What They Say II

What They Say II

1 KD justin 01“There’s two jogging scenes in the show… and when I went to get my wardrobe for the second jogging scene there was my jogging pants and then there was two pairs of underwear in the dressing room… and they were like, ‘They (the ) want you to wear them both!'”

Jennifer Aniston’s actor fiancé, Justin Theroux says he had to cover up his impressive bulge for running scenes in his new TV drama, The Leftovers.

And that’s not all.

Apparently, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Theroux’s The Leftovers costar Liv Tyler admitted she took notice of Theroux’s manhood. She said, “I get distracted when I watch the pilot, definitely,” Tyler added. “I’m like, ‘Can’t help but look there.’”1 KD justin 02

You don’t say. I should put that TV series on my watch list.

And speaking of bulges, have you seen Mad Men star, Jon Hamm’s? Here, lemme show you.1 KD justin 03

Well, it does seem white men are quite as blessed as our black bruthas, even though they aren’t nearly as blessed as my Idris Elba. #lustysigh

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  1. Obatala
    September 05, 05:30 Reply

    You had to bring Idris Elba into this too? well I guess you Pinky are in love with him. good luck with that. Meanwhile I want to congratulate u pinky on the massive growth this blog has experienced. I’m a blogger too and I know a million and two bloggers who will kill for half of the comments you have. I don’t know how the views pan though. Good job pinky. Oh and by the way, those guys are amateurs when it comes to packing a bulge. Remind me to send u one of my infamous bulge prints one of these days Pinky. *evil grin

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 05, 05:33 Reply

      Don’t tease me, Obatala, Please don’t tease! *whispering* Do hurry up and send them already.

      PS: Thanks a lot for your earlier compliments.

  2. earl
    September 05, 05:58 Reply

    I still prefer chocolates to vanilla……

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 05, 06:02 Reply

      Prefer. which means you won’t exactly throw out a vanilla ice cream cone when offered one, will you? 🙂

  3. JArch
    September 05, 06:04 Reply

    Recipe for mixed race twins:
    1 x Jon Hamm bulge (unwrapped)
    1 x Jon Hamm huge (very low hanging) balls containing fertile juice
    1 x Me

    Someone get me his email asap, we’ve got work to do

  4. Dennis Macauley
    September 05, 06:13 Reply

    Oh Pink Panther!!! You and bulges!

    Well now we know why his lady keeps looking young.

    Khaleesi will still prefer his chocolate tho!!!

  5. JArch
    September 05, 06:23 Reply

    Asin eh, you can’t imagine half of it.

  6. JArch
    September 05, 06:28 Reply

    Pinky you should do a celeb beefcake episode for Dennis and King. Keep the customers happy

    • Dennis Macauley
      September 05, 07:09 Reply

      *Private viewing only*

      To access this channel please upgrade decoder model and subscription plan!


      • JArch
        September 05, 07:17 Reply

        LMAO Dennis you’re riot honestly.

  7. ray
    September 05, 06:32 Reply

    Wetin hamm get kwanu???
    Have u seen real pricks that is big?
    Na wa u.

    • JArch
      September 05, 06:42 Reply

      Lol Ray there’s a difference between having a big schlong and having a monstrosity.

      What you’re gunning for is a monstrosity that’s the size of my fist and the length of my arm…. No be me and you biko

  8. Khaleesi
    September 05, 06:43 Reply

    NB: I dont mean to sound racist or ‘ageist’ but
    he has two black marks against him in my book of shagable men!
    1. he’s white, white men just dont turn me on, I’ve tried & tried but they just dont do for me what a chocolate skinned man does …. not even the cute young ones (even I cant explain why, its just so)

    2. he’s wrinkly, I love my daddies but no, I dont fuck them … they are my sweet daddies for a reason … I love their company as friends and mentors but biko I don’t want someone who looks like he’ll suffer a major cardiac incident while we r doing the dirty nasty in bed … abeg my hand no dey!

    Sista Pinky, I join Obatala in congratulating you on this blog’s exponential growth! I watch the email followership column grown in leaps every single day. you must be doing something right. keep it up and more grease to your manhole … sorry, elbow … nne jisie ike (well done in igbo)

    ***adjusts newly purchased platinum tiara, sits down, adjusts shimmering satin gown and picks up men’s health (black men only edition!!!) magazine #blissfulsigh#

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 05, 06:49 Reply

      Hahshahaha! Oh Khaleesi.
      By the way, which wrinkly white MSN are we talking about, Justin or Jon?

