This is what you get when you are careless with your online ‘Hello’

This is what you get when you are careless with your online ‘Hello’

A majority of the problems we bring upon ourselves as gay men is wrought by our recklessness, a total disregard for boundaries, and a bewildering ignorance of the risks of being homosexual in Nigeria. There’s no excuse for a homophobic attack on a gay Nigerian, sure. But I often find myself lacking empathy these days for people who fall into kito experiences that could’ve been very easily avoided.

In a Facebook post titled ‘MY EXPERIENCE WITH A GAY DUDE’, Facebook denizen (and designated scumbag, just because) named Anabs Huntly details how he was hit on by a gay guy, and what he did to teach the guy a lesson.

Check on it below.


I woke up a few days ago and got a direct message on Instagram from some random individual. The message reads “Hey boo just went through your pictures and I must confess I’m attracted to you and wouldn’t mind getting down with you”. The next message I got was a nude picture from this creature.

To my greatest amazement, as I checked the profile of this individual, at least to get to know him better, I discovered that the sender was a guy in his late 20s. Considering my stand on homosexuality, of which I remain unapologetic about, it was a very disgusting sight to behold, I must confess.

As a matter of fact, I was deeply traumatized for about 20 mins before responding to him. I however decided not to react but instead teach him a lesson of his life. So, I decided to play along. I had a game plan which will inevitably leave me feeling better if properly executed.

My first response to him was “Thanks dear. I really do appreciate. So tell me, do you live in Lagos? It will be nice for us to catch up and have some drinks. I’m presently lodged at Oriental Hotel. You can stop by my room maybe later on today so we can get to know ourselves better.”

Obviously oblivious to my ploy and perhaps overwhelmed by my response, the dude who had initially planned a visit to Wazobia TV for an interview decided to cancel his appointment and visit me instead. Oh!! If only he knew.

All the while we were chatting, I was in Port Harcourt boiling in anger whilst he was on his way to visit me in one of the most expensive hotels in Lagos.

This nasty dude, all the while I led him on in a conversation, passed a lot of unbelievable gestures of which I can’t go into details for the purpose of those who can’t handle such information. But I had to subject myself to the ultimate plan rather than my emotions. I so had his time that day.

Long story short, this dude got to the hotel and sent me a message, informing me of his arrival at the hotel. It was at this point I asked that he send me his number so I call him, of which he gladly obliged. I hid my number and called him. Oh!! He was so excited to hear his “lover’s” voice. I sounded so excited too and told him I couldn’t wait to meet him in person. I then asked him to proceed to the Japanese restaurant on the second floor where I would join him in 30 minutes. It was obviously his first time in such a luxurious hotel. Well, in less than a minute he was at the Japanese restaurant. I called again and asked him to hand over the phone to the waiter. At this point my plan was 80% near completion.

I couldn’t believe I was on the phone with the waiter. For a minute I was excited. I was excited because this disgusting dude was about to experience something really painful for waking up one morning and deciding to send me nasty pictures of himself. And then I go “my name is XYZ, and I’m lodged on the 9th floor… kindly prepare for my guest the following…

  1. Special fried rice large portion
  2. Prawn in chilli sauce
  3. shredded beef sauce
  1. Pork sauce
  2. Stir fry noodles
  3. A glass of Chapman

15 mins later the food was on the table but because it was too much, he asked the waiter to return some of the sauce. Dammit! This pained me because he had just unknowningly slashed the bill. But I was still on track.

The message I got was “this food tastes really nice boo.” At this point I knew it was mission accomplished. Without any further delay I blew my cover and asked that hope he had the money to pay for the meal. By the time they brought the bill, it was about N12500 as against the N30000 I had planned for him to spend on just lunch.

Find what followed next in the screenshots attached.

I did what I did because I needed to teach him a lesson. You don’t just wake up one morning and of all the men out there, it’s Huntly you decided to send your nude.

I won’t tolerate any gay guy hitting on me either knowingly or unknowingly. I will expose you straight up. If you are gay please get sense and go after the likes of bobriksy. Not me. I still don’t understand how a man will be sexually attracted to his fellow man.

On a lighter note, I am still amazed at how I was able to convince that guy to make a trip to Oriental Hotel.PicturesPictures1

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  1. Francis
    April 25, 06:03 Reply

    All i can say this is the mildest of Kito I’ve seen so far. No idea if it will make the person receive sense in the future sha as some peeps don’t learn from mild experiences ???

