“You Have Decided To Make Yourself A Tool In The Devils Hands.” Former child actor Williams Uche Mbah lashes out at instablog9ja for posting gay photos

“You Have Decided To Make Yourself A Tool In The Devils Hands.” Former child actor Williams Uche Mbah lashes out at instablog9ja for posting gay photos

These ignorant actors that suddenly want to gain more fame for themselves by riding the internet homophobia bandwagon sha…

Anyway, apparently he’s a child actor who has grown up to be an adult actor who condemns blogs for furthering the evil gay agenda in Nigeria. Instablog9ja posted a pic of two gay lovers a couple of days ago which they captioned: “Man causes stir on Facebook with loved up pictures of himself and his bae. The man sent tongues wagging, after updating his friends on how he spent his day. He wrote: “Had a good day with bae yesterday…… spend the whole day together….. really enjoyed it…. bae told me to put the pic back up……lol.”

Predictably, the photo caused quite the firestorm and right in the center, bristling with righteous indignation for the lost souls of Nigerian youths, was our beloved actor, Williams, lashing out at the blog for posting pictures that potentially damages the youths of this great righteous country.

Check his rant below.

Since nobody wants to address it or call them to order i will… @instablog9ja you have decided to make yourself a tool in the Devils hands and have decided to use your social media platform to decay the society thinking that your trending …I don't understand why you would think it's fun or trending to put up pictures or two men making out and thinking it's news or normal when you know that there are a lot of children following you and you think it's fun to danm their souls???..what are you trying to promote?? why are you trying to achieve?? This country is still a God fearing control and we have to control the kind of content we take in…and I want you to know that if you don't stop this madness you will judged immensely in this life and after…

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  1. Terra
    November 04, 05:58 Reply

    When you jump up anyhow, you set yourself up for air combos. This guy is about to realize that nobody knows who he is, and nobody cares because his 15 minutes were up ages ago

  2. Law
    November 04, 06:45 Reply

    See who is tlking… For God sake… William… *Lemme just keep quiet* hypocrite!

    • Delle
      November 04, 10:28 Reply

      Say it! Say it! Say it!! !!

    • doe eyed monster
      November 04, 10:34 Reply

      Sire… Please now.. .there is no keeping quiet on here… We spill all the way.

  3. Di-Navy
    November 04, 07:27 Reply

    To think I used to like this guy . smh

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    November 04, 07:36 Reply

    Gay men who lived in Asaba around 2000-2005 know this idiot and they have receipts.

    That’s all I am going to say

    • Bobby
      November 04, 08:04 Reply

      2005 is too far behind..i have reciepts from 2009.

  5. ambivalentone
    November 04, 07:37 Reply

    Apparently, this one also has a ‘YOU-KNOW-WHO’ complex. I’d beg ‘converters’ to av mercy on his wretched soul, but I’d be wasting time

  6. Bobby
    November 04, 08:03 Reply

    I cant remember when last i got laid…i cant deal with this ricochet of iberibe this early morning….**logs in on Grindr**

  7. Pjay
    November 04, 08:19 Reply

    It’s either IH or he’s just pandering to the majority of homophobic Nigerians. Dude desperately needs to stay relevant.

    • Mandy
      November 04, 08:30 Reply

      Aswear. The hunger for fame knows no bounds or shame.

  8. Mandy
    November 04, 08:32 Reply

    Your yeye dey smell big time, Williams Uche-Mbah.

    I wish one sassy daredevil gay person with receipts will send the receipts to instablog9ja to expose him for his hypocrisy. Nonsense.

  9. Bain
    November 04, 08:55 Reply

    please what is “receipts” ?

    • posh6666
      November 04, 09:15 Reply

      Some form of pictures or text message or screenshots to serve as evidence when you are trying to support your claim…To think I used to crush on this guy when he was younger.He was so adorable,then all of a sudden I stumbled upon his pics looking all grown and fat.

      To now add insult upon injury he’s obviously a downlow pretending to be homophobic.Haba willy willy only you?

  10. Canis VY Majoris
    November 04, 09:20 Reply

    I have just 1 question, why is the G-Wagon in the backdrop tho?

    And oh please, there are receipts!!!.

    • posh666
      November 04, 09:23 Reply

      Are you trying to say he doesn’t have a car at all? Or the G wagon isn’t his? And you got receipts? Tea Bitch! #MessyQueens lol.

