About The Gay Men Who Were Reportedly Arrested In Lagos

About The Gay Men Who Were Reportedly Arrested In Lagos

Reports surfaced online in the early hours of Sunday, July 30, that 42 persons were arrested in the early hours of Saturday at Owode, Lagos state, on the allegations that they were gay. According to The Sunday Punch, an eyewitness said the “suspects” were engaging in homosexual acts.

The story, whilst confirmed by The Rustin Times, has led to further revelations that the police raided the private party following a tip from some of the residents in the area. 70 people were arrested and taken to the police station and 28 were released shortly after on bail, leaving 42 behind.

Further investigations reveal that the party was an opportunity to render HCT (HIV Counseling and Testing) services to members of the community. A source, who was at the party, revealed to The Rustin Times that there were no illegal activities going on and that the attendees were just out, having a good time.

Access to Health and Rights Development Initiative (AHRDI) has been working to secure the release of the arrested persons. AHRDI confirmed the comments of the Lagos State Police PRO, Olarinde Famous-Cole, that the arrested persons are in the custody of the Lagos State Task Force. The advocacy group also added that they have no idea how to reach the arrested persons. The group has also engaged The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) to see to the release of the arrested young men.

Speaking on the development, a spokesperson for TIERs stated that: “…there is no concrete evidence for the arrest of these persons that is why they say they are ‘caught in the act’. These men were just out having a good time.”

Legal representatives of both human rights organizations have said that the case will be followed up and closely monitored.


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  1. Kritzmoritz
    July 31, 07:15 Reply

    “Caught in the act” means what exactly? Another term to publicly shame victims and announce to the world they’re doing something about the gay agent. It has to be “caught in the act ” because mere sexual identities, will render their case hopeless. Will be interesting watching them prosecute this case if not that we are dealing with actual human lives. Prosecutorial blackmail is still a thing, I guess. These victims need to be returned to their homes safely asap.

  2. Lorde
    July 31, 08:18 Reply

    This country don taya me….honestly speaking …

  3. trystham
    July 31, 08:23 Reply

    When they say caught in the act, were they having sex? Were their lips glued together? Were they naked and sword fighting? Because if they weren’t in any of these positions, ati SSMP, ati Indecent acts, neither one were violated. AND IF they really wanna be pressing charges, they had better start arresting that Yobe Senator

  4. Karh J
    July 31, 08:58 Reply

    Is it not Nigeria again? Some buffoon is just looking for glory, glory that’ll get him nowhere, “caught in the act” so that Nigerians will support you ?? I am so proud of our LGBTQ these days, we’re smart and we’re strong. My heart goes out to those arrested innocent gay or bisexual men, but this is a seriously sad turn, I mean how does a gathering for the testing of HIV become a serious offence that earns the remark “caught in the act”? In fact, anybody that goes for HIV testing anywhere in Nigeria should be a gay man or a lesbian, please Nigerians, just show us how stupid you really are. Ndiseme mpo mstcheeew

  5. dwayne
    July 31, 13:23 Reply

    this appeared in our group chat on whatsapp. how can 42 guys be caught in the act

  6. dwayne
    July 31, 13:25 Reply

    and today bbc headline was Nigerians arrested for gay sex

  7. Danny
    August 02, 15:59 Reply

    You guys won’t believe but I was amongst the people released. To think I could have been transferred to task force. I just praise God every single day.

  8. Ray
    August 04, 23:09 Reply

    Oh Danny you were amongst the guys who went to that party. For crying out loud guys, why will you guys continue to fucking endanger yourselves like this. We all know that was a ducking urgy party or some birthday for the act and not some LGBTQ awareness program. Do LGBTQ awareness program happen in a club, hotel in the middle of no where?
    You all should fucking stop putting yourself in such situation that tags you criminals. How on earth did u not think someone would call the police when they see something fishy. You should see facebook and see the hate poured against these guys “caught in the act”.
    And everyday when pinky posts happenings like this, we pour out support for our persecuted brothers and sisters. For Christ sake we need to call them to order. Engaging publicly in gay sex is a crime even though we are against the law. But it remains a crime and if caught, you get jail time. Putting yourself in such situation repeatedly is not only stupid but shows being gay to you is all about the dick you collect or ass you dick….i can tell you this is not d first of such party Daniel has gone to… And they may be more. So fucking annoying that we face this persecution and this can be avoided… ?

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