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LOL! Moral of today’s lesson: Homophobia kills.

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When Did You Choose To Be Gay?

Twitter user @FreelanceCynic asked the most self-interrogatory question on Twitter a few days ago. When did you choose to be gay? And the responses were oh-so very insightful. Evidence of

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Photo-toons II

Lol. Oh this kid is so getting whupped.


  1. Truth
    June 22, 09:37 Reply

    Something is wrong with both of them.

  2. Mandy
    June 22, 10:18 Reply

    ‘Hope you’re discreet’…
    That form of patronization can be very vexing eh.

  3. zilayefa
    June 22, 10:30 Reply

    noooo… can i be discrete….i carry a signboard on my chest….here i am, le madame, de grande queen, written in the most colorful letters…?? that discrete question just makes me very sick and tired.

  4. Delle
    June 22, 11:12 Reply

    Even the response tire me. He was on a smooth roll until the ‘do I look girly to you?’ question. Really? You just had to say that…sigh.
    Femmephobic much?

    • You-Know-Who
      June 22, 13:07 Reply

      Delle you always seem confused abt everything on KD. Can you pls not say anything?
      the person who responded in the post above was actually correcting the other not to ask such questions.

      Delle always confused much?

      • Delle
        June 22, 13:32 Reply

        Oh shut the fuck up!
        Firstly, Mr Most Confused Pseudonym, are you high on daftness? Or you just love to be noticed by me? Isn’t it funny how your very stupid self didn’t even read the reply well (or maybe did but your ridiculously low IQ won’t let you comprehend) and you have the effrontery to call me confused? Lmao.
        He had no reason to play the ‘do I look girly’ part. None whatsoever. I want to understand how the guy asking why he follows many black porn correlates with his reply question of ‘do I look girly?’. It’s a slander on feminine men. Many guys are threatened by a guy’s femininity as it would tag them gay and probably why that one jumped on the wagon even without being asked to. He feels threatened by even the slightest suggestion that he’s girly which to me (don’t care what your minute self thinks), is femmephobia!
        You obviously are seeking my attention, I-Dont-Care-Who, and you got it.
        Stay off my path, pls. Biko, I don’t need illiterates on my case.

        • Francis
          June 22, 16:31 Reply

          For all you know he could be referencing a part of their convo that wasn’t captured in the screenshot.

          Calm down you hear?

          • Delle
            June 22, 17:46 Reply

            Francis can u please just leave me. I should regard a part that wasn’t included. Abeg shift biko.

            • Francis
              June 22, 19:12 Reply

              You’re always in fight mode sha. Oma ga o. Nna enjoy if it gives you the best orgasm ever.

        • Evil Empress
          June 22, 18:04 Reply

          Jeez!!! Pls calm down…E haff nor reach fight…but anyways *grabs popcorn*

        • Lorde
          June 22, 23:06 Reply

          Nne, biko camdan, inugo? No vex

  5. Chizzie
    June 22, 17:44 Reply

    Sigh. The reply was just off.

    Sometimes a simple “lol, OK. Kk. K, thanks” will make more of an impact and a sting, than writing a whole thesis. Do you really owe anybody that much of an explanation.?

    Abeg abeg abeg this was an epic fail.

  6. bain
    June 22, 22:39 Reply

    He said (at the reply)…’I don’t owe anybody an explanation’…..but girl,u just explained ur dam self to sumwan who doesn’t deserve it,just ignore. N delle ur hilarious.

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