  11. IBK
    November 04, 10:15 Reply

    All these people with receipts should leak them jor. Maybe next time celebrities will think twice before spewing homophobic shit.

  12. Delle
    November 04, 10:27 Reply

    I actually know the guy and is almost forced to spare his ignorance owing to his cuteness! ?
    I won’t though. And I also want to believe he isn’t the one that typed that grammatically catastrophic combination of words. I really do not know what it takes for one to make out time to educate himself before spewing mind-boggling gibberish on the internet.

    That aside, those two guys are not serious! With their faces in full view? Okay o. Just okay o. ??????

  13. Lorde
    November 04, 11:14 Reply

    Lool no b this boy Wey go my primary skl? Idk anything abt him being gay n all, but him n hs sis, nothing in their brain. He shud calm down

  14. Promise4all
    November 04, 11:16 Reply

    I thought I was a poor soul in English language, but I’ve seen the impoverished soul. ” why are you trying to achieve?? This country is still a God fearing control and we have to control the kind of content we take in…”. Abeg, we all have to control the kind of content we take in, it’s not everything that the media takes out that we take in. Willy, Inugo?

    OAN, those with his commodity receipts, please spoof an account and push the contents to dem nau.

    • Pink Panther
      November 04, 11:31 Reply

      They don’t even have to do much. Just submit the receipts to the instablog9ja that he’s bashing. I’m sure they’d looooooove to clap back at him with their receipts. 😀

  15. peaches
    November 04, 11:24 Reply

    I laugh @ the phrase “righteous country”. such righteousness!. Receipts show thyselves. who called that okpolo head cute? have you not met Emmanuel Ekubese, Bryan and Alex? . what is cute about that akpa-garri with lembe lips and skin a kardashian spa treatment cannot fix. anyways, gone with the wind is he, as for the lovers… well, I shall judge u in my head later.

  16. Mitch
    November 04, 11:48 Reply

    Lekwanu Uche-Mbah!

    Can you imagine this Unn akwuna? People are talking about receipts from 2009, I’ve got his from 2011 and 12. Uchu!

    • posh666
      November 04, 11:55 Reply

      Can you guys pls just compile the receipts and send it to instablog anonymously already abeg!

  17. BIBI G
    November 04, 11:51 Reply

    This one he has moved from asaba to Lagos his stupidity is like 100percent.
    He came to London sometime this year didn’t he go to bootylicious
    That’s a gay club in London
    Unfortunately there no pics
    But I can swear that this Bitch is gay
    He’s verse sef or bottom rubish

    • Chuck
      November 04, 13:22 Reply

      So if he was a top it wouldn’t be rubbish, or it would only be half – rubbish?

      You are part of the problem.

      • wytem
        November 04, 14:58 Reply

        Oga Chuk….. Just a full stop between the ‘bottom’ and ‘rubbish’. I don’t think he meant that bottoms are rubbish.
        Abeg no dey take things the way you do….. Its not that serious!

        • Chuck
          November 04, 15:43 Reply

          I did not mean that he wrote “bottom rubbish”. He said the guy was gay, and added that he was verse or bottom as if that added to the gayness.

          You can choose to ignore the implications but I don’t. It is THAT serious

          • posh666
            November 04, 16:05 Reply

            Actually it does add to the gayness.Cos him being btm/vers means he’s fully gay or bi and not curious.It means he loves men,he loves dick and enjoys being made love to by a man lobatan! Oga stop looking for drama were there’s none…

            • Chuck
              November 04, 16:33 Reply

              There’s no drama. I’m pointing out that this opinion you’ve put forward ( tops can be curious, bottoming means you’re definitively gay or bi) is homophobic. The more you try to give people points for not being fully gay, the more you reinforce the idea that being gay is undesirable.

              • BIBI G
                November 04, 18:53 Reply

                Chuks don’t come for me I don’t mean to say any thing that is not true
                He is gay
                thats all
                Fuck him and his homophobia
                Him being bottom or verse doesn’t make him more gay or less gay
                I’m only stating facts that’s all

            • IBK
              November 04, 17:26 Reply

              Straight men like their ass being played with too. Roles doesn’t add or subtract to how gaygay you are.

