain caricature of what the gay man should look or sound like) talking with girls in a salon or an office or having a crush on a same sex person is enough to make these homophobes feel like LGBT sexuality is being shoved down their throats.

This is primarily about LGBT erasure. They want to look into their screens and see a world where the LGBT does not exist.

They want the LGBT to hide back in their closets so they can feel more comfortable.

They want things to go back to the way they used to be… You know, when people pretended that queer people did not exist.

That however will not happen.

We have fought for and deserve our representation. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people exist all over the world and deserve to be able to look into TV and see someone who looks like them.

When you see a homophobe ranting about queer sexuality being shoved in his face, tell him this.

Tell him to shut up and watch gay people live.

Tell him he will not change what is happening.

That he cannot.

That he should get used to it.

As for those opinions of his, tell him there is a particular place you can go shove them.

Written by Vhagar

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  1. Mandy
    May 03, 07:10 Reply

    “When you see a homophobe ranting about queer sexuality being shoved in his face, tell him this.
    Tell him to shut up and watch gay people live.
    Tell him he will not change what is happening.
    That he cannot.
    That he should get used to it.
    As for those opinions of his, tell him there is a particular place you can go shove them.”

    ??? Shove them somewhere where the sun don’t shine. And it isn’t down the throat.

    Preach this, Vhagar. Preach THIS!!!

  2. Black Dynasty
    May 03, 09:43 Reply

    There’s a saying i love…. “Equality to the privileged, looks like oppression” and that’s what this is.

    When i see people spewing hate, both online and offline, I choose to react with love/compassion/empathy as it really doesn’t touch nerves anymore as I’m in a place of peace and happiness. I also understand their hate is out of ignorance and insecurities/personal fears.

    Now, if you make the mistake of physically touching me or my family (close friends too), then i will make sure you won’t forget about me in a long time.

  3. trystham
    May 03, 12:37 Reply

    I have just had my moment of epiphany with straight ppl stupidity sha. They portray gay guys as effeminate, high-pitch voiced men and will still ask foolish questions like “who is the man? Who is the woman?” Awon oponu radarada.

  4. QueerNerd
    May 03, 16:35 Reply

    When the oppressed become the oppressor, it’s simply paying everyone back in their coin…. how do they complain about queer sexuality when we grew up with them not on faces but in our own lives

  5. Yazz
    May 04, 01:29 Reply

    Me just enjoying the anger of friends at the increase in gay characters in their favorite series..
    Though I must say some of the anger displayed is forced and they have to portray themselves as homophobic because to them it’s the normal thing.. and don’t get me started with the if my any son of mine is gay rhetoric..

  6. Mandy
    May 05, 07:15 Reply

    This is true. Because if you look at it, gay people being visible are not even doing the most. We are barely scratching the surface with LGBT representation. And yet, they keep crying that we are shoving our “lifestyle” in their faces. What then happens when we get to the time when we are just as equally represented in everyday society as they are? These privileged brats just want us to slink back into the time when we were whispers instead of the storm we’ve now become. Una go old. It is Nigeria’s revolution that I’m waiting for. God, I hope to be alive when LGBT lives become so open and thriving that all homophobic Nigerians can do is complain and fume in their impotence.

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