We’d been seeing each other for about a year; Sagir and I met in October 2021, and the relationship was particularly based on sex. No commitment other than whenever any of us was horny, we’d reach out to the other person and get our rocks off. It worked perfectly too, because we weren’t beholden to each other; we could meet other people and hook up.

He was 30 and I was 25, and by 2022, he was coming under pressure to get married. As a Northerner, the pressure to get married comes very early in your adulthood. And by August of that year, he had wedded. His new marital status meant that we couldn’t see each other as often as we used to. We’d get together maybe once or twice a week, which wasn’t really a bother to me, because I had other options.

That was how things were between us, until he said to me one day, “Najib, why don’t we try a threesome?”

I’d watched so much gay porn – most of them orgies – and I’d always been curious to know what it’d feel like to engage in sex with multiple partners. So, it was a yes for me. He told me to arrange the invitation of the third guy, which I agreed to.

A few days later, I told him I’d gotten someone. This someone was another guy I met on Grindr, with whom I’d also been having sex. I’d told him about the idea for a threesome and he’d found it appealing and agreed to join.

Sagir asked to see the guy’s picture and I said no. Sending people’s pictures to others in the community is something I stopped doing after the last time that caused so much trouble. It was a situation that involved a father and son.

When I was serving in Yola, this very much older man, who came for a survey in where I was working, came up to me and hit on me. I was slightly effeminate, and that must have given him the courage to approach me. He was very bold and I was intrigued by it. And we had some fun before he went back to his base in Abuja. For weeks after he left, he kept pestering me to come see him. I declined many times, because I don’t travel for hookups. However, to appease him, I asked a friend of mine, who I met in the university and who only likes fucking with older men, if he was seeing anyone. He said no. So I decided to set him up with my Abuja lover. When I sent him the man’s pictures, he was aghast. He told me with so much shock that the man in the pictures was his father.

Since then, I swore off sending people’s pictures to anyone else in the community.

And I refused to do that when Sagir asked. He didn’t push the issue. I suppose he trusted that I’d get someone he’d like for the threesome.

A day was fixed for our meet. It would be at my house. The third guy – a younger sweet-looking guy named Miftahu – and I were already at my place waiting for Sagir to get there.

Then Sagir arrived. He stepped into my house, took one look at Miftahu and shouted, “NO!!!”

For there he was, staring at his younger brother.

They were blood brothers, from the same parents!

The situation quickly became chaotic, with emotions running high. Sagir was devastated. Miftahu was emotional. While Sagir raged, Miftahu had less things to say, even though his distress was very apparent. Sagir soon began muttering some Islamic supplications (Whenever calamity befalls a Northerner, we say supplications – which is “Lahaula Wala Kuwata, Illah Billah…”)

Sagir said the supplications over and over, and then stomped out of my house, still very visibly upset. Miftahu was left behind, shivering so hard, I thought he was having an epileptic fit. He seemed terrified of what his older brother might do with what he’d just learned about him, and I had to reassure him severally that Sagir could hardly hurt him with what he knows, considering he had the same secret hanging over his head. I told him over and over again not to worry, before he started to look like he believed me. Then he left.

After that incident, the two brothers cut off contact with me. It was heartbreaking for me, because I really liked having sex with them, and I also just really liked them as friends. And now, through no fault of mine, I had lost them.

However, three weeks later, Miftahu said hello. He wanted to hook up.

A few days later, Sagir reached out. He too wanted us to have sex.

We all started life as friends with benefits afresh, with the two of them never asking me anything about the other.

Written by Najib

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    • Sayyed
      February 03, 15:42 Reply

      Hilarious??? I think it’s rather emotional

      • Mikkiyfab
        February 04, 18:50 Reply

        This is something !!! So all in all we should call you the “rekindler” of blood connections.
        Wow 🥺 what an emotional read. I screamed 🤣

  1. Mikkiyfab
    February 04, 18:51 Reply

    This is something !!! So all in all we should call you the “rekindler” of blood connections.
    Wow 🥺 what an emotional read. I screamed 🤣

  2. Broken Craayon
    February 08, 01:02 Reply

    I think they both accepted reality, reason they just had to make peace with their new Found truth.
    I’m in the north as well, don’t hesitate to hit me up via my mail:

  3. Aelius
    June 07, 16:21 Reply

    This certainly is a story I enjoyed reading. I met someone and I’m trying to figure out how things might turn out but hey, the guy in the story didn’t need to go figuring out stuff, things feel in place. I hope it could be the same

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