            • Pink Panther
              November 04, 18:07 Reply

              Seriously, Posh, this line of argument is…well, rubbish. The extent of his gayness doesn’t get reinforced or lessened by the role he plays. So if he’s top, he is not fully gay? He’s just curious? If he were top, he doesn’t love men that much? or love dick that much? Guy, abeg this your reasoning is flawed. And if that’s what you’re going with, I’m with Chuck. You are part of the problem.

              • posh666
                November 04, 18:16 Reply

                That’s just me trying to explain to Chuck that the other guys comment about being a btm isn’t him trying to be condescending about btms or anything…Pls nxt time Pink panther I would appreciate if you disagree with my point of view politely without being outrightly rude…I respect you,your opinion and as the owner of the blog as such I always express my disagreement with your point of view when the need arises politely…

                You don’t need to ever say my line of thought or how I expressed it is “rubbish” so pls Pinkie respect yourself you hear????

                  • posh666
                    November 05, 08:33 Reply

                    Just respect urself like I said and disagree with me without being rude and sounding condescending,which I noticed you do a lot of times when u are not on the same page with someone.Doesnt speak well of you especially now that you are looking for those to advertise on ur blog.

                    • Pink Panther
                      November 05, 08:53

                      LMAO! My dear, whether I’m looking for advertisements or not doesn’t stop me from calling out bullshit when I feel the deep need to. I get easily irritated by people pushing ridiculous views forward that does nothing but regress our community. And that was what you were doing. Simply own it and move on. You don’t get to say you were trying to enlighten Chuck on what the other guy meant. We already understood what he meant. You should’ve instead tried to educate him on how harmful such stereotyping is for the LGBT community especially bottoms, and instead you’re here tearing your weave-on and bringing enterprise strategies that have nothing to do with the situation.
                      Hunnay, rest abeg. it’s not often that I speak out on my distaste for people’s flawed opinions. And I’ve even indulged you far too much already. I know it’s not the human (or Posh) thing to take correction easily.
                      But try. Being less narrow-minded about issues that affect others like you helps in making you a better person.

                    • Pink Panther
                      November 05, 08:55

                      And really… ‘disagree with me without being rude or sounding condescending”… ??? This coming from you really is very rich.

          • wytem
            November 04, 16:26 Reply

            “…hes verse sef or bottom rubbish”
            Read it to mean.. ‘ l am sure he s gay cos I know his role to be verse/ botton.’
            Cheers sir.

  18. Gag
    November 04, 14:01 Reply

    Someone bashing gay people. Isnt he in the same clique with Pelz(king of bleaching). Dont they all roll around. This is definitely a case of “pretenders to the most”.

  19. BIBI G
    November 04, 18:56 Reply

    I can give names of people that have fuked him
    Onyeka Nwelu fuked him in Abuja
    Not once not twice not 3 times
    Onyeka should come here and deny it

    Or didnt jay jay fuk him too
    Please his receipts are plenty

    Ask him if he doesn’t remember Toni in asaba

    • Lorde
      November 04, 19:12 Reply

      Ahh….babaaa!!!! Mentioning names….

    • KingBey
      November 05, 07:25 Reply

      Here we go with the receipts…….LMAO !

    • DI-NAVY
      November 05, 08:16 Reply

      *taking down notes*
      This is a compilation of receipts and invoice. My goodness!!!!!

  20. Xavier
    November 04, 21:22 Reply

    Spill more tea please. These gay bashers must be taught lessons

  21. esv.jay
    November 04, 22:09 Reply

    this is so wrong! yea he said something wrong and we trying to out him doesn’t make us better than him. this is just petty and childish! what happened to us taking the high road? ignore him and let us all move on

  22. Gaya
    November 04, 22:14 Reply

    You mean Onyeka Nwelue… the assistant Prof.???

    November 05, 01:10 Reply

    Y’all shouting ‘Reciepts’ muna carry am come.. pinkie would be glad to handle them…

  24. Pagxy
    November 05, 09:07 Reply

    Onyeka is gay hmmmmm some receipts #sipping tea#

  25. sucrescalada
    November 05, 12:12 Reply

    And his other colleagues be like… That’s why Ur career ended in 1991..

  26. Karh J
    July 31, 08:43 Reply

    “You are”, “you’re” not “your” Mbok. Stopeeeeet!

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