The Proposal: Do You Want an Arranged Marriage? Here Are Three People Who Are Interested

The Proposal: Do You Want an Arranged Marriage? Here Are Three People Who Are Interested

There are here some members of our community who are looking for marital arrangements, and if you are interested, here they are:


IFY (Bisexual Woman)

Hello, I am Ify, a 23-year-old lady from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I am a graduate and I am currently into a small-scale business as I wait for my youth service. I am a very ambitious person, and my relationship with people is of the mindset of “live and let live”.

I am a bisexual woman looking for a bisexual man who is ready to get into a contract marriage with by next year or so, depending on his situation and the outcome of our communication. He should be matured and financially stable. He should also be Igbo, preferably from Enugu or Anambra. His location shouldn’t be an issue, which means that if he was outside Nigeria and simply wants a long-distance marriage, that’d be welcome.

Anyone who is interested should kindly write me at

Thank you.


ADE (Bisexual Man)

Hello, I am Ade, a 34-year-old Nigerian bisexual man living in Chicago, IL. I am interested in a bisexual female (Nigerian) who wants to have get into a marriage and wants to have kids, even as we live our separate lives with an understanding of each other’s sexuality. I would prefer for her to be aged anywhere between 26 – 32, Yoruba, working class, and based here in the US. I want her to want kids as well, and we can live together or separately. This is all of course negotiable.

I am in the US Army and also have a full time job. I would have loved to have this arrangement with someone in any geographical region, which means she could be a Nigerian living in Nigeria, but with Trump’s administration “ban” on chain migration of close relatives, I would rather not deal with the headache of a situation involving a woman outside the US.

Anyone who is interested should please contact me on

Thank you.


CONNOR (Gay Man)

Hello, I am Connor, a Nigerian gay man in my early 30s and currently based in Lagos. I am well educated and independent with a promising career. I am from a deeply Christian family and quite closeted, hence the need for this post. My parents, friends and colleagues are on my case to get married, the heat especially increasing every time someone I know ties the knot.

I am looking for a lesbian or bisexual woman, 25 – 30 years of age, who wants to get into a marriage of convenience within the next year. The woman I am hoping to partner with should be educated as well, with a thriving job of her own. It doesn’t matter if she still lives with family. She should also be a “practicing” Christian (lol). I am not tribe specific; she could be Igbo, Yoruba, Ghanaian, Kenyan, White, Black, Brown. She should just be human.

I want children, and I would hope for her to want them to. However, we will discuss this and hopefully explore all the channels of getting children, depending on what she wants.

I don’t have high maintenance requirements for this arrangement to work. I just need someone who understands that we are in this together, who has my back as I intend to have hers, who strives with me to present to the society a picture of us being a lovely, in love and happy couple – while we go about our own personal business of course, bearing in mind that what we do affects the other person.

Please, if you are interested, kindly reach out to me through my email address: or text or chat 09019139440.

Thank you in anticipation of your interest.

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  1. trystham
    August 07, 09:18 Reply

    Well, I knew this day would come. Three ‘hook me ups’ in one morning. The struggle is real. Phew!!!!!

  2. Raj
    August 07, 09:32 Reply

    Well well well… There we go again. Marriage pressures from right, left and center. ??‍♂️

  3. Ar
    August 08, 10:00 Reply

    Connor walsh of HTGAWM. lol
    Best of luck man!

  4. Flexsterous
    August 08, 11:00 Reply

    Am I the only one confused as to how the first two bisexual people need an arranged marriage when they are suppose to be genuinely attracted to the opposite sex?

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