    • Francis
      April 25, 06:39 Reply

      On another note, i see one of my long time online pal for the comment section and I’m happy to know he’s truly not a homophobic atheist ???

  2. KingBey
    April 25, 06:15 Reply

    Nigerians and their wickedness. You hate gay people…Simply let them know when they hit on you. Not showcasing unnecessary wickedness

  3. Black Dynasty
    April 25, 06:33 Reply

    Smh, the guy was silly and just plain reckless.

    Who in the world cancels an interview to meet a guy you messaged a few hours earlier?

    He should be thankful he didn’t get beating of his life or get kidnapped and held ransom.

    Not that I condone what the str8 guy did, but he at least offered to refund the money for the bill. Alternatively, he could have simply told the guy he’s not gay and blocked him though.

  4. beejay
    April 25, 07:31 Reply

    Holy mother of mothers! I try to be kind, cause Karma and all, but this is the limit. I mean homeboy has to be all shades of the spectrum stupid to pull off something this daft. Bet he hasn’t learned a single lesson too and is currently feeling “victimized”… There’s no excuse for such naivete, I don’t give a flying F*ck how cute or hot someone is, you just don’t hit on random strangers like that. There should be a playbook it something… Like a Gay guide book for dummies, no?

    • Gad
      April 25, 07:41 Reply

      Please tell them if they will ever hear including the one in love with Mark.

  5. Dimkpa
    April 25, 07:40 Reply

    This is just a wicked act. Plain and simple. My heart went out to the gay dude when I read the chats. He has become a victim of GEJ sanctioned homophobia. In my opinion he did absolutely nothing wrong. (I would only send a nude picture on request though, but that’s just personal differences). He saw a guy he liked and hit on him like many of us have probably done. The scumbag only need say he is not gay and that would be that. All the rest is borne of homophobia, he even referred to him as a ‘creature’. And we all know what is true of those who shout the loudest about how they hate gay people….

    • Delle
      April 25, 10:28 Reply

      The kitoer is a malicious prick to go out of his way in doing what he did and yes, we all know about the IH virus but should the kitoee be excused still?
      Dimkpa do not make it seem like it’s right for someone to up and send a nude picture (which to me was the spark that ignited the fire and not even the compliment). It’s all shades of wrong.
      People should learn self-discipline. Not everything would be taught in classrooms and not everyone can tolerate madness.

    • Jay
      April 25, 13:09 Reply

      My brother Yes on one hand he tot the guy a lesson but on the other it makes no sense to me. Better tell the person you are not and block him than making him go tru all dat stress .

    • UC TheMisfit
      April 25, 17:24 Reply

      *musing to self*
      *…So Dimkpa “would only send a nude picture on request”? Interesting. So he’s not uptight after all? Isn’t God great?!…*

  6. KikiOpe
    April 25, 07:52 Reply

    So, that’s how he missed an interview all for the sake of being laid? Seriously? Some people with their thirst sef. Who knows maybe he might have even gotten the job? That’s by the way though.
    Come to think of it, the guy isn’t totally wrong in doing what he did. Truth is if any straight woman hits You up and decides to constitute nuisance by bombarding your inbox with nudes pictures of boobs and vagina (being gay or straight) You’ll pick offense. Some peeps will even go as far as exposing her with the pictures.

    As for the gay guy, his stupidity is beyond measures. Aswear. To think that he DM’d the guy, and without any prior reply went ahead to send him nudes. Who does that? Even if he was horny (and vaseline, cucumber, plantain/banana or even Yam couldn’t quench the thirst), couldn’t he have just looked for a fb? Even hookup on a gay app would have better. Mbok, it’s high time (gay) people started thinking with their heads/brain and stop following konji/libido upandan.

    PS: How was the guy able to free himself from the debt? Did he enter room 708?

  7. Mandy
    April 25, 07:58 Reply

    He even eventually offered to send him the money?! This guy is far too kind, aswear!

  8. Mac nuel
    April 25, 07:58 Reply

    The writer tried Na at least he sent him the money. The way some guys think is just out of Dis world, firstly sending an unknown person ur nude.

  9. Gabriella
    April 25, 08:09 Reply

    WooW this the best kito ever, lesson learned.