    • Dennis Macauley
      September 05, 07:06 Reply

      Oh my Khaleesi! ROTFL you are beyond hilarious!!!

      Pinky, I should say congratulations too and thank you for saying yes *big kiss*

      • JArch
        September 05, 07:12 Reply

        Err.. Thank you for saying Yes…. Am definitely missing something, and am also having ideas.

    • Neon
      September 05, 07:32 Reply

      ROTFLMAO… Khaleesi is pure joy! “Men’s Health” Black Edition… 21st Century racist. We love our coffee black and coarse. I can only condone cream when its Jon Manganiello…

  9. Deola
    September 05, 07:11 Reply

    I just wanted say RIP Joan Rivers, her style of comedy may not have been for everyone was she was such a vocal LGBT Advocate and supporter and for that she earn my eternal respect and admiration.
    Rest in peace Joan, award season will never be the same without you!!

    • Deola
      September 05, 07:13 Reply

      And I thought there was going to be a post about it this morning, but I guess not.

    • Neon
      September 05, 07:52 Reply

      *adjusts halo* Its sad the lengendary comedienne is no longer with us… RIP to the Queen of Shade. I pray she finds repose in the bossom of whatever divine being or thing she believes in, and hopefully she doesn’t spit acid (her shade) at angels. The library is officially closed. #Salute #JoanRangers

  10. lluvmua
    September 05, 07:43 Reply

    There is nuffin dia jawe #NEXT PLZ *rolls eyes*

  11. Ruby
    September 05, 12:16 Reply

    Its Bulges like these that make ♍e̶̲̥̅̊ always do a frontal assesment on every dude that walks past ♍e̶̲̥̅̊ *yeah bite me*
    Buh I love ♍e̶̲̥̅̊ a lot of chocolate any day, any time. *hollers @ Khaleesi hey Hun!*

    • Khaleesi
      September 05, 12:58 Reply

      @Ruby, hey gurl **winks and pouts, checks makeup in car mirror flips weave and drives off**

  12. king
    September 05, 12:40 Reply

    Yeah Pinky you sure have come full circle with this blog and am sooo proud of you dear!!! OK so who was asking for my SCHLONG… (yes I put it in caps for emphasis)…anybody asking why???…oh ok…tot so too!

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 05, 13:00 Reply

      Hahahahahaa King, comon tuck that thing back into your boxers

  13. Absalom
    September 05, 12:51 Reply

    These bulges look too gnarled. …like arthritic body parts or something. Moving on.

  14. earl
    September 05, 13:09 Reply

    Arthritic body parts…..???

  15. yzee2013
    September 05, 14:00 Reply

    biko will olwaiz prefer my black brothaz ova diz whitiez..+ dat tin in hiz pants luks lik two eggs lol…not intrested abeg

  16. yzee2013
    September 05, 14:04 Reply

    ehen mizz pinkie i gatz to call u out ova diz idris elba tingy enof iz enof u r just a wanna b side chick!am d real deal now dont lemme pull ur brazilianz off…..

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 05, 14:22 Reply

      *bbm raised eyebrow smiley* Who is this intruder? Abeg shift, you’re blocking my view of my man.

      • yzee2013
        September 05, 14:28 Reply

        Husband snatcher! Lol well i guess no harm in sharin we can share him hiz enof to go round

    • Ruby
      September 05, 16:31 Reply

      All these Husbanding ƔU̶̲̥̅̊ people Α̲̅я̩̥̊ƺ sharing on KD…
      Chai, Chai, Chai…
      Diaris God oh!!!!

      • King
        September 05, 17:03 Reply

        Ahahahahaha….shearing of husbands ok ooo

  17. enigmous
    September 06, 05:19 Reply

    King am calling out your SCHLONG o…I wont leave you until you prove to me that you are not over hyping it

    • king
      September 06, 06:46 Reply

      Ah hahaha..thanx dude but I wonder how and when it can happen..i am a very matured married man..i dont mean old..but wise and am not about to fly open my pants and show off what I got to this public! But rest easy boo..am truly big and am not saying it without thanks to God who saw it fit to give me IT! (again with caps for emphasis)

      • Neon
        September 06, 21:05 Reply

        *gaping* Wooow… *star struck* c’est bon!

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