After my youth service, I moved to the city of Abuja. In spite of the fact that I had lots of family members living comfortably who I could stay with, I chose to squat with a gay friend of mine who already had about four guys living with him. We were like one big family cluttered as we were in the one-bedroom apartment; we shared everything with joy, and the cramped space felt like a five star hotel, because we always had great times and lots of laughter. There was barely any privacy, so often times, anyone of us who wanted to have a shag would either wait until the dead of the night, or when everyone was away at work, or use the convenience.

Like every other family, we had our pink sheep (not black; pink) lol. He was the oldest of us all, but didn’t look it. He was super daring, and often had one guy or the other over at the house to fuck him. I’m talking, the rough neck type, uncouth, whose personalities were hewn from the streets. Most times, he would wake me or some of us up from our night sleep to come and watch him get fucked by these gorgeous rough necks.

On this day, I was taking a walk with the notorious pink sheep of our family, who I’ll call Olu. As we strolled, we happened upon this meruwa, you know, these Northern fellows that sell water in cans. This one was thickly built, had ebony black skin and was thickly lashed. The tribal marks that streaked across his face gave him a distinct look, and he was topless, with his shirt round his waist, over white trousers with the thinnest fabric that did little or nothing to hide the colour of his red pants and gave a faint indication of the big bulge that was his penis. The rich pubic hair that covered his abdomen grew thicker as it descended into his red pants.

Olu and I saw this black Adonis sight and gaped.

“Jesu!” he gushed.

“Ewooo!” I burst out, affecting a thick Igbo accent. “See man o!”

“Shut up, you don marry,” Olu chided. “No dey look man.”

I chuckled and asked him, “We get water for house?”

“My dear, weda we get or we no get, I go buy water today,” he replied.

Both of us were still drinking in the sight of this amazing northern commoner.

When we approached him, Olu hailed him in Hausa. They exchanged greetings and chatted briefly in the native tongue. And then, Olu ordered for eight gallons of water and said something in Hausa that made the black Adonis beam, raising both hands in a fist and shaking them, saying, “Ooogaaa!”

“Let us go,” Olu said, turning to me.

“Isn’t he coming?” I asked.

“He will, after he has made his delivery.”

When we got home, it was to meet an empty house. Everyone else had gone to work. Olu and I started bringing out the empty containers and water barrels we had at home. Olu promptly used the loo, put some perfume and wore some very sexy, bottom-hugging boxers. He sashayed about the house, singing one of Michael Jackson’s songs, one whose lyrics he changed to “I’m gonna get fucked today by meruwa.”

After what seemed like forever, we heard a knock and a shout of ‘Oga, you don bring am po water o.’

He was here!

Quickly, Olu ran to the DVD player and pressed play. The TV screen flickered and the letters ‘Blondes And Big Black Meat’ was displayed on it. Thereafter, straight porn came into action on the screen.

I started to get nervous at Olu’s daring. I questioned him: What if this goes wrong? What if this guy becomes violent? It would put all of us including the owner of the house in serious trouble.

But Olu brushed aside my anxious questions and went about his business. We went out to meet the guy. When he saw me, he burst out conversationally, “Chai! Yellow oga fain like nyarinya. I be onyibo, oga?”

I am light-skinned, and the flattery was a turn-on. I forced myself to remember I was in a relationship and should respect it. “I no be onyibo o,” I replied, laughing. “I be Nigerian. Wetin be your name?”

“Me na Adamu. I from Adamawa. You sabi Adamawa, oga?”

“Yes na,” I said.

When Adamu, hefting a can, walked inside the living room to make for the drum inside, his eyes fell on the TV screen, and his steps slowed as he became enraptured by the sight of the white woman panting under the onslaught of a black dick. I could immediately see he had reacted to the movie scene with an instant erection, because the groin region of his trouser had swollen, and it seemed as though he had hidden a kitten in there.

Olu said something to him in Hausa, and Adamu answered. After some minutes, he put down the jerrycans and sat down on the sofa, totally engrossed as he watched.

I was so nervous I went into the room. I could hear both of them talking in Hausa as the ‘Ooohh! Aaah!’ and ‘Fuck me, baby!’ came from the TV. Suddenly, there was a roar of laughter from Adamu. I quickly went to the curtain that hung in the doorway and peeped through it into the living room.

Lo and behold, Olu was already naked and Adamu’s red pants and trousers where at his knees. Olu was sitting beside him, stroking a mammoth sized dick and running his hands over Adamu’s chest. The meruwa himself was still engrossed with the movie. Heat coursed through me, and waves of jealousy washed over me, as I cursed myself for not been daring enough to throw caution to the wind and dishonour my relationship.

Olu knelt before Adamu and started sucking greedily on his dick. Adamu’s eyes kept darting from the TV to Olu’s performance. His mouth was slightly opened and I could hear a slight pant in his breathing. Clearly he was enjoying the unexplored pleasure. His hips slowly met Olu’s mouth in a rhythm, and Olu moaned against his cock. Then Olu said something in Hausa, and Adamu shook his head in response. (Must have been a ‘No’ to whatever request Olu made) Olu sucked on his dick some more, mumble something and stood up.