  10. Canis VY Majoris
    April 25, 09:30 Reply

    Maybe they aren’t learning simply because they don’t know about Kito Diaries. We should try to extend the reach of this blog, tell your friends and new friends within the community. Let’s spread the information as it comes. Despite having friends who read this blog daily, I still make it a point of duty to send informative posts to them just in case they missed it and they do the same.

    I’d say I’ve learned a whole lot about being gay and living in Nigeria since I started reading KD app. 1 year ago, yes, ignorance is never an excuse, but who says it shouldn’t be given our precarious circumstances, it’s not as if we get pamphlets on safety tips on being gay in Nigeria, randomly handed to us on the streets or in schools.

    Its easy to judge when you know better. But then we’re also tasked to expand the knowledge gap. We’re all in this together.

  11. Lorde
    April 25, 10:04 Reply

    While this guy was relatively nicer in this kito experience, his intentions are just as bad…..hes still a homophobic piece of shit who thinks every gay guy will like bobrisky…. fucking asshole… i wish i was this boy so ill whip out that atm and pay the waiter …tip him and fuck up his plans…. then I’ll most likely go on a hunger strike to catch up to my expenses???

    • Jason
      April 25, 15:22 Reply

      Do you really blame him, when some gay guys keeps creating wrong impressions of themselves ,making people believe sex is all they are after. How do you send someone a naked picture of yourself just after one hello ?
      I work 12 hours a day, I do designs and pottery,at the end of the day, sex is the last thing I’m thinking of.
      Lots of us create wrong impression by always being in the hunt for hook ups and sex, gay is just a sexuality, it shouldn’t define anyone .
      How does one abandon a job interview simply to have sex?
      And you wonder why people are homophobic.

    • Brian Collins
      April 25, 19:13 Reply

      I imagine that this is you, with all the straight guys you’re always talking about converting. Lol!!!

  12. Delle
    April 25, 10:12 Reply

    The kitoee is unintelligent what with the grammatical horror and sentence construction. It might not matter but an enlightened individual wouldn’t be this careless.
    I mean, how else can you explain the rationality behind cancelling YOUR appointment just for one flimsy romp? In fact, everything just screams DAFT from his end.
    Someone ordered food himself and told you to start eating without him and you did? Really?!

    I do not even know how to be irritated at the kitoer sef (although, I still don’t understand that very difficult task in saying, “Sorry, I’m not gay and would appreciate if this doesn’t repeat itself.”

    The kitoee is even lucky it wasn’t kito of physical violence (even though I feel this one carries as much weight). Shebi the kitoer promised a refund. How generous.

    Biko this story can’t coman spoil my day.

  13. Gabriella
    April 25, 10:38 Reply

    @pinkpanther it’s a lesson learned because here there was no violent action or something that will make you want to crawl under the bed feeling depressed. By the way the gay guy is indeed a daft, I mean how can you lower your dignity to the extent of sending your nudes to someone you have never met before, who didn’t ask you for it, I mean that is so desperate. I don’t blame the straight guy for being angry I mean who wouldn’t, but the homophobic actions he took and the things he said are really not ok but who can blame him.

  14. simba
    April 25, 12:14 Reply

    All my friends read kito diaries, even straight ones..i have found the easiest way to come out to those i wish to come out to.
    And i too gets offended by receiving unsolicited nudes. There is a certain cool dude i admire via my instagram, he slid in my DM and the discussion was great until he told me he was horny. I felt insulted because, i never told him i was gay, neither have we become comfortable with each other to be that cozy. Receiving such comments or pictures, when not requested makes me feel cheap,it feels demeaning to me. I am a human being and not a sex toy or human sexual satisfactory machine.

    • Jason
      April 25, 15:33 Reply

      Nice one my dear .
      Even solicited nudes should be frowned upon, because it will eventually lead to blackmail and extortion.
      I’m obsessed with male nude and I often invite professionsl models over to enjoy the sight of their nudity. But I seldom take pictures and even in the rare cases I do, I make sure it is faceless .while I will never expose anyone for the Glee of internet hounds, you can never know who will get hold of your device. People need to smarten up.

      • Brain
        November 25, 12:44 Reply

        Honestly, I agree 100 percent with what you say. We gay guys are the ones embarrassing ourselves. We are the ones making people even more homophobic. Like if only we could stop this hookup culture, it will help our image. Our sexuality is just a bit of our overall being. It shouldn’t and should never define who we truly are.

