BBNaija’s Prince Enwerem Implies That Homosexuality Is A Consequence of Sexual Assault On Young Boys

BBNaija’s Prince Enwerem Implies That Homosexuality Is A Consequence of Sexual Assault On Young Boys

The fifth season of Big Brother Naija is currently on the air, and the airwaves are rife with the antics of the housemates in Nigeria’s most watched reality show. When they are not hooking up and forming alliances, the housemates are also having discussions over societal issues.

And during a recent conversation yesterday (August 10) regarding gender based violence and gender equality, homosexuality (of course) came up. And at the helm of this topic was the housemate, Prince. The 2018 winner of the Mr. Nigeria title talked about how, as a cadet with the highest ranking upon graduation, he was tasked to “deal with homosexuality and all of that” in a secondary school.

“At a point, I know I spoke to some boys and six out of every ten boys I spoke to had been sexually assaulted,” he said. “So now, it becomes a vicious cycle, because they tell you that they were sexually assaulted, and they continued. Because it’s different for girls and guys; when guys are sexually assaulted over and over, the tendency that they continue to do it and prey on the next set of people that are going to come is there. Girls may not turn out that way, but it’s often that way for the guys.

“And I’ve seen it happen. When you have people who have been in that scenario and you’re talking to them, and you’re like, ‘When did you learn this?’ And they’re like, ‘It was when I was in JSS1… some SS3 student.’ And now, he’s in SS3 and doing the same thing to the JSS1 student.

“So it’s a vicious cycle. You talk to a lot of people and they tell you, ‘It was the house help… It was some uncle, some aunty or some big sister that used to come around.”

While sexual assault is a culture in most secondary schools, especially boarding houses, what Prince has done is add to the harmful misconception about homosexuality that is perpetuated by the Nigerian society: that boys getting molested by males is the reason they are homosexual. That exposing boys to sex through sexual abuse in the hands of another male figure is the cause of homosexuality.

What this viewpoint fails to take into consideration is that a lot of these boys already had a feeling that they were sexually different long before any senior student made any moves on them. It is blind to the scenarios where the junior boys were themselves consenting participants in whatever sexual activities that transpire between them and the older students. And it fails to address the question of how the homosexuality of those boys who weren’t sexually assaulted by anyone came to be.

These were nuances to the topic that Prince should have raised to better talk about issues surrounding homosexual acts in secondary schools. Instead, by leaving them out, he effectively left this message in the minds of Nigerians who don’t know any better and who are watching the show: that homosexuality in boys is a consequence of sexual abuse.

The discussion did go on to address issues of gender based violence and how bringing up boys differently from girls is the reason why boys grow up to be men with lots of bad behaviour.

Check out the video clip of that discussion below:

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  1. Audrey
    August 11, 07:27 Reply

    Jesus be a fence oh?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
    Nelson sef is talking about homosexuality, like Nelson Enwerem wey no Dey use eyes see man is talking about homosexuality. Nawa oh

    If not that I sold my previous Facebook account I would have shown the world what this goat has in between his legs or was it the time he came to see me in 2019 and was begging that I follow him to somewhere in Ajah to spend the night but I couldn’t cos I was on duty. This GOAT was even accusing me of choosing Cornelius(Second runner during his time) over him cos Cornelius was a closer friend to me than he was Andre he has the boldness to say this. E be things oh

    • Ejike
      August 11, 07:50 Reply

      E. B. Things

      Don’t mind him. If you don’t know what to say, keep shut. Prince should stop contradicting yourself and making things difficult for himself.

      I will personally carry his matter for head if he says any other thing against the LGBT ever again.

      Infact, I’m not voting him again.

    • Sage Philip
      August 11, 08:32 Reply

      *Sips tea, crosses leg.
      Enhhheh, Nna isi n’ogini*

    • Dolorès
      August 16, 12:14 Reply

      Really. I knew there was something fishy about him. But how could we believe what you say, when there is no proof?

    • S.Freude
      August 17, 06:15 Reply

      I sent Pinky a note. I’d like to establish contact with you.

    • Bright
      September 08, 01:03 Reply

      Sir pls prove I wanna tell my friends so dey will believe

  2. Lopez
    August 11, 07:27 Reply

    “It is blind to the scenarios where the junior boys were themselves consenting participants in whatever sexual activities that transpire between them and the older students” a minor having consent?