As he walked out of the living room, he met me at the curtain. Rolling his eyes at me like a typical possessed pagan harlot, he passed and made his way to the room to, no doubt, fetch condoms and a lubricant.

I kept peeking at Adamu. He slowly stood up and brought down his pants and trouser to his ankle, his eyes still straying to the TV screen. His dick was super thick, just like the rest of his body. Gawd! I swallowed hard.

Olu passed me again on his way back out, fully armed with lube and condoms. He returned to Adamu, and they both went back to business. He tried to bring his own dick to Adamu’s mouth, but the meruwa tightened his mouth shut and jerked his head away from Olu’s member. Olu went back to the blow job. A few minutes later, he put the condom on the cock. The condom was absolutely stretched to its limit, and still it didn’t get to the base of Adamu’s dick. He was THAT big!

Olu promptly sat astride him, after lubricating his ass generously, and slowly began guiding the dick inside him. Gradually, he began rocking the dick, going up and down on Adamu’s thighs. Adamu maneuvered his body so Olu wouldn’t his view of the television.

As I watched, I wanked myself.

Soon, Adamu got to his feet; he hefted Olu as though he was a piece of light furniture, and with his eyes still on the TV as though receiving instructions from the action he was watching, he settled Olu on the sofa on his back and proceeded to ram hard into his thirsty ass. His body became slick with sweat, which gave his dark skin shiny and the muscles of his body rippled with the exertion of his fuck. Olu started mumbling some funny language (speaking in tongues things) and moaned uncontrollably, sounds which intensified Adamu’s thrusts.

I wanked faster, and was very close to shooting my load, but I willed some control over the ejaculation. i wanted to wait until Adamu was ready to come.

Just then, he looked up and at the doorway where I was hiding. Our eyes met. I parted the curtain, so he could see what I was doing, and he nodded in a gesture of approval. And he let his gaze remain on me, instead of the TV. I began to stroke myself harder, and his body began to tremble as he grunted. And then, I started ejaculating, shooting wads of cum to the floor.

In that instant, he stopped thrusting and simply looked at me. The muscles of his face clenched, and his veins stood out as he began shaking even harder. His eyes rolled into his head and he took several long breaths as he exploded. And then, he jerked his body away from Olu. His sweaty body and chest were heaving. His dick was still turgid and looked like something belonging to the devil. The condom was torn and he had blood on his stomach and dick.

Oh my goodness! Olu was bleeding.

Adamu said something in Hausa, and Olu got up at once and went to fetch a towel. As Adamu wiped his sweat, Olu went on his knees and took the still swollen dick into his mouth. Adamu gently pushed him away; there was a frown on his face. He spoke in Hausa and Olu showed him the bathroom. A few minutes later, he was out. Olu handed him his money and a nylon bag in which he’d put some clothing items, and he left.

Several minutes later, even after we’d opened the windows to draw in air, the house still had in it the heavy smell of Adamu’s maleness.

Written by Festus Ola

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  1. KingBey
    June 17, 05:54 Reply

    Olu still wanted to suck on the dick that had blood stains on it? And when the condom got torn, does that mean that the Adamu guy came inside of Olu? This all sound so risky, and nasty to me. That blood from Olu’s body mixing with Adamu’s dick surely means whatever it is that Olu had on him was transferred to Adamu with immediate effect and vice versa….SMH. I do have fantasies of rough necks, mechanics, good-looking touts and all that but it all ends in my head….they will never play out in real life. Nah….

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 17, 06:03 Reply

      Dont we all have those fantasies? Some days, I see the mechanic working on my neighbour’s car, looking at all those sun-burned rippling muscles and rugged looks, and I get a major turn-on. *facepalm*

  2. therealsalte
    June 17, 06:02 Reply

    Hmmmmmmm…. This olu sef eh!!! That’s all I can say for now…..

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 17, 06:06 Reply

      You mean, until other vipers come and say their own, abi? lol 😀

      • therealsalte
        June 17, 08:41 Reply

        Abeg wia chizzie? Make she talk b4 I go yarn finish.lolz

  3. Chizzie
    June 17, 06:38 Reply

    Wow… but you know this is how HIV spreads? Especially with these so called rough necks that heaven knows what venereal diseases they harbour. Olu had better go for a blood test, and maybe for chastity lessons; cus being an impulsive whore will land one in trouble eventually.

    That said, this was well written, an actual story with an actual theme! not incoherent rambling. nice one!

    • trystham
      June 17, 07:20 Reply

      Oh Chizzie *rme, face palm + throwing hands in the air*

    • KingBey
      June 17, 10:51 Reply

      Are you kidding me? Why will it be the rough neck that will have Venereal diseases and not Olu? The Olu that goes around sleeping with whoever he sees on the streets is now the one free and should go for a test? Did you even consider the guy who may have gotten infected from the blood coming from Olu’s body? If anyone should do a test here, it has to be the Adamu guy because he was the one who was more at risk.

