Christian Woman Accuses Katy Perry’s Father Of Raising A Demon-Loving Sex Maniac In Must-See Video

Christian Woman Accuses Katy Perry’s Father Of Raising A Demon-Loving Sex Maniac In Must-See Video

It looks like we have another video to add to our ever-growing library of Christian extremists suffering major on-camera meltdowns.

The latest comes from a “Christian” woman who recently hunted down Katy Perry‘s father, Keith Hudson, to scold him for raising a daughter who she believes “walks with Satan” and is “leading millions of young women and young men to hell!”

“I am rebuking you because my kid is watching your kid’s videos and it’s sending him to hell!” the woman screams. “Shame on you!”

“Have you seen her video ‘E.T.?’” the woman asks, referring to a music video Perry released almost five years ago. “She’s having sex with demons on the video!”

Not to nitpick or anything, but Katy actually makes out with an alien in that video, which is very different from having sex with a demon. But we digress.

“I have a right to judge you!” the woman continues. “The fruit of your tree is pretty rotten! … God is angry with the wicked every day. And your daughter is wicked!”

Check out the insane verbal assault below…

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  1. ken
    December 09, 04:35 Reply

    Very stupid woman. The truth is that her anger is unreasonable. She has no relationship with her son so she just looking for anybody to blame.
    I love the way katy’s dad calmly rebukes her!

  2. Mandy
    December 09, 04:35 Reply

    Just imagine idiocy. Madam, abeg go home and raise your children. Stop looking for who to drop blame on the doorstep for however bad your kids turn out.

  3. Chuck
    December 09, 05:57 Reply

    Behold a Christian lol

    • Eros
      December 09, 08:24 Reply

      It looks like it’s only when there is a “christian” post that you come out to play.


      • Dick Advocate
        December 09, 10:03 Reply

        You shouldn’t expect anything more from scums you know?

        • Chuck
          December 09, 13:45 Reply

          Scum does not have a plural, Dick Advocate. But then you believe women are stupider than men so you’re clearly ignorant.

      • Chuck
        December 09, 13:48 Reply

        Have you actually checked which posts I comment on? Get your data before you make claims!

        It’s important to challenge the idea of many here that Christianity accepts homosexuality. it doesn’t.

  4. Mitch
    December 09, 07:05 Reply

    Beautiful! This is a perfect example of how religion turns mad people into raging maniacs. Beautiful!

    Nne, go home and cultivate a relationship with ya pikin and stop blaming people for your failures as a parent.

  5. Max
    December 09, 07:13 Reply

    Hahahahahaha????.. Her son is clearly gay.. That’s the word she couldn’t speak when she talked about her son making the wrong lifestyle choices.
    Behold a christian at their best, judge and jury who think they have the right to mete out appropriate punishment on all those who they deem sinful.

    She’s just a crazy bitch and Katy Perry’s dad should’ve collected whatever device she was using and smash it. Or he could’ve just walked away and not engage her like that.

    • Bryce
      December 09, 09:38 Reply

      A christian at their best?.
      Are you for real or you just leave your reasoning facility behind on a cloth hanger whenever the word,Christian,crops up?.

      • Max
        December 09, 09:51 Reply

        You can take your opinion of me, squeeze it and shove it down your chauvinistic butt hole. Idiat.
        Mindless mind controlled religitard.. Mtchew??.

        • Bryce
          December 09, 11:00 Reply

          Nah,you’re the blog-acclaimed idiot here.No one will drag the title with you.I only wondered if you are like this all the time cos other idiots have their moments of brilliance,but you…no hope.

          • Max
            December 09, 13:17 Reply

            Bye Felicia!!! ✋✋✋

    • Dick Advocate
      December 09, 10:06 Reply

      Max! I’ve never been a fan but I know that you know that you aren’t really making sense with these statements you made about Christians.

      Christains at their best? Really? You are beyond ridiculous.

      • Max
        December 09, 10:54 Reply

        You’ve never been a fan, I get it.. You can be a water heater for all I care.. Now vamoose ✋✋

  6. Nightwing
    December 09, 07:14 Reply

    Really she has a problem with E.T ?
    I wonder what she’ll say about Lilly Allen’s shesus, lady Gaga’s applause, please the list is endless. She had to pick on Katy ? my Katy Perry. I will walk all the way to her house to show in not pleased ?. No seriously I’m in #RageMode

  7. #Chestnut
    December 09, 07:17 Reply

    “Having sex with demons” bawo? Hian! I can’t.

  8. bruno
    December 09, 08:10 Reply

    much ado about a music video. sometimes there really isn’t any distinction between being religious and being insane.

  9. Duke
    December 09, 09:04 Reply

    Wait! Having sex with demons bawo? Lol! If I was Katy Perry’s poo, I for no answer am sef (sorry to digress, her dad looks kinda gay, don’t kill me, just my crazy observation). She is clearly crazy and seeking some moment of fame. Lmao very funny video.

  10. Delle
    December 09, 09:15 Reply

    ‘God is angry with wicked people ‘everyday’ and your daughter is wicked.’ Really? And God is so happy with you for being His judge, right? How silly!