  15. Francis
    April 25, 14:10 Reply

    I just hope we are not gradually condoning and supporting sexual harassment as sending unsolicited nudes and yarns etc is part of it

  16. ambivalentone
    April 25, 16:17 Reply

    The weird thing is a gay dude who is in his late 20s and acts like that will NEVER learn. Its for people like him a simple ‘no, I am not gay’ is never enough. He got off lucky.
    I was quite put off by this writer’s very vocal homophobic stance. It makes me wanna close ranks with the idiot gay dude and that is saying a lot.

  17. UC TheMisfit
    April 25, 17:18 Reply

    I personally think naïveté and inexperience, and a lack of small common sense, was this young man’s undoing. You don’t up and ‘boo’ a stranger then follow it up with a nude picture of you.
    Still, I (mildly) sympathize, given that this was a ‘mild kito’, especially if the dude really refunded you the bill.

    OAN: so the victim of kito is now a ‘kitoee’? Lol. Issorait.

  18. Logan
    April 25, 18:10 Reply

    Hi PP, you removed my comment without so much as a reason. That’s so not fair. But it’s cool though. Is it so wrong to Holla @ Delle???

    • Pink Panther
      April 25, 21:26 Reply

      Hey dude don’t involve me in your lusty pursuit. Holler at whoever you want any number of times, it doesn’t matter to me. If your comment isn’t here, you probably never posted it at all

      • Logan
        April 25, 21:38 Reply

        “lusty pursuit” wow, I just started reading this blog, I’m not looking for a fight. I’m sorry, it was my mistake then. Clearly I’m misunderstood here.

  19. DI-NAVY
    April 25, 21:00 Reply

    Okay. Hollooppp. It’s obvious the guy who did this is a potential gay man. I mean, a straight guy would not even have the energy to lead you on. I have straight brothers and sometimes some gay guys hit on them and the only thing they do is to ignore or block you asap. They wont even talk about it again . But looking at this gay confused specie of a giy who rocks colourful polka dot socks and toes. Honey , he screams gay! He’s suffering from internal homophobia. Reading through the comments to see some Nigerians jailing him. Smh . Tufiakwa .

    • Pink Panther
      April 25, 21:21 Reply

      Are you serious? All those other hoodlums that target and bash gay guys, they’re all closeted gays too, all of them just brimming with IH?
      And I fail to see how this elaborate point you’re making about his sexuality justifies an actual gay man hounding him. Is that what makes it okay? Becos he’s probably gay, he shouldnt get upset with a little nude sent to him?

  20. Chuck
    April 25, 21:53 Reply

    Gay person does something wrong

    Jason: this is why people are homophobic

    How come you arent accusing all Christians of being adulterers because one Pastor was an adulterer?

    why havent you condemned all mechanics/ Lagosians as child abusers because one mechanic was foubd abusing a youg girl in Lagos?
    It’s interesting to see how you project human failings on homosexuality

  21. cedar
    April 25, 22:56 Reply

    Prayer for tonite…
    My Father My Father!
    Every spirit of stupidity!
    Every spirit of foolishness!
    Every yoke of not reading signs before me!
    Both hidden and plain!
    Wherever they may be!
    Die by fire!
    Die by fire!!
    Die by fire!!!

    Church help me in prayers, edakun.

  22. Dimkpa
    April 26, 05:58 Reply

    I am really surprised at the comments here. The conclusion seems to be that poor gay guy was stupid. He sent a nude picture, so what? Has no one here not ever sent a nude picture? If it was a fugly unattractive lady that sent a nude picture to this “straight” guy would he have done the same to her? Would the situation have been different if he had not sent a nude picture? Could he have been smarter, maybe but hindsight is always 20/20. He fell victim to a guy who saw him as a fair game because he is gay and all he gets from fellow gay men is condemnation. I find this hard to believe that we have lost empathy for our own kind.

    Where is the outrage at the bigotry and hatred of this Anabs Huntly fellow? In his post he calls his victim nasty and creature and yet no one condemns it? Is his hatred less because he is too much of a wimp to face his victim or too weak to physically harm him? Imagine the trauma poor young chap faced with that bill in a strange place with unfamiliar faces, totally unprepared for what befell him.
    O di egwu really…

