Ugandan Presidential Candidate Mbabazi Speaks Out Against Homophobia

Ugandan Presidential Candidate Mbabazi Speaks Out Against Homophobia

In Uganda, a country where homophobia is violently entrenched and even institutionalized, presidential candidate Patrick Amama Mbabazi has emerged as a much-needed ally for the African country’s embattled LGBT population. Breaking rank with fellow politicians and leaders, Mbabazi clearly stated in a recent interview that he is “opposed to homophobia.”

In recent years, LGBT news out of Uganda has been increasingly distressing. Even rare instances of positive news, like the Constitutional Court’s overturning of the “Kill the Gays” law, cannot be attributed to any growing tolerance—it was on procedural grounds that the law was dismissed. Importantly, homosexuality has been vilified as “un-African,” which makes the stance taken by the nation’s former prime minister so significant. Mbabazi’s statement in full, as reported on NBS Television’s Facebook page, is:Screenshot-2015-07-17-at-17.51.07

The remarks immediately inspired praise from LGBT activists like Frank Mugisha:uganda

However, some fear that Mbabazi’s support for such a hated minority may harm his chances in the upcoming election.

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  1. Max
    July 25, 06:47 Reply

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before any Nigerian presidential candidate can have the audacity to say such…

    • Pink Panther
      July 25, 06:51 Reply

      It’ll be a cold day in hell before anyone in the Nigerian government will speak up for the minority they are supposed to look out for.

      • Chuck
        July 25, 10:43 Reply

        “supposed” to look out for? why?

  2. King Mufasa
    July 25, 07:45 Reply

    Before I even start reading … a big “YAY” to the new mobile site.
    And that Ugandan presidential candidate would sooo lose… now off to read the article

  3. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 25, 07:45 Reply

    I like the fact that he spoke up for the minority … But is it just me or does he consider homosexuality as a threat? … “But just not the biggest threat right now?”

    He might just be trying to score points…

    • Pink Panther
      July 25, 07:56 Reply

      What points is he trying to score when the stance he’s taking will most likely lose him the election?

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        July 25, 09:53 Reply

        I just don’t like that part of his statement … And who says he won’t lose without this statement. I don’t think the support for gay people will be the reason he loses if he does.

  4. Masked Man
    July 25, 07:51 Reply

    He shouldn’t have made that statement now. Perhaps after he wins. Anyhow, it’s good.

    • kacee
      July 25, 10:21 Reply

      Mehn the website is WEIRD o, i’m confused too, it took time to see the second post, and i keep typing my username and email before i comment.

  5. kacee
    July 25, 10:15 Reply

    Threat hell no nigga, this guy is confused. Its either u are in complete support or u are not. Mtchew *plays kevin viel video*

  6. ambivalentone
    July 25, 14:52 Reply

    Hmmmm. I see. All this homophobic countries are looking more alike each passing day. Isn’t it that country where some idiots said they’d kill gay ppl n rape the lesbians? Oh well *shrugs

  7. JustJames
    July 25, 18:38 Reply

    Okay.. He might not be in support of getting married.. But that’s subject to change right? And face it.. It IS something to say to the general public that you believe that homosexuals need to be protected in this highly homophobic clime. Baby steps. Things will be added unto us with time. Africa is a place where change has to be slowly and subtly done.

  8. sinnex
    July 25, 18:58 Reply

    Beautiful site…more difficult to use.

    It doesn’t work well in Opera Mini on Android. I kept on trying to find other posts but could not navigate.

    It works perfectly well on Google Chrome but I can seem to find the reply button for comments.

  9. kacee
    July 25, 21:05 Reply

    Wow this morning this site was weird now(night) i’m loving it.

  10. R.A
    July 26, 05:26 Reply

    Love the new mobile site, works well on my chrome browser and colours are not so bright and eye shattering anymore. It only gets better. Kudos!

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