      • Chizzie
        June 17, 11:16 Reply

        the thing with guys like Adamu is that some of them have never even heard of HiV, or know what the term veneral disease is. some are barely making it, so buying a condom is a luxury to them. At least with whores like Olu, they are oriented enough to use protection, but as in his case, seemingly lack the common sense to not suck on a blood stained penis.

  4. Obatala
    June 17, 07:01 Reply

    Olu oooo. Chai. I had a major hardon until I got to the burst condom and blood part. I am so not wanking for a month. #returns Vaseline to shelf

  5. Blaq Jaqs
    June 17, 07:15 Reply

    Haha! Chizzie and his anti-rambling campaign!
    Nice story, I admire Olu’s courage. My lust after rough necks mostly ends where it starts: in my head. Great work.
    I did observe one typo/omission though: ‘so that Olu wouldn’t his view television’

    • KingBey
      June 17, 10:54 Reply

      Exactly ! All the fantasies begins and ends in my head…there’s no need to endanger your life and that of others by playing them out

  6. aproko pikin
    June 17, 07:16 Reply

    Na so person wey I know take knack HIV o; all this ruff neck things. He actually fucked the guy in an uncompleted building close to his area, and the condom broke too as in Olu’s case. Lucky 4 him he was quick to know when he became +ve if it even makes sense. Omo I no dey do ruff necks o! I rather glue my shobosho…

  7. kendigin
    June 17, 07:21 Reply

    Dirty and disgusting…not to mention stupid!
    Fucking meruwa??? That extremely foolish. Those guys don’t come from slum, they r slum!
    No need for olu to test for hiv, he already has it…along with a million other diseases!

  8. trystham
    June 17, 07:27 Reply

    Abegee! No matter how much a mai-ruwa’s crotch may induce fantasy, their stench (sorry, musk) is enough to bring me crashing back to reality… or maybe story still plenti in btwn. Biko, Aunt Ola eyaf try.

  9. Lothario
    June 17, 08:50 Reply

    Oh wow! Not that I subscribe to blue collar liaisons….but oh well! Kudos to all who enjoy it, different strokes for different folks. Good story all the same

  10. sensuousensei
    June 17, 08:53 Reply

    “Chizzie! Chizzie! Na only waka come? How about the other tbs, did u come with any? You were not informed too?Okay, continue. Now meruwa is calling you, to help you remove cobwebs from your mangina? Will you keep quiet? Okay. God will see us. Dia ris God. All this ass you are refusing to share for meruwa, chai! Chai! Dia ris god. Dia ris god in everything we are doing. Dia ris god oooo ” *sob…sob*

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 17, 08:56 Reply

      LMAO! Chizzie appears to be KD’s most popular commenter, eh?

      • sensuousensei
        June 17, 09:00 Reply

        Pink_aunt, abeg abeg abeg. If you see the comment was in quotes. I’m only the vessel of transmission. Na copy and paste I do. Before aunty chizzie will rip me to shreds

    • Deola
      June 17, 14:24 Reply

      Am sorry this had me laughing for like 5mins….shame on you sensuousensei!!

  11. Deola
    June 17, 14:26 Reply

    On a serious note though, you had me until the whole condom tearing and blood thing.
    Its just a major turn off for me.

  12. CeeCee
    June 17, 17:03 Reply

    This is ultra raunchy, and filthy, the sort of stuff you’d find in the sleaziest of brothels. I sometimes fantasize about goodlooking roughnecks , but then my bead knows that the risk and potential damage I could suffer from such will likely outweigh whatever pleasure I derive, so I never bother to try to act out my fantasises. I have however had one weed smoking, barely literate rough neck whom I met through a friend when I was in one of the cities of the southwest for a funeral.funny enough, he turned out to be one of the most sincere and compassionate human beings I have ever come across, despite the wide social and intellectual gap, we have remained good friends, I still call him from time to time and chuckle when I hear his rough, ghetto voice on the phone. But mehn, Olu sha, sucking on a bloodstained dick after its had a rough ride inside the tight walls of your showbowshow … how horny can you be as to risk your life so brazenly?not cool@all! And yes, I was shocked that my own roughneck knew next to nothing about safe sex, I made him get tested then I taught him all I know about safe sex and left him with lots of lube abd condoms …

  13. InLoveWithAPHBoy
    June 17, 17:41 Reply

    Ouuuuccccchhhhhhh W.T.F….damn….that ending is a NO NO…Broken Condom+Blood Stain= Everything I never wanted in a Sex…..*Shuts Down Laptop*

  14. engorgio
    June 17, 20:53 Reply

    Simply disgusting, can’t imagine myself in any of their shoes. I no envy them at all

  15. king
    July 30, 18:54 Reply

    Hmmmm I so love them ruffiies anytime…but yes it’s a big no no to blood and all…tot d kito story was even gonna end in d meruwa screaming blue murder and inviting his blood brothers to beat up d duo bots….

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