    • Pink Panther
      April 26, 06:09 Reply

      Dimkpa, the point is simple. Lay the blame equally where it belongs. I’m usually one for empathy for gay people falling victims to opportunistic straight people, But I’m afraid, in this case, I cannot agree with you. The Huntly fellow is a despicable human being. No doubt about that. But I cannot, in the name of solidarity, eschew the gross stupidity displayed by the gay guy. We live in a unique state of circumstances, we Nigerian gay people. The kind of circumstances that dictates for us to be extra careful with the expression of our desires. It is not fair that we don’t enjoy the ease of sexual connections the way straight Nigerians do. But it is what it is. And every self aware gay Nigerian knows this. And ought to act accordingly. Texting a stranger out of the blue about how you fancy him and then slapping him with a nude that he didn’t ask for is grossly irresponsible. Even in the heterosexual dating scene, a woman you do that to is likely to get very upset. He was reckless and irresponsible. That FACT ought to be acknowledged. If his kito situation had graduated to something worse than what happened, I really wouldn’t know if I’d have it in me to empathize with him. Every other gay person taking care to steer the course is not a fool for doing so.

    • Francis
      April 26, 07:31 Reply

      Yes some of us have sent out nudes in the past BUT not UNSOLICITED NUDES.

      Guy leave this matter. You’re supporting sexual harassment and it’s threatening to tarnish your rep biko. DUMP THAT SHIT!

    • bruno
      April 26, 08:06 Reply

      dimpka, this is not a zero sum game. there is enough blame to go round. homophobia is on display here, no reasonable person would argue that. but so is sexual harassment. even if the gender or sexual orientation of either of them was changed its still not okay even in the most liberal societies.

  23. posh666
    April 26, 15:26 Reply

    Honestly even me that is gay sef will get really pissed off if I didn’t ask you for your nude and you just decide to send it,believing in your twisted mind that it will turn me on. Nope niggah!!!you just blew whatever chance you had.. .

    Not all of us want to be bombarded with nudes.Especially those with over bloated self esteem who think they have a nice ass and dick when it most likely isn’t all that…

    The funny thing is for those of you blaming the Kitoer,the truth is if the guy had actually told the Kitoee he wasn’t gay,the Kitoee still won’t give up or even believe it to be true.

    Sometimes some people are lucky to get notified of a potential kito situation but won’t use their common sense and back off.. Even if someone is gay and tells you he isn’t,that means that person doesn’t want you.So why keep forcing it?

  24. j bird
    March 25, 23:51 Reply

    i dont think its stupid for someone to want and seek affection and put themselves out there. the guy was pretty bold. more so than I am lol. to writer, it’s not the gay guy’s fault for someone else being a bad person. sounds like you’re victim blaming tbh.

  25. Telling it as I see it
    August 13, 22:47 Reply

    I’m surprised at most of the comments I’ve read.
    A guy was emotionally abused by who I think is a closeted self hating gay prick. But most comments were on the mistake the guy made. That prick had no right to teach that so called lesson
    If he is in the mood for teaching lessons there are more dangerous criminals out there!!

  26. Brian
    November 25, 13:18 Reply

    This is what I have to say on this matter, because I am quite angry.

    No one will respect you, if you don’t respect yourself.

    The guy’s act, sending a nude picture, is a total act of disrespect to his own self. How on earth, thus, will the straight guy give respect to such person? It is impossible!

    Second, Telling it as it is, I must say, I don’t think, and I will never agree that the gay guy was emotionally abused. Like what was he thinking. In fact, his act condones a practice in the gay community I find very wrong and disheartening. He obviously hooked up with the straight guy for sex and supposing things have gone down well, they would have had sex and that’s it, it ends there.

    For crying out loud, can someone tell me how we can build a fulfilled life out of this hookup culture?

    Or am I wrong to think that we chose to be gay because we thought being ourselves will put us on a path to fulfilled life? In other words, I’m saying, living a fulfilled life is the goal of we all.
    Now, doesn’t this hookup culture defeats this goal?

    Having sex and sex and sex and sex and never seeking beyond to things that are of more need to our fragile human selves. It is scary, I must say.

    I can’t adopt such life style.

    We gay must realise, people plan their lives to live it on the long-term and any acts, any act I repeat, that defeat having such great lives we have planned would be thrown out and stamped upon like trash. If we want homophobia to end, the change start from us.

    We must first respect ourselves by showing through our ACTIONS, not words and arguments, and tell off of homophobic acts, that we are capable of decency, that we are more capable than the sex our image is now so smitten with, that we are capable of being BETTER HUMANS, that we are capable of building and maintaining better relationships, and more that I believe my argument so far would have suggested to your thoughts.

    Thank you

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