“Are you the guy I was texting?” he asked as I made to unlock the door. His voice was mild and unconfrontational, with an undertone of fear.

“Yes, I am,” I replied, trying to sound reassuring to him.

In that instant, I felt a rush of guilt and regret for what I’d made him go through till this moment.


l had arrived Israel five days ago with a group of friends and colleagues as tourists on an assignment. And we ended up lodging into a hotel in Palestine, just after the border of Israel. Yes, the same Arabic Palestine you read about. We’d been warned to be careful with our movements and to avoid anything that would create a concern for us. So far, things had been going smoothly and all the initial fears had run down. We were done with our business and were waiting for confirmation before we’d head back home to Nigeria.

Man was bored. Man was horny. And Man wanted some adventure.

That night, around 9.30 PM, I was so thoroughly horny that I downloaded the devil app, Grindr. And I started checking out profiles. Seconds later, I got a buzz from a profile.

It was a simple message: ‘Sup.

I had barely responded when I received an avalanche of unrequested nude pics from this handler – his ass, dick and, oddly, face too. I sent a few of mine on his request, although I was very careful with that. From the photos he sent, he was cute – that is, assuming he was the one in the pictures. As we chatted, I learned his name was Jade (not real name of course). A 22-year-old tourist from the US. Lodged in a nearby hotel. Bottom.

And he wanted to fuck now!

He said he was flying back to California the next morning with his colleagues.

I was already being led by a furious konji, one which heightened at the thought of potentially fucking an actual white boy. One of my fantasies. So, of course, all sense of reason flew out the window. Jade wanted me to come over to his hotel room, saying he was all alone.

Some of the reason that flew out the window began to climb back in, as a voice from Nigeria began humming: Kito… Kito… Kito…

Here I was, in a Middle Eastern country, not educated on their stance on gay sex, not knowing the terrain, language and culture. And getting an invitation to go fuck some other supposed tourist. I became quite apprehensive and honestly explained my fears to Jade. He said he understood but that he was real and harmless and quite horny. He offered to come over to mine if I’d let him, and as if the universe was in agreement with this suggestion, my roommate just then said he was going downstairs to play pool game. It was almost 11 PM, and I knew that there was no way I’d be leaving the hotel.

I told Jade that he could come over if he wanted, and he immediately jumped on the offer. I gave him the floor number I was on, carefully omitting the room number. I also gave him the hotel’s Wi-Fi password because he said he would lose connectivity once he steps out of his hotel.

The moment he said he was on his way, I began suffering another attack of the nerves. I felt as though it was all going too smoothly and started having a change of heart. Was I being targeted and monitored? Was this part of the government or hotel’s strategy to lure and expose homosexuals in their intolerant country? What had I done? How would I face the shame before my other group members?

Now filled with morbid fear, I quickly logged back into Grindr to text Jade, telling him to forget about the hookup. But he was already offline. I quickly left the room to the lobby of the first floor, where I would have a clear view of the entrance. After a long while there and I caught no sight of anyone who looked like him, I concluded he may have gotten the message and turned to leave the lobby.

I got into the elevator and punched 8. My floor. It had barely started ascending when Jade’s message beeped.

I’m on the 8th floor. Where are you?

Another message followed after: C’mon, bro! You can’t do this to me. I trekked here already.

This second message was clearly his response to my last text, attempting to cancel the hookup.

I was thrown for what to do next. I quickly punched 1 and started descending again. He kept on texting, asking for my room number, that he was still in the lobby of the eighth floor. After a little thinking, helped along with the hard-on that was straining behind my trousers, I decided to go back up. After all, he (or they, in case it was a kito) didn’t know what I looked like.

As I stepped out onto the eight floor, there he was, perched gently on a sofa in the lobby, looking pure and sweet and, I believe, scared. He was exactly the one in the pictures he sent. Without acknowledging him, I walked past, glancing around for any ambush.


He was looking at me, as though he knew I was the person he’d come to see, as I got to the end of the hallway near my room. Then I stopped and beckoned on him to approach. He was hesitant at first, and then got up and started toward me. He was truly good looking, something I began to appreciate as he drew closer.