    • Pink Panther
      August 11, 07:37 Reply

      “sexual activities that transpire between them and the older students”.

      Please contextualize that line before you fly into an outrage. They’re both minors.

  3. Veennaa
    August 11, 07:34 Reply

    Funny enough he just dragged himself backward.this will affect him in the show as well. Fans like us will definitely pull him down .

  4. slender
    August 11, 07:35 Reply

    Fool!!! to our brothers out there, if you dont know how to defend your existence, its better you shut d feck up! i realized when DL guys are being caught up in this kind “conversation”, they tend to do more damage than good, biko resist the Urge to shalaye.

    who else noticed that these bbn guys brought all their bumshots, i dont really like fair guys but Ozo and his bumshot(S) are turning me on oooo!

  5. Ejike
    August 11, 07:47 Reply

    Nelson should just respect himself if not we will open our nyash o…

    I have chats and read receipts o. He will have to explain to the whole world if his own Homosexuality was as a result of sexual assault.

    Nonsense and iberibesim

    • Lorde
      August 11, 08:54 Reply

      Receipts oo…… we? want? receipts ?

  6. Lopez
    August 11, 07:49 Reply

    There’s no consent there Pink, even if they are both minors. And please stop this spree of harsh replies because one did not see it your way, it won’t hurt to be polite. Please.

    • Pink Panther
      August 11, 07:55 Reply

      So me correcting your twisting of what I said is now a harsh reply? Kindly point out to me where the impoliteness of my response to you is. Please.

      Look, dude, if you can’t take someone disagreeing with you in whatever form, then don’t speak your opinion. And if you didn’t attend a boarding school to understand the dynamics of sex between secondary school students, then please don’t speak your opinion on that either.

      • Blackie
        August 11, 09:14 Reply

        Where is Higwe? hope all is well with him!

        • Pink Panther
          August 11, 11:22 Reply

          I can only assume he has decided to dedicate his time on BBNaija like he did the last time. I don’t know. I’m not his keeper.

    • Mandy
      August 11, 08:23 Reply

      How is it that you’ve been a part of the KD community all these years and read all the stories that have been published here about sex in boarding schools, and not understand what that statement about consent among students meant? Seriously, sometimes, we need to not always jump on a soapbox. Sometimes, there’s sexual assault in boarding schools. That much was said in the article. And other times, these are students, both junior and senior, acting out their hormonal urges. THAT is what Pinky meant by consent. This entire exchange between you two needn’t have happened if you understood this simple fact. If you didn’t go to a boarding school, maybe ask those who did before you bring out your crucifixion torches.

  7. Williams
    August 11, 07:53 Reply

    I forgive you, Prince. The sparkle in your eyes and your smile radiates much more positive vibes that the thrash you spewed. Let’s just pretend you were in awkward position and a difficult conversation.

    • Pink Panther
      August 11, 07:57 Reply

      Um, HE brought up the “difficult” conversation. Did you see anybody put a gun to his head and say, “Speak trash about homosexuality now or I shoot”?

    • lonz
      August 11, 08:08 Reply

      We can see your hard on. Tuck it in

      • Mandy
        August 11, 08:25 Reply

        This killed me. lonz, you bitch!

  8. Loveland Seyram
    August 11, 08:13 Reply

    He just don’t know what he is saying or maybe he was forced to have sex with a guy that’s why he is saying all this rubbish

  9. Phyneasphuck
    August 11, 08:26 Reply

    Well if two minors are involved in sexual activities in school who gives consent? This is something that actually needs discussion or I’d rather I’d need clafity.

    Well truth is he made too much generalization and that is harmful. I’m one of those persons that was never assaulted, i had sexual encounters with young boys my age, older and also younger while we were all minors. I had my first penetrative encounter while less than 18 and it was i who actively seeked out my partners.

    I always felt guilty for the two younger guys I was with while i was 12/13 and that’s one reason I hardly do younger guys.
    But there’s a handful of guys who had these experiences in school with other guys and are today not into guys and see those times as just childish play and won’t indulge today.
    What prince did with his assaulted analysis is rule out guys like me that knew of our sexuality early enough and were never assaulted or the guys that were assaulted or indulged and didn’t turn out gay.