    One of my aunts is so Christian (or so she thinks) she actually refuses her kids from seeing movies. If it’s not toons, it’s nothing. Whenever I go visiting, she makes sure I do not watch movies, even in my room! Imagine? Now one would expect such kids to be without iniquity, without sinful dent and all…but that’s the most deceitful thought ever. One day I was bathing the youngest of the kids (she’s 6), then she stopped and said, ‘Uncle, can I ask you a question?’ I agreed and she proceeded, ‘Is it true that mummy and daddy fuck each other before we are born?’ When the soap I held fell from my hands, I didn’t know. Startled, I spanked her on the lips. Firstly, how Chiamaka got to know about sex (no, fuck was what she used) was totally dumbfounding and I replied, ‘Well, I guess that’s what they do before you’re born.’
    There really is no way to curb a child’s curiosity of bad things in this modern era. My aunt may have prevented her kids from watching films (probably thinking it’s the ONLY way a child can get spoilt), but there are other ways, places a child can get that ‘knowledge’ from. The school for example. There’s a cartoon they watch, Adventure Time. That cartoon is so mature and the words they use should be censored but since they are animated things, my aunt isn’t bothered. I just laugh.

    This woman in the entry is just as foolish. A child should be exposed to a certain level of maturity because if you prevent him from doing so, when he gets to that adolescent stage, he’d blow up. He’d become a rogue and something you cannot handle. Parents should realise this and stop being so stuck up! Well if she can’t, she should censor her fucking television programs, collect all the gadgets from the guy and prevent him from having a social life FOREVER! Let’s see how that goes. Iranu!

    • Somebody
      December 09, 09:36 Reply

      I thought it was only me that noticed that “adventure time” is waay to mature for children. Same with “regular show”. Apart from the perverted themes in both shows, the underlying philosophical tones in them are just too much for kid to understand.

      • Delle
        December 09, 10:11 Reply

        Hunnay, u just blew my mind! Xoxoxo

      • Duke
        December 09, 10:17 Reply

        I agree! Adventure time and Regular show are actually rated PG 13 in the US. And both cartoons are broadcast towards the end of children’s broadcast period that ends at 8pm. It is funny how Americans that are tagged perverted take so much consideration into how their shows are aired. I remember in Nigeria, adventure time and regular show airs anytime. Anyway, children are constantly eager to learn. There will know eventually. I know aunties like yours, I actually know a lot.

    • Delle
      December 09, 12:41 Reply

      Who would have known in this ‘almost-always serious and adult-filled’ blog there would be cartoon addicts like me! Seriously, Nigeria should censor those cartoons because some words said there are just too mature for my 5 year old sister! But if it’s something that concerns gay shows, we’d be the first to not just censor, but edit, delete, remove and cast into the abyss! Our ignorance level in this country is just growing by the minute…I can’t deal abeg.
      Boondocks! How could we have forgotten the first cartoon where DICK was shown! Nd the gay references are just ‘wow’! God bless the makers of that toon, but then again, our kids are watching it! Oya, what would aunts like mine do now…
      *walking away confidently*

      • Somebody
        December 09, 12:51 Reply

        Boondocks is better in the sense that its is categorized as an adult cartoon. In US it airs only during late-nights on Adult Swim network but still sha I won’t let my young ones watch Boondocks anyhow. BTW deola your not the only TV geek here 😀

        • Delle
          December 09, 13:33 Reply

          Nigeria is messed up. I remember my siblings watching Boondocks on eTV Africa in the afternoon! Lol.
          Come to my house dear, my little ones would tell you when it’s past your bedtime.

  11. Dick Advocate
    December 09, 10:19 Reply

    I’m sure reasonable thinking people, know the difference between a Christian and a “Christain”
    If you don’t #GoFigure

    This woman doesn’t represent anything close to who a good Christain is neither does she represent a normal being (that isn’t going through some psychotic phases)
    Not everyone who call the name of God is a christain, not everyone Who calls his name he recognizes. It’s written in his words. The bible. bigots needs to get this into their thick-Max-like skull and stop being a nuisance to people that have chosen to be saved in eternity and will live in peace forever.

    OAN: why do most, if not all celebrity’s parent are always ugly as fuck. Jesus!

    • Max
      December 09, 10:57 Reply

      “Bible bigots”? Honestly I cannot tell the difference between you and that woman in the video. You just shot yourself in the leg.

  12. Sinnex
    December 09, 10:28 Reply

    …but that ET video is something else sha, I find it hard to watch it because it gives me the creeps.

  13. Nightwing
    December 09, 10:50 Reply

    Hahaha you people should leave my Jake, Finn, Princess PB, Ice King, Mordecai and Rigby Pops and Muscle Man alone oo, but true there are a whole lot of adult content in both shows. Oh and just saying here, if you’re trying not to protect your child from this so called corruption, I suggest you restrict them to nick Jr and Jim jam. ?

    • #Chestnut
      December 09, 12:26 Reply

      Hian, all y’all #CN aficionados are making me miss my lil’ nephews…

  14. Dickson Clement
    December 09, 12:22 Reply

    Sorry, who was recording this video? The woman? Cos I smell some fish here! Is she trying to make hits on the internet?

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