As a Bisexual

I would keep to time. I would not mix seasons like two unrelated potions, just because “I can drink anything”.

I would not translate my flawless identity into something as low as promiscuity on the silly basis that I see myself only in half-glimpses.

Because I have a full grip on who I am, if I were currently drinking tea and a cup of coffee was served, I would take the tea seriously, because it is my chosen beverage. I wouldn’t pour tea and coffee in the same mug, just because they are the same quantity to me, and swig away.

I wouldn’t express bisexuality as polyamory. No. That would not be my expression of bisexuality.

My bisexuality is truth, and nothing short of it.


As a Bisexual

I would fuck society and leave them bleeding with rage and consternation. I would pursue my own living happiness rather than a dead societal approval, no matter what it costs me. Because love has no tradition.

I would very well see myself getting married to a man just as much as I would to a woman.

I would not cage myself.

I would interrogate myself and see that I want to be with a woman because I want to be with a woman, and not because the society expects me to be with a woman.


Because I am Bisexual

I would be braver and more decisive, more so than even gay men. Body parts would not be my driving force. What my heart beats for would be my spur.

I would seek to depropagate the myth of confusion. I would just as boldly own the love of my boyfriend as I would that of a girlfriend. I would do everything morally edifying to be free. To love and BE WITH who I love and THEM ALONE.

I would not strut up and down like some devil trying to infect others with unwarranted doses of internalized homophobia. I would not infect the DMs of gay men with “good-natured” pieces of advice to “try a woman and see”. Nor would I jeer at their sexual realities all in the name of “you are just joking, na Nigeria we dey, better find better toto…”

I would not count myself superior when society shrugs and says, “At least, you can do a woman. No wahala.” Instead, I would shut them up and teach them that no matter who we do, we are all one in love and physical intimacy. That love is not just love but love is all. And that a relationship where we are just fucking and there’s no binding of our souls and hearts is dead on arrival. Because sexuality is not just sex; it is also, in fact, primarily, love.


Because I am Bisexual

I would not break up with my boyfriend when I know that it is with him (rather than with her) that my heart has found a home. I would not sever ties and have wield my sexuality as a covering, a shield, out of fear that I might be thought gay by people.

I wouldn’t rubbish my essence like that.

Because I would be bisexual enough to know that my heart will know abundance and my life fruitfulness when I am with the person I love and am more accepting of my community, regardless of what people may think.

I would know that, with love, anything—ANYTHING—is possible.


As a Bisexual, I would not watch straight porn to have gay sex. Simply because.


But I am not a Bisexual.

So, what do I know?

Written by Blue Moon

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  1. Rehoboth
    September 28, 07:00 Reply

    As a bisexual, you’re free to be a hoe and a proud one at that.

  2. Rehoboth
    September 28, 11:27 Reply

    It’s as if bisexuals are supposed to be saints while the rest of the world how around. Hoe away if that’s what you want. No need to shuffle yourself over what people will say.

  3. trystham
    September 28, 17:06 Reply

    Me, I will just be looking ☕☕

  4. Rudy
    September 28, 17:18 Reply

    “I wouldn’t express bisexuality as polyamory” THIS!
    Well written Blue Moon ??

  5. Jon
    September 28, 18:44 Reply

    This is very educating!!

  6. Gaia
    September 29, 07:04 Reply

    Thank God you’re not Bisexual.

  7. Christina
    September 29, 16:05 Reply

    is it possible to just start feeling something for person/people of same sex suddenly
    I am in my mid twenties and I have always thought I was straight till few weeks ago when I just found myself staring at an acquaintance (it didn’t seem out of the ordinary but I knew I felt something that day)
    Then recently I have found myself oggling my neighbor’s friend and then it just sort of clicked
    Am I being paranoid or do I just need to get laid
    I have never have sex but I do masturbate and know how to take care of my needs

    • Wonda Buoy
      October 01, 09:33 Reply

      For the single fact that you are on this site: you’re not straight. You’re free to choose a label.

    • Dayo Adeniyi
      October 01, 18:49 Reply

      Your sexuality is left for you to discover. Sure you can get some help here but it’s ultimately up to you.

      One thing to note is that sexuality is fluid(and most of us are somewhere in between a spectrum.

      If you feel comfortable enough, explore those parts of you. In the end, you decide what it is.

  8. Public Relations Officer
    September 30, 14:16 Reply

    No. It is not possible. In fact, the secretary at our secretariat who used to admit new gays/lesbians is not on seat. She’s on terminal leave.

    I advice you to buy a jar of Goya olive oil, pray over it, drink some, use some to fry two eggs and rub the rest on your organ of masturbation. You will reset. God bless.

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