  10. Mandy
    August 11, 08:27 Reply

    So the one opportunity you get to do something for your community on national television, Prince, you decide to do THIS???!!! This is very shameful. And the most galling part of this whole mess is the way he is speaking so “authoritatively”. His “I know what I’m talking about” attitude is what is going to imprint this message more on the minds of ignorant Nigerians. Such a shame.

  11. Mitch
    August 11, 08:31 Reply

    An idiot gay man!
    What else is new?

    Plis, NEXT!!!!!!

  12. Olutayo
    August 11, 08:34 Reply

    What disgusts me the most about this stunt Prince pulled is… I know his supporters and those thirsty for him are going to start saying that he was scared, he had to say what he said, he couldn’t afford to out himself on television… Well, REMEMBER that it was him who brought up the topic about homosexuality. Nobody forced him to. They weren’t even already talking about it. HE brought it up. And this makes it seem like a calculated move on his part to endear him to voting homophobes.

    And THAT is disgusting!

  13. Junior
    August 11, 08:43 Reply

    This was not what he implied, I watched that particular scene, he was talking about how boys are also sexually assaulted yet no body tends to hear of it or consider It a problem too, then he stated how he was charged to uncover “homosexuals” in his high school as a cadet and that after talking with a lot of them he found that 60% of the boys had been assulted sexually by their Seniors and even mates, but pretend It never happened due to Toxic Masculinity

    • Pink Panther
      August 11, 08:59 Reply

      That may not be what he implied. But that is the weight of what he said.

  14. Lopez
    August 11, 08:54 Reply

    “I flew into an outrage” where is the outrage?. And I went to a boarding right from js 1, so I know the dynamics. There are a lot of young people here, and you’re a role model here, if cracking nuts with a sledge is your way of doing things fine. Just know that lots of these teens are going to copy it.

    • Pink Panther
      August 11, 08:58 Reply

      “Please contextualize that line before you fly into an outrage.”

      THAT is what I said ooo! If you are going to quote me, at least quote me correctly. Jeez!

      Let me just leave you to your feelings abeg. But just know that when you come and try to twist anything I’ve said, I WILL try to correct that impression. How you take my response is entirely up to you.

      And PS: that part about being a role model? lol. You tried it, bruh.

  15. Eric
    August 11, 09:14 Reply

    Abegg, I just miss Eric serving me body and dick..

  16. Anoni
    August 11, 09:17 Reply

    Maybe that was his own experience, I’m also on that table, was sexually abused by house boy from age 5 to 12 then went to the seminary (same sex) afterwards.. i kinda blame that experience that even pinky couldn’t get me to reason otherwise, then i came across guys that were neither abused or forced and across guys that were also molested that never liked it and didn’t turn out gay. I’m still learning and accepting myself too . I would have opined he kept away from any queer related or queer defaming discourse but shar he don talk am, let me just say he wanted to know their stance on homosexuality

  17. Sterling
    August 11, 09:28 Reply

    I have been looking at this guy and I know there is something fishy, well most of us outside tends to behave the same but I dont know why, look at what prince just said just to over up or hide behind the fence, well the community knows who is who

  18. Emg
    August 11, 09:48 Reply

    But why are we like this na didn’t see anything bad he said why can we safe us

  19. Mafiaso
    August 11, 12:04 Reply

    Prince Nelson just fall my hand, to think I have locked him in and support him actively. If you ever come across this post, just know that, Multichoice doesn’t care about your sexuality, homosexuality is not a crime in South Africa. In fact they are strongly against homophobic slurs. Prince, I will advice you thread softly.

  20. Mannie
    August 11, 12:30 Reply

    This generalisation is appalling. I have a male friend who was abused several times by his uncle and he’s as straight as a ruler.

  21. Hippocampus
    August 11, 12:48 Reply

    I don’t see anything wrong in what he said. He actually spoke the absolute truth. We just like to read meanings into things that aren’t there.

    I have met people that have said exactly what he said :they are assaulting people because they were assaulted.

    I do not think he implied that boys are homosexuals because they are assaulted. I think you implied that.