“Are you the guy I was texting?” he asked as I made to unlock the door. His voice was mild and unconfrontational, with an undertone of fear.

“Yes, I am,” I replied, trying to sound reassuring to him.

In that instant, I felt a rush of guilt and regret for what I’d made him go through till this moment.

We went into the room, and I told him we didn’t have much time, because my roommate may soon come back upstairs to retire.

But before I could finish what I was saying, Jade rushed toward me and overpowered me with a deep kiss. His ruby-red lips were just soft and tasted of candy. I responded instantly, taking his whole slender body into my arms. We kept on kissing passionately, hungrily, like we were going to die the next instant. He reached for my dick and caressed it through the jeans I was wearing. I moaned. He chuckled. He started peeling off his clothes while I stripped to my boxers. I took a while to appreciate the sheer, hairy, beautiful man standing stark naked before me. He was wearing a thong and that made me hornier. We started kissing again, this time with me taking control. I wanted to give him some Nigerian loving. I went for his tiny pink nipples, kissing and sucking each one after the other, while running my hands down his ass crack and gently fingering his warm hole. He was moaning wildly now, uncontrollably, something I didn’t worry about, thanks to CNN’s Richard Quest’s voice deafening his noise from the television.

I gently laid him on the bed, stroking every part of his hairy body, pausing every now and then to watch him wriggle with the ecstasy of my ministrations. I licked his ears, body, navel, and then parted the thong to one side to reveal his hard, red-headed, cream-skinned dick. He wasn’t big, but that didn’t matter at all. I sucked on it a little while with my fingers still teased his nipples, till he was gasping for air. I leaned forward and stuffed my dick in his mouth and he took it all to the hilt. He was so good at sucking me that I didn’t feel the usual scratch of teeth on my dick. He was deep-throating me now and I thrusting into his mouth with gentle movements. He didn’t want to let go, but then I remembered we didn’t have much time.

So, I motioned him to turn around and lift his butt. The pink hole was so inviting, that I didn’t know when I started rimming him. I parted his ass wide and pushed my tongue deep in between those cheeks. Jade was moaning quite loud now, with the reckless abandon of one who didn’t see the rimming coming. He began rocking his body back and forth to meet the thrusts of my tongue.

Then I rose and parted the ass cheeks, before mounting him, gradually sliding my very rigid cock through. He did not give any sign of pain or anything to suggest I take it easy. He was meeting my thrusts so fast, as if to suggest I go harder. And harder I went. I kept on pounding his ass very fast and deep, and he gamely met each thrust. I turned him around and spread him wide and slid in again for missionary. He smiled and welcomed me. Soon enough, the tempo increased again and I knew I was about to cum. I told him as I took hold of his dick and began wanking it while he tickled his own nipples. I was now reaching climax and was furiously pounding Jade. He had taken over the wanking of his dick, his hand scissoring his member really fast as he moaned louder and louder.

And then, in a hot instant, I shot free inside him. It was hot and sticky and wet. He arched his legs around me, as if not to let me go, while he kept wanking, and so, I kept thrusting, my cum gradually seeping out of his hole with the movement of my dick in and out of him. Then he pressed on hard to me, and I knew he was about to cum. I increased the speed of my thrusts, even as my dick had begun to grow flaccid. He shot his cum upward, a thick geyser that landed on his chest.

Then I dropped on the bed next to him. We lay motionless for a while and I used the opportunity to finger him once more, with the cum still in his ass. This seemed to please him because he kept on smiling.

Then the relaxation passed and we began to clean up. He must be sensitive because he trembled with each swipe of the tissue over his asshole.

I escorted Jade out of the room and asked him to buzz me once he got to his room. He did and we chatted deep into the night, both of us wishing he had more days to spend in Palestine. I still had five days left on my visit. He said that he was a little upset about the initial drama, but that I was very good. When I asked jokingly why he’d had unprotected sex with me, he said he was just excessively horny, but not to worry, he had no disease. We both laughed this off. I knew that was reckless of me too, but hey, there are those moments that man shall live by konji alone and any American boy that comes along.

