“Stay Off Grindr!” LGBT Advocate Uchenna Samuel Noble Urges The Gay Community | A Kito Alert On A New Mode Of Operation

“Stay Off Grindr!” LGBT Advocate Uchenna Samuel Noble Urges The Gay Community | A Kito Alert On A New Mode Of Operation

The LGBT advocate, Uchenna Samuel Noble, who in May narrated his ordeal in the hands of the corrupt, homophobic police force in Asaba, took to Twitter on Sunday to vent his frustration regarding gay men who go on indiscriminate Grindr hookups.

In a video which he recorded whilst still at the police station in Onitsha, where he had gone to secure the release of a gay man who’d been detained on Friday following a Grindr hookup gone wrong, Uchenna expressed his displeasure, saying he was “pissed at the system … as well as pissed at community members.”

“I keep saying it, that people should stay off Grindr!” he said.

After giving a brief narration of the situation of the case that had him present at the police station, he went on to reiterate: “Just stay off Grindr. There is nothing you’re looking for in Grindr. I’m seriously pissed and that’s why I’m doing this … so that people need to be careful. You say we should fight the police – hey, until the law is in favour, nobody has a standing ground here. The highest we can do is litigation. The highest we can do is that we can be using these cases as a case study in court. Of course we’re gonna win, but does the victim have the money to go to court to process this? Let’s just be careful and stop putting ourselves into unnecessary mess.”

He finished with: “Grindr is no longer safe. Badoo is no longer safe. Just be careful.”

Check out the video below:


Fortunately, this case ended alright, as Uchenna updated later on Twitter that the victim was “out and safe with his family”.


In his video, Uchenna mentioned that the victim “met the hoodlum on Grindr and asked to meet on the road. And then when they came, they started beating him, and then, other people brought him to the police station.”

This mode of operation is the same style that was employed by this kito scum we exposed as working with the Lagos police, where he came to meet the community members and simply started shouting.

It is also the same tactic that was used in a recent kito report that came to us from Asaba, where the victim planned to meet with the kito scum in a public place. He picked a filling station. The only problem was that the kito scum had two other guys with him, and together, the three of them were able to harass the community member and draw enough attention that resulted in the guy landing in a police cell.

According to the victim:

“We met on Grindr on Tuesday and chatted briefly. On Wednesday, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at Total filing station along Benin-Asaba expressway. On getting there, after buying fuel, I crossed over to the other side to meet him, and as we were walking down, a group of other boys approached us and held me. They tried to take my phone, and started shouting and gathering crowd, telling them that I am gay and want to sleep with their brother and that they have my picture and chat on their phone. Everyone started looking at me with disdain and shouting “homo”. I insisted that they were criminals and they wanted to kidnap me, and demanded that we go to the police station. But they refused and held me, and called their own police who came and picked me up.”

So, you see? The new style these guys now operate with is to liaise with corrupt policemen, who will be on standby for when they will simply walk up to a person who’d asked to meet them, however public the place may be, and then kick up enough drama that will end with their police gang coming forward to arrest the person.

Below are the pictures of the three hoodlums; the guy in the centre, in red, is the person who he set out to meet, and whose name turned out to be fake. His numbers however are 09029173588 and 09027081639.

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  1. Lopez
    August 11, 07:33 Reply

    Honestly I agree with the line unless the law is changed or is in our favor there’s little we can do. Prevention is better than cure. Let’s be guided.

  2. Mandy
    August 13, 11:30 Reply

    The problem is not Grindr. After all, these people are on Facebook and Instagram. Are we to stay away from those too? With each inch we retreat, we give them room to advance. The answer is not in vacating our spaces simply because. I don’t know what all the answers are, but it certainly doesn’t involve telling people to leave Grindr and Badoo. You are encouraging us to give up our spaces because of them, instead of fighting to keep those spaces.

      October 09, 18:46 Reply

      Mandy you’re absolutely right! We don’t have to vacate our spaces for these deadly criminals, instead within our spaces let’s raise HELL on them!

      After screaming for my life yesterday around Iyana School, I knew that a screaming voice can overcome a thousand dark forces. I’m still in shock, but I’m good.

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