    Also, there’s a line in this write up that doesn’t sit well with me… “what this viewpoint fails to take into consideration is that a lot of these boys already had the feeling that they were sexually different long before any senior student made any moves on them..”

    First of all, how do you know that? Secondly, do you want to deny the fact that there are also a lot of boys who know that they are straight but still get assaulted? Also, it’s more likely that the senior student is unaware of the fact that the boy knows he’s different. He’s just assaulting him because he’s seen something (someone) he likes. Regardless of what I, or anyone else, feels, assault is assault.

    • Pink Panther
      August 11, 13:12 Reply

      First of all, how do I know that boys already have the feeling that they were sexually different long before any senior student made any moves on them?

      Lol. Well, how about me. Is my experience fact enough for you? You’re obviously new to this blog because there are lots of stories that attest to that. You’re also maybe not gay, because if you are, you’d know that lots of little boys get to understand that they’re different long before they went to boarding school.

      Secondly, I believe the answer to this question lies in the part of the write-up where I said that sexual assault is a culture in secondary schools.

      • Hippocampus
        August 11, 13:23 Reply

        Well, I’m not disputing that. I also knew who I was long before my first sexual encounter in secondary school.

        But my point is that that statement shouldn’t even be there because it’s not about whether these boys know how they feel or not. So because I know that I’m gay, that means anybody who’s my senior can sexually assault me? The statement doesn’t take away the fact that these people are sexually assaulted.

        And contrary to what you think, I am very gay. And I’ve been following your blog since 2013,i just have never commented. But I always always read all the posts and comments.

        You are doing a great job. I miss those times with Keredim, Dennis Macaulay, Jarch and the rest. I dunno if they are still here or if they have changed their pseudonyms.

        Kudos pink panther. I appreciate you.

        • slender
          August 11, 13:45 Reply

          the point is he had that moment to paint us good but he chose to paint us as people that are sick, need help and need to be pitied, hell no i dont want anybody to pity me for being what i am maybe he did that “unintentionally” but he ought to know better and the fact is if you are straight, no baba alawo can make you gay not even a secondary sch sexual abuse and vise versa.

  22. Audrey
    August 11, 13:32 Reply

    I repeat Nelson is a goat and the smelling breed of the goat family. I spit on your face Nelson

    • Haunty
      August 11, 14:09 Reply

      Abeg rest….i can smell ur lies

      • T-man
        August 11, 18:25 Reply

        Lmao. Please, if you don’t have read receipts too, kindly desist from ruining this moment and taking someone’s story away.


      • Audrey
        August 11, 22:08 Reply

        Receive sense haunty and just so you know I don’t clout chase.

  23. Queen Acapel
    August 12, 00:18 Reply

    Homosexuality is simply same sex attraction. It’s inate and people as much as they have tried to do opposite sexes couldn’t cos that’s the way they are wired.

    Some are bisexuals sexually attracted to both sexes. There are also Pansexual, Asexual,e.t.c The LGBTQI persons have been sexualized. Being a homosexual is different from the sex practices itself.Their lives does not begin and end with sex. Who you are, sexually attracted and sexual intercourse are diffrent things entirely..e.g doctors, lawyers, artists…There are so many homosexuals out there who are celibate and others who still have not engaged in sexual intercourse but they are still who they are…..people’s minds are so dirty that anytime anyone mentions homosexuals their minds just goes to sexual intercourse…’s so bad. Give them some credits joor. This guy needs to be taught sexuality education cos he has lots of myths and misconceptions about about homosexuals

  24. Danté
    August 12, 10:09 Reply

    Well this is upsetting.?

    To think when a gay man(or bi, whatever way he swings) gets to talk about the topic of homosexuality (which he brought up… Like Honcu… Who the fuck asked you??) on national TV, he would rather damage the image of an already much despised sect with so much bravado whilst wallowing in sheer ignorance.

    I’m so un-Staning… Fuck you??… NEXT!!!

  25. Jinchuriki
    August 12, 10:18 Reply

    Wow. That’s a lot of ignorance for a reality TV show.

  26. Tristan
    August 16, 21:05 Reply

    The first time Prince stepped on stage with that pink outfit, I literally thought it was a telltale of sth he really wanted to let us know.

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