Jade flew back to the US the next morning, leaving me with the wish of someday having a second round with him.

Written by PrinceK

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  1. Bussy
    August 05, 08:28 Reply

    Nice one though but what ever happened to having a bathe before sex ????? that was totally un hygienic, Even had the mind to rim some unwashed ass that had trekked a distance to your place and lemme not go into the fact that you had unprotected sex, konji must’ve clouded your head but after sex did you ever ruminate over the fact that he might’ve infected you ??? forget the fact that he told you he had no disease ?
    this na sermon every health person dey preach about but una no wan hear .

    • Mandy
      August 05, 08:32 Reply

      Wait a minute, you always ALWAYS bathe before sex??? #AskingForAFriend

      • Bussy
        August 05, 09:04 Reply

        yelz bro ??
        Tell your friend that the first to do before having sex with someone is for him to bathe, likewise his hookup ? even if the person had bathe before coming over, it should be repeated before knacking.
        cleanliness is next to godliness even when sex is involved.

        • Pink Panther
          August 05, 09:31 Reply

          Lol. Bussy, I bet you’re one of those who’ll race to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY after sex, without even cuddling, to wash off the nyama nyama of sex. Right?

    • Delle
      August 05, 09:23 Reply


    • J
      August 06, 15:59 Reply

      I think you have OCD too. I cringed while reading this story ? I find rimming very weird, I have never experienced it before and I think I will run away from anyone that tries it with me ?

    • kristo
      August 09, 17:24 Reply

      oh my God ….
      my thoughts exactly
      smelling bombom

  2. Mandy
    August 05, 08:31 Reply

    Damn!!! Talk about coming back with a BANG! PP, this early morning woody you are giving us is not what we bargained for when we asked you to come back o. Hay god! This kain story about sex after a konjified weekend for me.

  3. Tman
    August 05, 09:18 Reply

    Been long I got a hardon from a read. Thank you Mr Prince, and Pinky, whom I’m sure would have added extra sweeteners. ?

    But Prince you try sha. Following my numerous disease scares from unprotected sex, I doubt I’d ever want to take that risk again, even with an attractive, hornily motivated oyinbo bottom. But then, that thing called konji…?

    • Pink Panther
      August 05, 09:29 Reply

      Trust me. Konji is a very powerful force to reckon with.

  4. PrinceK
    August 05, 09:24 Reply

    Yay!!! My first KD story. Jade is longing for more action. Lollssss

  5. Delle
    August 05, 09:26 Reply

    Choi! Thank God I have not stepped out of the house, yet. I like how ‘realistic’ this read. Totally something that can happen.

    Don’t worry dear friend, the Rainbow gods will not allow any disease locate you because you were trying to quench the violent thirst of konji in a very alien country with an amazing looking chum. I come against every spirit of STI.

    *whips out vaseline as I scroll back to Top of page*

  6. Audrey
    August 05, 20:47 Reply

    Nice read and I’m glad you represented Nigeria well(atleast it seemed so from the write-up) but me enh I think I have a bias with the whites to the point that it trascends down to a black brother who is very light skinned.

    Once had a hook with someone at four points only to get there by almost 1am with a trailer load of konji to learn that I was being arranged by the black dude I had been talking with all the while for his white fried Omo konji fled and I left on the grounds that I was played but the truth was that the sight of that white dude sprawled naked on the bed disgusted me more than the anger I felt for being played(If it was an Xxl black veiny cocked brother I’m sure I wouldn’t have minded) and that was how I left there that night disappointed and Dekonjified.Finally konji na bastard.

    • Slim
      August 06, 02:56 Reply

      Which one is dekonjified kwa eeh Audrey???

      Baby girl don learn new one ooh ??????…

      The scarcity of ???? is the beginning of konji????


  7. PrinceK
    August 06, 06:31 Reply

    Yes o. Gave the dude some cool African-Nigerian loving. Dude couldn’t wipe his ass and he was the one that kept asking for a rough ride. Now he’s asking for part 2. Lmao
    Have always had the fantasy of fucking a real white dude…jst a fleeting fantasy. My black brothers remain the bestest

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