Arraigned, Bailed And Monitored: Update On The Male Nigerians Arrested in Lagos On Charges of Promoting Homosexuality

Arraigned, Bailed And Monitored: Update On The Male Nigerians Arrested in Lagos On Charges of Promoting Homosexuality

On Thursday, the Lagos State Government reportedly arraigned the 40 males that were arrested on Saturday. Of the 40, there were 28 adults and 12 minors who came before a Lagos Magistrate Court for allegedly engaging in acts of homosexuality.

The minors were arraigned before Ebute-Metta Magistrate Court, while the adults were arraigned before Yaba Magistrate Court. The defendants were arraigned separately on a one-count charge.

They were all arrested last Saturday by men of the Lagos State Police Command in Owode Onirin area of the State in a popular hotel in the area simply known as Vintage Hotel.

According to the criminal charge, the defendants were said to have “on or about 29th July, 2017, at Vintage Hotel, No. 999 Ikorodu Road/Toyin Close, Weigh Bridge, Owode Onirin, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did engage in gay activities by permitting male persons to have canal knowledge of themselves against the order of nature and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.”

Most of the blogosphere have been publishing the names and photos of the defendants, but Kito Diaries is refraining from doing that.

After the charge was read to the defendants, they all pleaded not guilty, while their lawyers – Ehiko Onoche and S.M Oladele – urged the court to admit them to bail.

The prosecution team led by Ms. Adetutu Oshinusi from the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), Lagos State Ministry of Justice did not oppose their bail application but urged the court to direct the defendants to submit themselves to the Lagos State Aids Control Agency (LSACA) for monitoring and Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) for rehabilitation.

The officials of both agencies were also present in court.

In his ruling, Chief Magistrate Adewale Ojo granted bail to the defendants in the sum of N500, 000 and two sureties in like sum. One of the sureties, according to the court, must be a relative of the defendants, while the other must be resident within the court’s jurisdiction. The sureties must also present evidence of tax payment.

The Magistrate also granted the request of the prosecution demanding monitoring and sexual rehabilitation for the defendants, while the matter was adjourned to September 8, 2017.

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  1. Victor Ukpa
    August 04, 08:19 Reply

    We are raising funds to feed them and bail them but you guys won’t do anything about that. They are reckless boys spreading HIV everywhere. That is why my boss suggest we test them and almost all of them test positive. Because of them I have not slept these week. We at CRH and MHBI are trying our best We need funds

    • Pink Panther
      August 04, 09:32 Reply

      …but we guys won’t do anything about that? I’m sorry, is there an accusation in there?

    • iAmNotAPerv
      August 04, 10:27 Reply

      this isn’t how to ask for funds fam. Try and diplomatically tune down your frustration

    • ParisHilton Bff
      August 04, 10:32 Reply

      This is not how to go about it. Don’t play the blame game. Probably tell us how to donate cause I personally haven’t seen any avenue for donations.

    • trystham
      August 04, 10:34 Reply

      I may be recluse, but I haven’t seen anywhere about funds being raised. Not even on my twitter TL

    • Famzing
      August 04, 10:37 Reply

      Wait, is this the same person that breached the confidentiality agreement by announcing the HIV status of these boys on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Biko Pinky, kindly check the email to be sure…

      • ParisHilton Bff
        August 04, 11:06 Reply

        Omg you mean their HIV status is on Linda Ikeji? This will further enhance the notion that all gay people are HIV carriers

    • Kritzmoritz
      August 04, 21:34 Reply

      Get the Hell out of here fool.
      It was this guy’s NGO, Centre For the Right of Health, CRH, specifically his Madam (Christie), that told the police that all of them have HIV. This Christie, induced the forced testing of the boys thus violating even the basic policy of their own donors. They sold the boys in order to go ragging for money. They have been appealing for N40,000 per day to feed each victim and I have said I will hold you guys hands to the fire by writing to USAID and Global Fund. I am working on that letter. I will wrestle you in the mud , if need be. But the story of your charlatanism will be told. Mark my words, those who make money on the blood of victims will be treated like the vermin they are.

      • Victor Ukpa
        August 04, 22:44 Reply

        Yes Christy and I took that step when Olumide of TIERS with all the money he embezzled could not lift a finger to help. Bring on your fight we are ready for all of you!

        • Lotanna
          August 05, 08:56 Reply

          Who is this one??
          I have no respect for people who come on social media to bash peoples’ image.

        • Lizzy
          August 05, 10:56 Reply

          who thE fuck is this Victor? You just dey say all rubbish. Do you know you can be drag for false information.

        • FJ
          August 05, 15:07 Reply

          U must be a big time fool. Why hide under another person’s name to commit fraud. The real Victor ukpa we all know couldn’t be this stupid. Very soon u ‘ll be found out. Mark my words

      • FJ
        August 05, 15:11 Reply

        Liar. I guess u r d real mole. Morris ur sins will find u out. If u had any scores to settle with Victor this certainly isn’t a good way to pay back. Coward

      • Gad
        August 28, 22:02 Reply

        May God bless you. Exploitation of vulnerable people is detestable and must be condemned

    • FJ
      August 05, 15:23 Reply

      Whoever cares to listen, dis Victor ukpa is fake. Some moron is hiding behind Victor’s name to commit fraud. The real Victor isn’t aware of all this. Whoever is familiar with CRH can confirm this.
      Both the Facebook account and d kitodairied account of this fraudster were just opened in last two weeks for dis purpose. Ppl should confirm
      Please pink panther, kindly

    • Gad
      August 28, 22:10 Reply

      You are an idiot. A very big fool. How much do you intend to make by violating the rights to privacy of those innocent victims. What’s your own HIV status? What’s the status of your colleagues? Disgusting ape.

  2. ParisHilton Bff
    August 04, 10:30 Reply

    Poor things. I can only imagine the trauma these boys are facing. Sending them lots of love

  3. Lizzy
    August 04, 13:38 Reply

    Who the fuck is this Victor? Are you working for the community or against? You sound like HIV is some evil thing. What the fuck are you asking money for? All these new msm organizations that are just looking for fame and money. You and your boss are sick for breaking confidentially, you are sick.

    • Delle
      August 04, 14:38 Reply

      Seriously asides this you raised, the Victor guy just screams red alert to me. He fucking breached a confidentiality agreement on LIB!
      He doesn’t know what he is doing. And if he truly is working for this community, then it’s a shame. And a deadly situation too.

      When the poison is coming from an external source, it can be curbed easily but from within, it destroys without season!

      • FJ
        August 05, 15:30 Reply

        Delle, pls dismiss the rants and misinformation posted above. Victor is being set up by a fellow gay guy who happens to be his colleague. A peep into CRH will convince u

  4. Ray
    August 04, 22:52 Reply

    I do not share pity for these guys. I frown at their persecution but they are fucking stupid to have had that orgy in the first place. 40 people is fucking unbelievable… In a hotel in the middle of no where. Geez, I am pained. And now they got HIV.
    They need to be kept in a secured cell away from other inmates until their bail.

    • Malik
      August 05, 08:07 Reply

      I feel sad. We have a serious case of a judicial failure. There has to be legal protection for people with HIV, the legality or illegality of homosexuality aside. Publishing the names and faces of those who tested positive… Really? It’s unethical. It’s immoral. It’s heinous!

      And LIB needs to shut down. Enough already!

  5. JImmy
    August 05, 12:27 Reply

    An orgy? in the middle of nowhere? owode is now nowhere? smh yall miss me with your b.s.

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