After Announcing The Creation Of A Kito Alert Account, We’re Now Getting Threats

After Announcing The Creation Of A Kito Alert Account, We’re Now Getting Threats

Threats from kito perpetrators are not exactly a new thing. Every now and then, especially after the posting of a kito alert, these scum swarm into the DM of the Kito Diaries social media accounts to message threats intended to scare.

This however is a first time they have done so on the blog. There were a bunch of unapproved comments – two of which have been screenshot (the others were deleted outright because they were all much of the same thing) – that were posted on the blogpost about the creation of the kito alert social media accounts.

“To the webmaster of this page, your days are numbered,” one of them said, while another comment threatened that “August 2020 is the last month of mercy.” They also promised that they will be dropping “friendly reminders” that a fire is apparently being prepared to burn us all.

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  1. Bliss
    August 06, 20:05 Reply

    Seriously.. Na fire go burn na.
    Imagine e get mind to talk say e dy condemn his fellow human…
    If u can reply their message, tell him with Quote
    “I will send you to hell myself and watch you burn scumbag”

  2. Mitch
    August 06, 21:24 Reply

    Send me their IP addresses, Pink Panther.

    Every last one of these kito bastards who made any stupid comment on that post. I want them.

    They want to be mad?
    I’d show them mad!

  3. Delle
    August 06, 21:57 Reply

    What sort of sick childishness is this?

    I can’t abeg

  4. Zoar
    August 07, 06:09 Reply

    These people are sick.

    It can’t be just mere hate anymore. Something is definitely wrong about these set of people. Like I don’t understand how People’s businesses became theirs????

  5. julian_woodhouse
    August 07, 07:05 Reply

    Kito scum worried about being identified as kito scum.
    If they could cause harm, they would have. Nansins and ingredients!!

  6. Black Dynasty
    August 07, 07:06 Reply

    Lol as usual, to the cowards making noise behind anonymous accounts and posts.

    Hopefully you understand that some of us won’t hesitate to use any means necessary to defend and attack if need be. One day you’ll try the wrong person and pay with your limbs or your life.

  7. Anoni
    August 08, 00:09 Reply

    Lol, these ones think they’re the only ones that are mad and capable of unreasonable violence.. all i can say for now is OKAY NAH

    Meanwhile stay safe pinky, Let us know if there’s any way we can individually or collectively be of help in keeping you safe. Love you man, you are so darn brave i have no choice but to stan

  8. VSB
    August 08, 16:51 Reply

    WTaF. Can we track their IP addresses or something?

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