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Let’s Discuss . . . About How We’re All Having Sex With Everyone

It’s already a known fact that because of the small percentage that the LGBT community make up of the Nigerian citizenry, it is safe to assume that everyone knows everyone.

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What Was Your First Time Like? 15 Guys Share Their First Gay Hookup Stories

There’s really nothing like that very first time, when awkward fumbling and nervous excitement begets either ecstatic pleasure or embarrassing failure. Luckily, most of us get lots of chances to

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Call for Submissions | An Anthology of Nigerian Queer Art

You are invited to submit your work to a new anthology celebrating LGBT life and community in Nigeria. Here are the details: On January 13 2014, the administration of Goodluck


  1. trystham
    July 26, 09:08 Reply

    19 stereotypical, not so? I must attend one

  2. Mandy
    July 26, 10:38 Reply

    I have a problem with the submissiveness implied in the tweet about encountering the police. There has to be a better reaction to encountering the police than just bowing to their will. These men in uniform will continue to overstep their bounds if we civilians keep buckling under their brutality.

  3. Pablo ™
    July 27, 11:58 Reply

    I laughed hard at two of the piece. So gay pride happens in Nigeria? This village is shielding me from orishirishi.

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