#BBNaija: Post Mercy-and-Tacha Fight, and Tacha Fans Are Dragging In Lesbianism As A Smear Tactic Against Mercy

#BBNaija: Post Mercy-and-Tacha Fight, and Tacha Fans Are Dragging In Lesbianism As A Smear Tactic Against Mercy

When all fails, villainize homosexuality. It is a formula that almost always works for Nigerians. Following the animosity that boiled over into a fight between Big Brother housemates Tacha and Mercy – which culminated into the disqualification of Tacha – the fans took to the social media to jubilate and tear down. While there has been a majority of exultation over Tacha’s misfortunes, the much-villainized housemate’s fans were not in short supply of ways to fight back against the national antagonism.

And one of such ways apparently was to introduce Exhibit A of Mercy’s supposed lesbianism: the kiss she shared with another female housemate.

Because to kiss a girl is just as evil and as comparable as whatever bad behavior Tacha was known for in the House.

Fortunately, Twitter was not about to let this gaslighting fly.

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  1. Optimus
    September 28, 08:17 Reply

    “When all fails, villianize” This!
    They must still be shocked at how that plot failed woefully.

  2. trystham
    September 28, 17:04 Reply

    My own is that we identify these profiles. They mustn’t hold public offices in this country. They will raise a lot of dust to hide their misdeeds

  3. Mannie
    September 28, 19:27 Reply

    Nonsense and ingredients. Even though I liked Tacha, I just knew she deserved the disqualification. Using lesbianism to drag Mercy is just low

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